Bali has banned rent bike for tourist


The Bali governor wants to impose a ban restricting tourists from the use of motorbikes and scooters.

Bali is moving to put a ban in place to phase out the use of motorbikes by tourists. Bali in the Indian Ocean is one of Indonesia’s most charming island destinations, packed to the brim with lush landscapes, timeless sights, revered shrines, and cultural landmarks. Most tourists consider renting a motorbike as one of the most practical ways to absorb the region’s divine beauty and diversity. So this potential ban naturally comes as a shock to the biking and cycling enthusiasts keen to explore Bali’s magnificent, winding routes on a flexible, convenient motorcycle ride.

The Bali governor, I Wayan Koster, disclosed it during a press conference on March 12, 2023. Mr. Koster said that ban will be enacted largely as a part of efforts to curtail or prevent tourists’ actions like the use of a fake Indonesian ID, maneuvering a motorbike without relevant documents, reckless driving, and the abuse of residence and work permits. Another main rationale behind this ban is to encourage tourists to rent cars or other reliable transportation means that would ensure both the safety and quality of their Bali holiday.

As per the figures revealed by Bali Police’s Traffic Directorate official, Rahmawaty Ismail, there were about 70 accidents involving tourists reported in 2022 alone. In fact, this latest announcement further reflects the ever-increasing amount of cases where the tourists and motorbikes are involved. The disturbing proof of which is the viral video of a Russia couple (Sergey Kosenko and Alina Oshutinskaya); it showed them plummeting into the ocean on a motorbike.

Mr. Koster said that his government also considers having proper laws in place to track and constrain tourists who work (without an appropriate permit or authorization) on the island. This move may affect the work categories, including digital nomads. Bali’s economy is largely dependent on tourism, mainly thanks to the influx of backpackers and beach lovers. Most visitors to Bali prefer to get around the island on a motorbike, so Bali’s motorbike and scooter rental companies warn that this move could result in an economic downturn.

While this ban is expected to be enforced anytime soon, no further details have been put out on how or exactly when it will be implemented. If it comes into effect, Bali will join the league of countries that have banned or imposed restrictions on tourists when using motorbikes, such as Thailand, Vietnam, and South Sudan, to name a few.

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