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2023 towards the end of last year.  But things didn’t turn out as we expected as the world itself went upside down. That said, our penchant and liking for travel continues to be stronger and our curiosity to discover the vivid cultures, distinct flavors, amazing languages, and exotic happenings across the world is still alive and of course stauncher than ever. Like any other travel freaks out there, we too can’t wait to get back there and experience the world. With the universe slowly getting back on its toes, it’s now probably the right time to go back over the travel agendas that we had to call off due to this pandemic phase. So to give you the right bout of ideas and motivation, we’ve again come up with a listicle of the best travel blogs and bloggers which you can keep a track of in this upcoming year of hope and healing

How We’ve Put Together This List?

Just for our readers’ perusal – we’ve (as usual) created this list of bloggers in no particular order and by no means are based on any specific metric or indicators. All of the names mentioned here enjoy the attention and popularity they deserve due to the distinctiveness and quality of their content. We’ve picked them up for their appealing posts and of course for their compelling presentation via videos, photographs, etc. And this time also, we’ve grouped them into diverse categories, so that you can click or right away jump to your favorite travel blog category or blogger. However, we’ve expanded the new list by including two more categories such as Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs and Frugal Travel Blogs.

Best Travel Bloggers To Follow In Every Category

  • All-Rounders
  • Adventure Travel Blogs
  • Couple Travel Blogs
  • Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs
  • Family Travel Blog
  • Food Travel Blogs
  • Frugal Travel Blogs
  • Luxury Travel Blogs
  • Solo Female Travel Blogs


All Rounder Travel

1.foXnoMad: A rising star in the travel blogosphere, Anil Polat is the brain behind foXnoMad.He has traveled to different parts of the world, covering close to 90 countries so far. And this website mainly emphasizes smart travel with the help of the right travel tips and technology.

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Amazing travel tips, inspiring photos and videos, and exciting travel experiences across Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, North Amer ica, and South America

2. Expert Vagabond: Expert Vagabond from Matt Karsten is one of the most beloved travel resources among travel enthusiasts. Traveling since 2010, Matt dons many hats being an ardent traveler, digital nomad, and a photographer. And all these are greatly reflected in his widely acclaimed blogs.

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Enlightening travel stories, cool travel hacks, amazing tips on nomadic living, and incredible photography

3. Dan Flying Solo Once a restaurant manager, Daniel James is now a travel writer, photographer, videographer, and owns a media company in Portugal. His works have been featured on many prestigious platforms such as National Geographic, Travel and Leisure, and Travel Channel. And Dan Flying Solo is the space where he has chronicled his engaging journeys and adventures of traveling to over 50 countries.

4. Everything Everywhere Gary Arndt disposed of his dwelling in 2007 and since then he has been traveling around the world, so much so that he has covered places in all seven continents, visited 200 plus countries, saw all 50 US states and discovered every Canadian province to name a few. Not to mention, you can expect to find a bit of everything and beyond in his aptly named travel blog, Everything Everywhere!

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Travel photos, podcasts, destination guides, and Gary’s genuine experiences of traveling to more than 400 UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the world

Adventure Travel Blogs

Adventure Travel

5. Outdoorsy Diva Here is an adventure travel blog with a difference! Lauren Gay, the energetic face behind Outdoorsy Diva, defies all odds as she inspires women from all spheres of life to come out of their comfort zones and make the most of the nature and outdoors. Her heart-racing posts on camping, Glamping, water adventures, kayaking, etc say it all.

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Not only for refreshing outdoor activities but also for a variety of posts on food-based adventures encompassing kitchen adventures, food tripping, etc.

6. World Rider This space is all about Allan Karl’s adventurous expeditions of making to all seven continents, traveling through 50 countries. What caught our attention is that his only travel companion on all these journeys was just a motorcycle.

7. Off Yonder Off Yonder is created by Cameron L. Martindell – a devoted adventure traveler who shines in various roles as an adventure correspondent, adventure writer, filmmaker and photographer. His quest for adventure has taken him to all seven continents. He has over 10 years’ mountain search and rescue expertise and also excelled as an Australian bush firefighter, rafting trip guide, Eagle Scout etc.

    • Website:
    • Worth checking out for: Cameron’s thrilling journeys in all continents and across air, water, snow and earth.

Couple Travel Blogs

Couple Travel

8. Unconcerned Market The husband and wife, Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, are the duo who runs this award-winning blog. Coming from the US, both have a penchant for adventure and are remarkable storytellers and travel advisors too. Rightly so, their blog is full of detailed guides of their travel expeditions across the world, which you can easily explore location wise on their ‘destinations’ page.

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Sensible travel topics such as Sustainable Tourism, Food Guides, and Tourism Development Model.

9. Getting Stamped Adam and Hannah, an American couple, operate this outstanding website on a simple yet powerful mission which according to their own words is “to show introduce you the best travel destinations on the planet in a meaningful way.

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Breathtaking photos, videos, and of course their striking experiences of traveling to 80 plus countries across six continents.

10. Road Affair What started as a personal blog by Ben and Jazzyhas now turned out to be one of the most trusted travel sources that inspire and motivate those looking to pursue their travel dreams.

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Travel tips, work and volunteer information, destination guides, and various resources that let you find the best deals on accommodations, airfare, travel gear etc.

Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs

Eco-Friendly Travel

11. The Shooting Star The Shooting Star follows the inspirational journey of Shivya Nath who is fond of slow sustainable, off-the-beaten travel while supporting the indigenous communities. Not to mention, she is a vegan, environmentalist, and even introduced a sustainable travel clothing line (the Shooting Star Collection).

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Cool responsible travel tips as well as her enlightening travel experiences across Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and North America

12. Around the World in Eighty Years A native of New Mexico, Jim O’Donnell’s passion for conservation photography and environmental journalism is reflected in his travel blog – Around the World in Eight Years, thus leaving a powerful impact on the concept of sustainable travel.

13. Every Steph Stefania, the Italian travel blogger from Bologna, brings a new dimension to the idea of a sustainable traveler as she blends luxury and style with green and eco-friendliness in her travel expeditions.

Family Travel Blog

Family Travel

14. Family Can Travel Family Can Travel is the creation of Gemma where she has shared her travel adventures with her family comprising her supportive husband George and two adorable girls. Yes, it’s an inspiration for young families who can’t resist themselves from traveling the world.

15. TraveLynn Family – Global Adventures with Kids Jenny and Jason left the corporate world for travel in 2007 and they continue to travel even after the birth of their two lovely kids, Arthur and Ezra. Yes, their family journeys to more than 20 countries prove that it’s not difficult to travel with your little ones in tow.

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Refreshing travel itineraries, wonderful pictures and helpful tips when traveling or flying with kids

16. YTravel Blog Thanks to Caroline, Craig and their two charming daughters Kalyra and Savannah – a glance into their compelling travel blog is enough to give you the much-needed inspiration to pack your bags and set out on an adventure journey with your family and kids.

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Australian travel guide, travel podcasts, family travel packing tips, and expert travel advice on family travel as well as travel planning

Food Travel Blogs

Food Travel

17. Bacon is Magic The creator of this travel blog is Ayngelina Broganwho calls herself as a food hunter. And true to your speculations, this space has some genuine suggestions on places where locals eat, dining etiquettes that you should follow in certain places, and must-try restaurants on your upcoming holiday.

18. The Food Ranger  Trevor James who runs this travel blog is one of the most popular names among the foodies. He has a YouTube channel under the same name (The Food Ranger)and it has a massive fan following with close to 4.9 million subscribers.

19. Migrationology Migrationology by Mark Weins is exclusively designed for those who travel around the world for food. While his blog is informative, Mark’s YouTube channel with over seven million subscribers is super enticing, with amazing street food videos that are definite to make your mouth drool over them.

  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for:  Refreshing food tours and food travel guides of different parts of the world, such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Dubai, Taipei etc

 Frugal Travel Blogs

Frugal Travel

20. Big World Small Pockets The name says it all; Big World Small Pockets by the travel fanatic StephanieParker gives you some valuable tips on how to travel deep without really blowing your budget.

 21. Nomadic Matt Run by the American travel blogger – Matthew Kepnes, Nomadic Matt needs no introduction for a travel addict. After all, his many posts such as ‘The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Cheap’ serve as a great resource for those looking to discover a place with a minimal budget.
  • Website:
  • Worth checking out for: Authentic destination guides, money-saving travel tips, and top suggestions on where to stay and best attractions/activities to experience on a holiday.

 Luxury Travel Blogs

Luxury Travel

22. Silver Spoon London Nominated for British Travel Awards and ranked among the top London Lifestyle blogs, Silver Spoon is owned by Angie Silver. This lifestyle blog is a perfect mash up of adventure, food and luxury travel experiences across the world.

23. Luxe Adventure Traveler This award-winning travel blog from Jennifer and Tim is where the couple shares their love for adventure travel combined with the most luxurious experiences.

Solo Female Travel Blogs

Solo Female Travel

24. Women on the Road Leyla is one cheerful soul who shows us that travel is not just for those women who are in their 20s or 30s. In her 60s now, she has been to 96 countries and her blog is filled with safe and smart tips for solo women travelers.

25. My Adventures Across the World With an incurable craving for wanderlust right from childhood, Claudia Tavani’s adventure trips across Machu Picchu, Morocco, Denver etc are a real inspiration for women looking to travel solo and push their boundaries.


The above list in no way is the ultimate. But we hope that this curated list, representing some of the best travel bloggers, will give you a wealth of options and inspiration for your post-pandemic travel.

Shaheen Taj is a freelance travel writer by profession. She is particularly fond of traveling and loves to jot down her experiences and cultural diversities of different countries.

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