Opera House in Dubai

Dubai is known to create the unthinkable and that is why it houses the best manmade wonders of the world. This benchmark city holds the key to the most intelligent and fascinating ideas by humans given its due respect by technology and resources.

The latest feather in the city’s cap is the

Dubai Opera House.

This amazing dhow-shaped building is a vibrant cultural community and an events destination in the opulent downtown district of the city. Opera house Dubai aims to encourage talented local artists and endorse the cultural diversity of the global ethnicity.

Being known as a new cultural icon of Dubai and the UAE, Dubai Opera is a magnificent 2000 seat venue with multi-formats such as Opera, theater performances, concerts, art exhibitions, sports events, film, and orchestra, along with various other seasonal performances. Here’s everything you want to know about the newly constructed Dubai Opera House.

The Design of Dubai Opera House

Design of Dubai Opera House

The Dubai Opera house is inspired by the maritime traditions of the city. The house is designed in the shape of the traditional sailing vessel of the Arabs. The shape is inspired by the classic dhows made of wood and is famous for their versatility and utility. It has always been iconic with the dhow creek of Dubai and now it’s taken the form of the Dubai Opera house.

The Format of Dubai Opera House

Dubai Opera House Interior

The amazing Dubai Opera House is essentially comprised of three formats that will support concert performances, theater and the ‘flat-floor’ mode aimed to organize exhibitions and events. The formats are aimed to offer the maximum flexibility to be able to conveniently accommodate exhibitions, events, popular entertainment concerts, Arab and world music performances, children show, theatrics, and other kinds of cultural performances. The Dubai Opera House is built with an aim to give an artistic vision and drive global tourism in the direction of art and music.

Dubai Opera House Location

Opera House in Dubai

The location of the Dubai Opera House is intelligently kept in downtown Dubai. The Opera district of Downtown Dubai has Burj Khalifa which is also the tallest manmade building on the planet, along with the Burj Park and the famous Dubai fountain. The entire Opera district is aimed at the promotion of local and global arts exchange via showcasing the emerging and established talented artists. The entire district is also set to feature luxury hotels, serviced and residential apartments, a retail plaza, parks, recreational spaces, and beautiful waterfront promenades. You can make the most of your Dubai Opera House visit with a combo pass bundled with Burj Khalifa tickets and the Dubai Fountain Lake experience, to name a few.

The Dubai Opera House Facts

Located in the heart of downtown Dubai, the Dubai Opera House is up for a grand opening for the visitors on August 31st, 2016. While the most intriguing fact remains that out of the total 2000 seats, no less than 900 seats can be disappeared, relocated or accommodated as per will across the three format modes; here are some of the other best unknown Dubai Opera house facts you must about.

  • Started in May 2013

it took a little more than 3 years to get completed. The Dubai Opera House was started in the year May 2013 and was completed in a record time of just a little over 3 years. Oh, you think 3 years is a long time. Well, the best of the world Sydney opera house took a whopping 26 years to build, so when compared to that, Dubai completed this mega project in a jiffy.

  • It has a capacity of 2000 seats, out of which 900 can be adjusted

The venue in total has 31 premium boxes that can accommodate 184 VIP guests in total and other than that, the house has a seating capacity of a total of 2000 people. The interesting part is, when the house is in concert mode the seating capacity can be changed to 915 in the stall, 529 in the grand circle, and 457 in Royal circle making it a total of just 1901 seats instead of 2000. The other seats are designed in a way to be shifted to an underground garage. Similarly, in its theater mode, there will be a total of 889 seats in the stalls, 529 in the grand circle, and 457 in the royal circle, making it a total of 1875 seats.

  • Shaped like a dhow sail, it can transform it into a multiverse of venues

Designed for the free use of the most advanced high-tech and hydraulic technology, the d

how-shaped Dubai Opera House structure has the ability to internally transform into the best in class theater, concert and opera house. The place is equipped to hold any sort of sporting event, exhibitions and trade fairs simply, at the touch of a button.
  • It has a 5000kg of chandelier with 2900 LEDs attached to it

The entire Dubai Opera House structure is predominantly made up of glass along with a transparent foyer. It gives a ‘box within a box’ feel from the outside and when the lights lit up the house with its 2900 LEDs attached to the 5000kg chandelier of the building, the beauty it bestows to the whole place is mesmerizing. The lights are further accentuated with other 600 LEDs fixed at different positions across the house.

  • The sound effects change with the formats

The building of the Dubai Opera House is created in a way to adapt to the different requirements of different show formats. Not only the stage and seating arrangements can be transformed from show to show, but also the hi-technology acoustic shell installed with reflectors overhead can be used to enhance the acoustics and for the reflection of sound around the entire venue.

These and a lot more of the dramatic facts are the reason for people to anxiously wait for the Dubai Opera House inauguration. Also, when the entire Dubai Opera district will be completed (anytime by 2020), the district will become the largest cultural center across the globe. From modern art museums to high-end boutique shops and luxury hotels; the entire district will be a prized venue for Dubai and the world.

Image Credits: emaar.com

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