India-UAE Route
India uae holiday route

After lockdown, the UAE has emerged as one of the top destinations for travellers from across the globe — especially India. Almost every second Indian is adding UAE to their bucket list. From the seamless non-stop flights to the range of attractions and luxuries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are many reasons that lure Indians to come by, relax and de-stress in the UAE.

Being UAE the most-visited destination by Indians, the

India-UAE corridor ranks the 10th busiest in the world for bookings during the holiday season.

The survey has been conducted by the US-headquartered Sabre Corp, the largest air booking company in North America. It says “With eased travel restrictions, affordable accommodation options and short travel times between the two countries, the UAE is a popular destination for Indian travellers looking to spend time with their partners and family.” The list crowns US-Mexico, South Korea-Japan and Canada-US as top 3 most popular routes in the world.

In 2022, Dubai was also ranked the second best city in the world for expats. Witnessing a monumental footfall of around 8.1 million international visitors in the first seven months of 2022, Dubai recovered significantly from the Covid shutdown period. In this threefold increase, 1.24 million travellers were Indians — the highest among all foreigners — as explored by the data given by the Department of Economy and Tourism Dubai.

The UAE sees all kinds of Indians knocking its doors, from leisure tourists to businessmen and families. More than 3-million Indians live in the UAE and this figure is said to be increasing gradually. The country has also bestowed the biggest names in India with the Golden Visa, letting a more convenient and paperless entry. So, there has been good relations between India and the UAE.

Now as Dubai leaps in the Christmas month, the world is awaiting the grand opening of Dubai Shopping Festival 2023-24. It is set to cross the record and beckon the shoppers from around the corners of globe to indulge in bargains, discounts and raffles.

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