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Wanderlust is a thirst that gives you many experiences. And every travel gives you immense memories that will last forever. But are memories enough? Sometimes it becomes imperative to capture those memories to share with your loved ones and also to remind your kids what all they enjoyed and how much fun they had. When you capture memories in a camera, you give a chance to yourself and your loved ones to relive the celebrations by going through them. To ensure you relive your treasured memories in the best possible way Rayna tours give you an exclusive Photo Pass experience. Get personalized souvenirs created with a Photo pass Dubai Select the best pictures and videos and capture them in souvenirs.

What is Photo Pass – What does it mean?

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Photo pass is your answer to adventurous, futuristic photographs that stay with you forever. These pictures are not just photos; these are state of art shots taken to add an extra effect to your pictures. For example, we all know that we can’t do the MI-4 stunt of climbing the Burj Khalifa, but we can definitely come close with the technologically advanced pictures of a photo pass. Not only that, you have the option of enjoying the most realistic effect photos that makes your memories last a lifetime.

Is it Worth to Go for Photo Pass?

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Well, don’t believe us, read what our customers have to say. One of our guests believes “The photo pass was a perfect add on for our trip to Burj Khalifa. We really loved the idea of preserving your holiday memories with such a unique idea. I will surely recommend.” Another says, “I bought the photo pass for my wife and myself and we shot some really amazing pictures. It was our 1st anniversary and Rayna tours gave us the perfect gift. Thank you so much.”

But let us give you some more precise reasons:

  • State of art camera techniques including trick shots, chroma screen, flip screen and more are used to make sure your memories are the best ever.
  • There are various photo pass options that give you an opportunity to select images packages of your choice.
  • You also get an option to buy the photo pass right at the time of booking your tour to save you from the hassles of buying it at the last moment.

Photo Pass Dubai Locations

The following are the iconic locations where you can avail the exclusive services of the photo pass:

  • At the Top Burj Khalifa
  • VR Park
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure

Photo Pass Dubai – Important Information

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While Photo pass is for sure going to be an experience you won’t ever forget, here are some pointers of important information that will help you get the best experience.

  • A maximum of only 5 people can be captured at one time in the Photo pass
  • A voucher with a QR code will be made available for download on payment.
  • The voucher needs to be presented either in printed or digital format at the Photo counter located at the entrance of the site.
  • The staff at the Photo Counter will provide further instructions/assistance.
  • The photographers might not capture the guest if the voucher is not presented at the counter/photographer.
  • At the time of exiting the location, the guest can revisit the photo counter, where they can select the pictures they like.
  • Guest pictures may get deleted by the following day, so pictures need to be collected at the time of exiting the site.
  • Pictures will only be captured after the guest enters the site.
  • Site admission is not included in this voucher.
  • Upgrades may be available at the Photo counter and have to be paid for directly.
  • We reserve the complete right to reschedule or adjust the pricing, or even cancel the voucher, at our sole discretion.
  • Refunds will not be issued if the guest fails to collect or redeem the Photo Pass voucher.
  • Unused inclusions in the package are non-refundable.
  • The Pass is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


What makes Photo Pass a must-have? The fact that it does not just take pictures, it encapsulates countless memories that otherwise we forget over the passage of time. It allows you to capture the moments with your fantasies, something that normal cameras won’t ever be able to click. So, go ahead, do not let the iconic marvels of Dubai miss out in your memories, book your Photo pass today!

Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

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