Yuge Yugeen Bharat
India is on the brink of marking a new milestone as it will now host

Yuge Yugeen Bharat, the world’s largest museum.

The news came soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made this captivating declaration during the inaugural ceremony of the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre complex in Delhi. Three months before, on International Museum Day in May 2023, the prime minister had unveiled its virtual walkway.

Reflecting its literal meaning, “Everlasting India,” in Sanskrit, Yuge Yugeen Bharat will be a cultural and historical haven encapsulating India’s over 5,000-year-old history. But this iconic museum is beyond a national accomplishment or a monumental marvel to preserve India’s vibrant legacy and heritage; it is expected to reform the global museum landscape, being developed in collaboration with the French government.

As the museum will soon break its ground, let’s glimpse into some of the facets of this record-breaking museum in India.

Iconic Location & Background

Yuge Yugeen Bharat

The world’s largest museum will be in the capital city, New Delhi, at the site of the existing National Museum; its foundation was laid by Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, in 1955. It’s within the Central Secretariat complex’s North and South Blocks, adjacent to the Rashtrapathi Bhawan (the Indian President’s official residence). Two British architects, Herbert Baker and Edwin Lutyens, designed these legendary blocks in the 1930s, inspired by Mughal and Rajputana architectural styles. Besides being the country’s seat of administration and power (with the prime minister’s office and other significant government structures), this complex is now a celebrated monument.

Aggregate Space

Once launched, Yuge Yugeen Bharat will be a colossal facility spread over 11.7 hectares. Over 950 rooms will occupy the museum’s basement, ground, and two floors.

Thematic Sections

Apart from the ancient art and artefacts from the current National Museum, a maze of thematic divisions or segments, known as ‘khands’, awaits you in the new museum. They allow you to trace the country’s historic journey, encompassing artistry, art forms, culture, triumphs, and unrivaled contributions to the field of science and technology, through the ages. Yes, you can look forward to stepping into every phase of the growth and innovation that India has made since ancient times.

Diversity of Exhibits

Prepare to witness an astounding and substantial array of displays that span across diverse eras in the museum, starting with the country’s pre-historic phase, including the Indus Valley Civilization, Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, and the Vedic Era, to name a few. The exhibits are so vast that they cover almost all spectrums.

Glance into India’s ancient prominence as the center of education with some fascinating exhibits highlighting the once-thrived universities of Nalanda and Takshashila. You can learn about the top dynasties (including the Maurya, Pandya, Pallava, Mughal, etc.) that once ruled India. From Rajput’s distinguished valor and the historic battles to the heroic tales of the country’s independence struggles and the architects of the Indian Constitution, this museum will be nothing short of a massive canvas of Indian history and heritage.

You can further gain authentic information on the cultural distinctiveness, gastronomical specialties, and metallurgical occupations of the country’s diverse ethnic groups. What’s more, there is even an exclusive section to gain an in-depth understanding of the fauna and flora that comprise different parts of the country.


Being the largest of its kind, Yuge Yugeen Bharat will be more than just a sanctuary of history, culture, and education, crafted to enlighten and enliven the generations to come. It will be an architectural masterpiece that captures the museum’s real essence and spirit.

Final Thoughts

Once completed and unveiled, Yuge Yugeen Bharat will undoubtedly be a beacon of unity as it preserves the past, inspires thoughts, and bridges generations through its gamut of illuminating displays and immersive experiences

Image Credit: cnbctv18.com

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