Indian travel bloggers who inspire your wanderlust

Indian travel bloggers who inspire your wanderlust


Almost everyone is a traveler at heart. At some point of our lives, whether or not we accept it, we all want to take off on a journey that does not have a defined destination and entails just the itinerary of exploration. There are some lucky ones who get the privilege of opening their wings and fly in the sky, some of them pen it down to give us a glimpse of their dreamy life. We call them travel bloggers.

Did you know that India has some of the most renowned travel bloggers? If not, read this list with the names of some very talented, free spirited and inspirational travel bloggers across various genres.

The Adventurous travel bloggers of India

Adventurous travel bloggers of India
These are the so called ‘nuts’ of the society who defy to live and admire the concrete jungle created by man and instead, opt to explore the natural beauty of earth. Yes, they face the tough roads, rugged terrains, dangerous slopes and fight the adverse conditions to go where your regular GPS cannot take you. These adventure lovers are also amazing bloggers with stories to inspire others and make them think beyond the possible.


Niranjan Dastales of a Nomad

Venkat GaneshIndia Backpack Motorbike

Dheeraj SharmaDevil On Wheels

Motoreels Motoreels

Thommen JoseWanderink – Way to Go

Jatin AdlakhaA Traveller’s Odysseys

Umang Trivedi

Himanshu BarsainyaEverything Candid

The Couple travel bloggers of India

Couple travel bloggers of India
They are madly in love with nature, travel, adventure, and with each other. Yes, they are the couple travel bloggers who explore the unseen paths of life and world together hand in hand and give us some of the best written stories of their voyages together. Not every day is a bliss, not every journey is hunky- dory but still these couple bloggers together ensure that we get the best of their expeditions. Here are some of the most notable couple travel bloggers from India.

Savi and VidBruised Passports

Vicky and ishEmptyRucksack

Rituraj and ShreyaTravel genes

Revati & Charles VictorDifferent Doors

Param & ShikhaThe Untourists

Sonia & AnkurTicking the Bucketlist

Swati & SamThe Tales of a Traveler

Poorna & BrindaTravel Twosome

Puru & EktaShadows Galore

Ram & ReshmaRoad Less Travelled

Sandeepa & ChetanSandeepaChetan’s Travel Blog

Purba and SiddharthaFour Blissful Feet

Rishabh and NiraliGypsy Couple

Sandy and VyjayVoyager

Vishu and SaumyaRoad to Taste

The off- beat travel bloggers of India

Offbeat travel bloggers of India
There are the ones who walk the path others have walked but haven’t explored, and there are those who walk the path that got lost in the glam of the celebrated roads. They are the off-beat travelers who explore the roads most don’t take. These adventurous and gutsy travelers know what it takes to trek the road less travelled and share their unbeatable experiences through their amazing travel blogs.

Thommen JoseWanderink

Prasad NpDesi traveler


Parnashree DeviMy Travel Diary

Archana SinghTravel See Write

Snigdha JainGet Set and Go

Nisha JhaLe Monde – A Poetic Travel

Divya Prasad Obsessive Compulsive Traveller

Antarik AnwesanOn Second Thoughts

Sushmita SarkarMy Unfinished Life

M.A. Razzaq SiddiquiRazzaq Was Here

Ayandrali DuttaScattered Expressions

Shubham MansingkaA Boy Who Travels

Aakash MehrotraHand of Colors

Shruti ShahPop of Joy

Manish Kumarमुसाफ़िर हूँ यारों.. Musafir Hoon Yaaron

Leena BansalMiss Walking Shoes

Gitanjali BanerjeeTravel by Karma

Umang Trivedi

Hari NarayanaIndia That Was

Vaisakhi MishraJust Words

Srijal SahuSrijalism

Ami BhatThrilling Travel

Nirdesh Kumar SinghJust Tripping

Sindhu, Shruthi, SridharThe Interlude Journey

The cultural & spiritual travel bloggers of India

spiritual travel bloggers of India
These are the people who are forever hungry to know about the culture and history of a destination. Whether it is India or abroad, the place doesn’t matter, what matters to these sensitive travelers is the enormous history that creates the base of their people. These are the bloggers who bring to us the best of the beliefs, culture, traditions, spirituality, and inspirations of the destinations. Read their blogs and fall in love with them.

Anuradha GoyalInditales

Lakshmi Sharath

Siddhartha JoshiThe Wanderer

Deepak PatelTravelnthrill


ArtiMy Yatra Diary

Padmapriya T SAalayam Kanden

BhushavaliMy Travelogue

AartiThe Wandering Soul

Foodie travel bloggers of India

Foodie travel bloggers of India
Food and travel have always been the reason for some of the most cherished memories of these bloggers. The opportunity to explore various cuisines while travelling the scenic locales is what drives them away from the maddening race of the routine life and take them to the paths unexplored and eateries waiting to be talked about. These places range from the roadside tea stalls to the best of fine-dine restaurants. Whatever cuisine or restaurant they talk about, rest assured, you’re sure to have your mouth watering for them.

Dr. Wasim


Raghav modi


Revati & Charles VictorDifferent Doors

Photography travel bloggers of India

Photography travel bloggers of India
While their pictures are a feast to your eyes, they also make your heart hungry for more. From adventurous treks in the Himalayas to the everyday commoner passing by the busy streets in the evening; they click them all and each of these pictures force us to fall for them. Yes, these are the photography travel bloggers of India who capture the essence of a destination in their cameras and introduce us to the soul of the place without any words.

Sujoy R. DasTrekking and Photography in the Himalaya

Arun BhatIndia Travel & Photography Blog

Prasad NpDesi Traveler

Sanghita NandiA Traveller’s Diary

Ajay SoodTravelure

Upendra SwamiVagabond Images

Abhi SurendranI Am Not Home

Siddhartha JoshiThe Wanderer

SrinivasaPhoto Mithra

Vijay NambiarFeel Free or Fly

Nitin BothraMemoirs of a Traveloholic


Deepti Asthana


Aman ChotaniAman Chotani Photography

Dhiren ShahHitchy’s World

Pratap JPixel Shooter

Swati SaxenaLost in Maps

VJ SharmaPhoto Journey with

Anindya Sundar BasuPikturenama

Lifestyle and luxury travel bloggers of India

Lifestyle and luxury travel bloggers of India
They introduce you to the fashion and lifestyle that feels like a complete different world. the unimaginable luxury money can buy and the impeccable taste that makes the money spent worth it, is whst these bloggers highlight. They tell you what can make you distinct in a crowd and show you a world you might one day own yourself.

Aanchal Goel

Dimpy Kapur and Anachal Sukhija

Devyani Kapoor

Ashwin Rajagopalan

Manjulika PramodPendown

Madhu ShettyUrge to Wander

Arvind PasseyThe Real Fiction

Upasna Verma Life on my Plate

Divya Rai A Borrowed Backpack

Shraddha GuptaStreet Trotter


BhartiSuitcase of Stories

Ankita Shreeram

Tarun GaurMy Greedy Backpack

TanushreeTravelholic You

Akanksha DurejaDirect Dil Se

Gulshan BafnaExciting Traveler

Swati & SamThe Tales of a Traveler

Shraddha ChauhanKainat’s Kaleidoscope

Solo travel bloggers of India

Solo travel bloggers of India

These are the nomads who don’t need anyone else to show them and appreciate the beauty of the world. These adventurous souls are amazingly inspired and hopelessly in love with the world’s treasure. They love to wander and explore the good and bad of the world all by themselves and give us an account of their incredible journey through their compelling blogs.

Shivya Nath

Ruby Singh

Sankara Subramanian

Mridula Dwivedi

Renuka Walter

Amrita Das



Mukul Chand

Sushmita SarkarMy Unfinished Life

Sreeram Hariharan

Sangeeta DasLife is a Vacation



Umang Trivedi

Travel Vloggers of India

Travel Vloggers of India
They say a picture speak a thousand words, and these are videos, so imagine the impact. These YouTube bloggers use the new age technology and put it to good use. Their videos will move your heart and will inspire the wanderlust in you. These videos are detailed, simple yet hard hitting and capture the essence of the place naturally. Check them out.

Sid the wanderer

Anki’s Travel TV

Aditya Pathak

India Ghoomo

Travel with Lakshmi


Bloggers with Instagram accounts on travels and journey

Bloggers with Instagram accounts on travels
They don’t believe in words a lot; there amazing pictures speak for themselves. They may belong to various genres of blogging, but what differentiates them from others are their exceptionally clicked and edited pictures good enough to make you weak on your knees. Don’t trust us? Checkout their Instagram accounts.




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As we already mentioned, neither is this list final nor the categories. We intend to add more of them both to ensure our readers gets to know more and more Indian travel bloggers making a mark in this world of wanderers. Keep reading!

P.S. We’ve tried to make this list as exhaustive as possible but that does not mean it ends here. We’ll be continuously adding new, creative names to it and if possible some new categories too. Do help us out.


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