Jubail Mangrove Park

Abu Dhabi has a different charm than Dubai. In contrast to Dubai, Abu Dhabi boasts infinite and diverse natural beauty. Some of the UAE’s best oases are found in this city. They are protected, unspoiled havens that also serve as incredible places to reconnect with nature in a nation fascinated by contemporary life. The city enjoys experimenting with modern innovation while preserving its natural and cultural components. The Jubail Mangrove in Abu Dhabi is a stunning example of this, offering a scenic nature adventure for visitors seeking a memorable Abu Dhabi journey. Here’s a short guide to give you all the details about this charming Abu Dhabi attraction.

Jubail Mangrove Park: A Nature Lover’s Haven

Jubail Mangrove Park Abu Dhabi

On your trip to Abu Dhabi, if you’re looking for something more than just modern sights and desert excursions, you can explore this fascinating area shrouded in mangrove forests. It’s a relatively new natural attraction that opened to the public in 2020 and is situated on Al Jubail Island. This natural haven has quickly risen to the top of tourists’ lists of things to do in Abu Dhabi, particularly for those who love spending time outdoors. The Jubail Mangrove Park is a 1200-hectare bio-protection zone that recognizes the value of the mangrove ecosystem to Abu Dhabi’s coastlines and climatic conditions.

The attraction is described as a self-sustaining mangrove forest that thrives in one of the world’s warmest climates. It serves as Abu Dhabi’s ‘green lung’ and an enjoyable distraction from the region’s sprawling skyscrapers and desert landscape. It is a mangrove preservation reserve and now a popular tourist destination that allows people to see the natural beauty of the emirate in addition to its culture and creative modern outlook. The park was established to safeguard biodiversity but later added features such as a boardwalk that weaves through the mangroves to help visitors make the most of this peaceful corner of nature. Today, both tourists and locals in Abu Dhabi find this lush green area a getaway from the city’s busy lifestyle and one of the top natural places to visit in Abu Dhabi.

Jubail Mangrove Park: Location And Timings


Jubail Mangrove Park is located on Al Jubail Island, sandwiched between other Abu Dhabi Islands like Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, and Al Reem Island on the north-western side of Abu Dhabi. Being tucked amid popular Abu Dhabi islands makes it an amazing attraction and addition to an itinerary for Abu Dhabi. One can easily create a plan for an Abu Dhabi one-day itinerary that includes island-hopping excursions on this group of islands.


The Jubail Mangrove Park timings are from 7 am to 9 pm. The attraction stays open 365 days a year.

Best Time to Visit

In Abu Dhabi, the weather usually stays pleasant from October to March, which makes it the ideal time of the year to visit Jubail Mangrove Park. It is best to avoid visiting the attraction on weekends and public holidays. The best time to visit Jubail Mangrove Park is in the late afternoon and early evening as the sun begins to cool down its intense heat and prepares to set for the day. It is breathtaking to watch the sunsets here.

How to Reach Jubail Mangrove Park

Jubail Park location in Abu Dhabi is in such a position that it can be reached within 30 to 40 minutes from Abu Dhabi’s main hubs. You can reach this eco-attraction via buses from Abu Dhabi, but the best way to reach it is via a road trip in a car or taxi. On average, it would take the following time to reach this attraction from various regions within Abu Dhabi via car:

From Abu Dhabi International Airport (34 kilometres):approx. 35 minutes

From Corniche Street Abu Dhabi (26 kilometres): approx. 30 minutes

From Mussafah, Abu Dhabi (52 kilometres): approx. 45 minutes

From Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi (24 kilometres): approx. 25 minutes

From Yas Island (21 kilometres): approx. 26 minutes

From Saadiyat Island (12 kilometres): approx. 20 minutes

Attractions and Activities in Jubail Mangrove Park

  • Take a Leisurely Stroll on the Boardwalk
Jubail Mangrove Park Boardwalk

Enjoy a blissful walk through the mangrove bushes and shallow waters with the Boardwalk experience. A two-kilometer boardwalk winds through waters that lead deep into the captivating mangrove swamps. The scenic vista of a seamless blend of blue waters and grey-green mangrove shrubs is a sight to behold! You can take a walk alone or join a ranger on the tour who will educate you about the park and stop at the Salt Collector and Viewing Tower.

Ticket Prices:

Boardwalk Experience: AED 15 per adult, AED 5 for children (2 to 7 years of age).

Boardwalk Experience with Ranger: AED 50 per adult, AED 40 per child (3 to 12 years of age).

Free entry for kids under 2 years and People of Determination

  •  Enjoy Gorgeous Sunset Views
Jubail Mangrove Park Sunset Views

The sunsets here are amazing to view. It paints a vivid splash of amber and pink hues across the sky, distortedly reflected in the calm brooks shrouded with Mangrove groves. Take the sunset kayaking experience to explore the forest in twilight hues for 1.5 hours. It would be one of the most unforgettable moments you will cherish on your Abu Dhabi journey.

Ticket Prices:

Sunset Kayaking Tour Cost: AED 140 per adult, AED 110 per child (3 to 12 years of age) The activity is not available for kids under 2 years of age and People of Determination. The experience cost also includes entry to the Boardwalk.

  • Meander through the Mangroves on a Kayaking Experience

When the tides rise and the brooks fill with Gulf water, venture out on a serene kayaking tour to experience the astounding natural vistas up close. There are many options available to you to customize your kayaking experience. Want to experience the tranquility of nature with only the chirping of birds and insects to break the humming silence? Then take a solo kayaking trip. Seeking a serene getaway with your partner, beloved, or best friend? Opt for a double-seated kayaking experience. While you navigate through the waterway, you also get the chance to view some amazing exotic Arabian wildlife. Need something more adventurous? Then join in the Night Glow Kayaking experience, where you can view the serene mangroves and still waters in LED-lit kayaks. It is a unique experience to take advantage of while visiting Abu Dhabi.

Ticket Prices:

Single Kayaking/ Double Kayaking Experience: AED 120 per adult, AED 100 per child (3 to 12 years).

Night Glow Single/Double Kayaking Experience: AED 140 per adult, AED 110 per child (3 to 12 years.)

Kayaking activities are not suited for pregnant women, kids under the age of 3 years, and People of Determination. All Kayaking activities include the standard boardwalk experience.

  • Enjoy a Dragon Boat Ride
Dragon Boat

An electric dragon boat experience is the best way to enjoy the scenic surroundings of Jubail Mangrove Park with a group. It is ideal for families to enjoy the experience with their kids onboard. This one-hour guided tour will let you enjoy the panoramas with some wildlife and bird spotting.

Ticket Prices:

Electric Dragon Boat Experience: AED 110 per adult, AED 100 per child (3 to 12 years)

The activity is not suited for pregnant women, kids under the age of 3 years, and People of Determination. Ticket costs include the standard boardwalk experience.

  • Immerse in Vinyasa and Sound Healing on Full Moon Night, Ladies!

Make your visit to Jubail Mangrove Park a chance to connect spiritually and find inner peace. You can explore sensory healing and rejuvenation in an aura that radiates peace everywhere you look during Vinyasa Practice & Sound Healing, held once a month during the full moon. It is a wonderful way to relax your body, mind, and soul while on vacation.

Ticket Prices:

Full Moon Vinyasa & Sound Healing (Ladies Only): AED 105 per person

Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting Jubail Mangrove Park in Abu Dhabi

  •  Since there are many open water areas in the park, caution should be of the utmost importance when visiting. There are no lifeguards stationed inside the park, and the area is only monitored by CCTV cameras.
  • Respect the park’s rules and avoid picking any of the foliage in the park. Be a good tourist and avoid littering and smoking.
  • The boardwalk should be navigated with caution. Stay off the railings and don’t sit, lean, or climb on them.
  • Pets are not permitted in the park. Food and drink, toys, skateboards, scooters, and bicycles are not permitted in the park. You are not allowed to swim or dive into the water.
  • Make sure to wear modest clothing and appropriate outdoor attire.

In contrast to other UAE emirates, Abu Dhabi has plenty of mangrove parks. These expansive green areas are a welcome respite for today’s weary travelers and a must-see when visiting Abu Dhabi. If you are an avid nature lover, you will adore exploring Abu Dhabi’s contrast between the desert and lush oases. Check out a Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Guide to learn about the best desert exploration locations, and pair them with a visit to the Jubail Mangrove Park for an unforgettable Abu Dhabi nature experience. The scenic contrasts you witness are both surreal and refreshing. It is certainly worthwhile to pay a visit!

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