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Ghana – the very word sounds musical. If you’ve ever used cocoa butter to moisturize your skin, know that Ghana is one of the main African countries that makes and exports cocoa butter by the truckloads. However, before you can start dreaming about luxurious cocoa butter, you’ll need to apply for your tourist visa to Ghana from Dubai. African nationals and members of the African Union are allowed to obtain a tourist visa in Ghana upon arrival. So if you’re an African national, all you do is pay the visa fee upon arrival at the Accra Airport to the Ghana Immigration Service and obtain your visa. If you are a UAE resident or the national of a different country living in the UAE, you will need to apply for a

Ghana visa from Dubai.

Ghana Tourist Visa Dubai

Ghana Single Entry Tourist Visa

The Ghana Consulates around the world issue single-entry visas, valid for 90 days from the date of issue. The visa holder is advised to apply for this single entry visa at least 30 days before the intended departure date, not before. By doing this, the traveler ensures that the visa will be valid for the longest duration possible so that he or she can make the travel arrangements in peace.

Ghana Visa Requirements from Dubai

  • Passport
    • Attach your original signed passport along with your application form.
    • Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond your stay in Ghana.
    • It should contain at least one blank page in it for the Ghana visa stamp.
    • Note that if your passport contains amendment pages in the back, the Ghana consulate will not consider them suitable in place of a blank page for a Ghana visa.
    • Make sure your passport is not frayed, torn, coming apart or altered in any other way
  • Ghana Visa Application Form
    • Fill out two copies of the Ghana visa application form.
    • Obtain a visa application form from the High Commission of the Republic of Ghana in Dubai. Make sure you provide an answer for every field in the form.
    • Type your full name just as it appears in your passport
    • Be sure to sign your visa application. If the visa application is for a child younger than 18, parents must sign the form on behalf of the child.
    • Input your travel arrangements into the application form, including hotel name and period of stay.
    • You will need to attach various proofs along with your visa application including passport and visa photographs.
    • Be sure to check that the required attachments are in place as you go down the application form, filling in the required fields.
  • Photograph
    • Enclose two recent photographs of 2inches by 2 inches in color.
    • The photographs must present your front view on a plain white matt background.
    • Attach one photo to each of your Ghana applications in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Your photograph should not be more than 3 months old and should be printed on high-quality photo paper.
    • Make sure your face is centered in the middle and your pose is non-smiling and formal.
    • If you wear eyeglasses or headwear, take them off for the visa photograph, or your visa could be rejected.
    • Don’t affix your photos on to the application form – your form should be clear of glue or staples.
  • Letter Of Invitation
    • You will need to enclose a letter of invitation from your Ghana sponsor, which can be a hosting company or an individual.
    • The letter must explain your sponsor’s relationship to you and the purpose of your travel to Ghana.
    • The letter must also indicate your proposed length of stay and place of stay along with full residential address and contact information of your sponsor.
    • If your sponsor is an individual, then be sure to include a copy of his or her passport as well.
    • If your sponsor is not a Ghanaian citizen, then include his or her residence permit.
  • Business Cover Letter
    • If your sponsor is a company, be sure to obtain a letter on the company letterhead introducing you as a visitor or employee.
    • If you’re the company’s employee, then the letter should contain your employment status and position in the company.
    • The letter should also state the purpose of your visit to Ghana.
    • The business letter should also indicate that the company will be responsible for your financial requirements during your visit, and include detailed contact information for you in Ghana.
  • Travel Arrangements: Be sure to
    • Include your detailed flight itinerary, listing your to and fro travel arrangements.
    • Your landing and departure date must be clearly mentioned in your travel itinerary.
  • Confirmed Hotel Bookings
    • Obtain confirmed bookings from a Ghanaian hotel on the hotel letterhead, including your name and the dates of your stay in Ghana.
    • If you are staying at a company guest house, then obtain the same information on company letterhead.
    • If you are staying with family or friends, then a similar letter is required from them with complete address and contact information.
  • Medical Requirements: Before departing Dubai, be sure to
    • Comply with Ghana’s medical requirements for travelers. Specifically, you should carry a valid certificate of immunization against yellow fever, indicating that you have been vaccinated not more than 10 days prior to entry.
  • Minor Travel: If you’re taking a minor along, be sure to fill out their application form and sign for them. Be sure to:
    • Attach a copy of the minor’s birth certificate.
    • Copies of the parents’ Dubai IDs or passports
    • If you’re not the minor’s parent, then obtain a signed letter from the parents or guardians authorizing the minor to travel with you.
  • Obtain Consultation
    • Contact a Rayna Tours representative today with regard to your Ghana visa requirements.
    • Your Rayna Tours rep will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process, and will obtain the visa for you.
    • They will also follow up on the visa if it’s delayed and interface with the Ghanaian Consulate in Dubai to help facilitate your visa.

Reasons why Ghana Visa Application Gets Rejected

  • An incomplete visa application could result in its rejection. If you do not fill the form completely or do not submit one of the important documents, your visa application to Ghana would be rejected.
  • If your passport does not have at least six months validity from the date of visiting Ghana, your visa application would be rejected.
  • Your Ghana visa may get rejected if you do not get yellow fever vaccination before traveling

Ghana Visa Process Time and Fee

The processing time for Ghana visa is 10 working days, although express applications would get their visa within 3 working days. The fee for the Ghana visa would depend on the type of visa you want:

  • Ghana Single Entry Visa(3 Months): AED 855.00
  • Ghana Multiple Entry Visa(6 Months): AED 1090.00
  • Ghana Multiple Entry Visa(1 Year): AED 1875.00

Things to Know Before You Visit Ghana

Here are some important things that would make your trip to Ghana stress-free.

  • Best Time to Visit Ghana

The best time to visit Ghana is between the months of November and March when the country enjoys the dry season. It rains between April and October, making traveling around the country difficult. Also, several tourist places close down during the rainy season. However, the months from April to October is a great time to visit Northern Ghana, as the rains cool down the temperatures, getting rid of the unbearable heat.

  • Where to Stay in Ghana

The answer to the question would depend on your budget and requirements. You would find hotels for all price ranges in Ghana. Let us look at a few of them.

    • Budget and Mid Range Hotels: Chez Delphy Bed and Breakfast, Doc’s Suite, Feehi’s Place Hostel
    • Luxury Hotels and Resorts: Accra Marriott Hotel, Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City, Movenpick Ambassador Hotel
  • Traveling Tips to Ghana
    • As Ghana is a tropical country, expect hot weather in the country. Make sure to pack loose, cotton clothes. Also, it sweats a lot, consider this while packing your makeup.
    • Do not forget to pack mosquito and insect repellent while traveling to Ghana
    • Although Ghana has several local languages, English is widely spoken by the locals.
    • If you want to try the local food in Ghana, it would be best to stick to restaurants rather than street food. If you want to try the street food, make sure they are prepared in clean and hygienic conditions.
    • Taxi is the best way of traveling in Ghana. Lately, Uber service is also available in the country. If you want to explore the authentic life of the place, you can also travel by local buses that are cheaper and safer as well.
    • Although Ghana is relatively safer than other African countries, it is always better to be cautious. Do not carry too much cash with you and keep your luggage and valuables safe. It would also be best to avoid traveling in cabs after sunset.


Ghana is a state rich in culture, food and cocoa beans. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you will get great enjoyment out of watching the local people in their colorful costumes and visiting the Ghana markets and cocoa bean farms. Be sure to taste some of Ghana’s excellent food, especially the okra soup.

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