How to Apply for a Singapore Tourist Visa in Dubai

How to Apply for a Singapore Tourist Visa in Dubai


Singapore is a fabulous island city-state in Southeast Asia that’s a hot hub for tourists owing to its outstanding culture, attractions, food, entertainment options and a great deal more. Singapore offers that perfect blend of urban glory married to natural beauty and an ancient, colonial-influenced culture that really tugs at the culture vulture in all of us. Oh and did we mention that Singapore is considered the Shopping Paradise of Southeast Asia? Well, there you go. Here’s how you obtain a Singapore tourist visa from Dubai.

Singapore Visa

Singapore Visa Notes

If you are a citizen of the UAE, an Emirati, you will not require a visa before traveling to Singapore; you’ll just obtain a visa post arrival. However, if you are an expat living in the UAE, you’ll need a tourist or business visa to travel to Singapore. You’ll need to apply for your Singapore tourist visa at least a month before your planned trip to this enchanting island, and we’re here to help you
Also, you don’t need a visa to travel to Singapore if you’re a citizen of the USA, or of a European country that’s mentioned in the visa exemption list. This remains the case even if you happen to be residing in the UAE at the moment. However, people belonging to non-exempt countries and living in the UAE do require tourist visas to travel to Singapore.

Who Needs A Singapore Visa From Dubai?

If you’re an expat living in the UAE but belonging to one of the countries listed in either the Level 1 or the Level 2 group, you will need to apply for a Singapore tourist visa. However, citizens of Level 1 countries do not need to get the actual visa stamped on their passport to travel to Singapore. They can obtain an e-visa that must be printed only by an authorized visa agent. For citizens of Level 2 countries, a full visa stamping on their passports is a must if they are to travel to Singapore on tourist purposes.

Level 1 Countries
India, Myanmar, Ukraine, Russia, China, Georgia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Liberia, Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Travel Permit, Turkmenistan, Sierra Leone and Holders of Hong Kong Document of Identity.

Level 2 Countries
Bangladesh, Morocco, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Temporary UAE residents and people who hold Palestinian Authority Passport or Refugee Travel Document issued by Middle-East countries.

List Of Supporting Documents For Singapore Tourist Visa

Here is the list of required documents you need to submit along with your Singapore tourist visa application.

  • Download the 14A form, fill it without mistakes and sign it
  • Photocopy of your passport (First page and last page) showing validity of at least 6 months validity post your trip’s duration. Please make sure your passport has at least two blank pages for stamping.
  • One recently taken visa-sized color photograph taken against a white background, to be submitted along with the documents. Write your full name as it appears in the passport in clear block letters on the back of the photograph.
  • Also provide a letter of introduction from a local Singaporean along with a photocopy of your sponsor’s identity card.
  • If you’re holding a job in the UAE, please obtain an NOC letter from your employer giving details of your salary, position and purpose of travel.
  • Submit the visa and service fee along with the application form, in the form of cash only.
  • Provide confirmation of hotel booking in Singapore. If you plan to stay at a Singaporean’s house, then the complete postal address and phone number of that person, plus a photocopy of your host’s ID card.
  • Your complete travel itinerary plus photocopies of your flight tickets, including your return tickets.
  • If you’re the citizen of a Level 1 country, your e-visa will be ready in about 3 to 4 business days. If you’re a citizen of a Level 2 country, it will take at least 5 to 7 business days for your visa to be processed and stamped on your passport.

Important Things to Remember
Here are a few important things that you need to keep in mind while applying for Singapore visit visa.

  • There should be no errors or overwriting in your visa application form while you’re applying for a Singapore Visa in Dubai.
  • Even a tiny mistake or information discrepancy (details not matching your passport, for example) can cause your visa application to be delayed or rejected.
  • You need to submit all the documents indicated in the list of supporting documents section, or your application will be rejected.
  • The Singapore Visa Issuance Authority has the right to change visa application rules or list of documents at any time at any time. You have to obtain the latest information and ensure that you don’t delay submission.
  • In the case of visa application rejection, your visa and service fee will be lost to you.
  • Note that the Singapore Visa Issuance Authority is not entitled to provide any reason for rejecting your visa.

Very Important Note
A Singapore visa in itself does not guarantee your entry into Singapore. When you land at the airport, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will decide whether you are allowed to enter the city or not. The ICA will check your passport and determine the duration of your stay.

Let’s say you were planning to stay in Singapore for three months; you can mention this to the ICA authority examining your passport, but you may or may not receive the grant to stay for 90 days in Singapore. The ICA has the authority to cut your planned stay to 30 days if it sees fit. Your visa’s validity does not guarantee the duration of your stay; it only specifies the amount of time for which the visa itself is valid.

How to Apply For A Singapore Visa From Dubai

You can submit the visa application form with all the supporting documents at the Consulate-General of The Republic of Singapore in Dubai. Alternatively, you can submit your application to Rayna Tours, a reputed tours and travel agent based out of the UAE, who will facilitate your Singapore Tourist Visa in Dubai.

Applying For Your Singapore Tourist Visa In Person

Before submitting your visa in person, it is very important that you follow these regulations put forth by the Consulate-General of The Republic of Singapore.

  • Read the security regulation notices before you visit the Visa Application Centre at the Singapore Consulate.
  • Keep the purpose of visit clear in your mind; do not provide two or three different variations of your purpose during your face-to-face with the visa staff.
  • The visa staff is not permitted to provide guidance or advise you to choose the right visa category. They are not authorized to tell you whether you’ll be granted a visa or how long the process will take. These aspects are the consulate’s prerogative and as such, you’ll just have to wait and see. Do not ask the administrative repeat questions in these regards.

Post-submission Tracking And Follow-Up

  • Tracking Application Online: After the visa staff has accepted your application for processing, you’ll be issued a unique VAC (Visa Application Center) Reference Number. You’ll find this number in the invoice-receipt you will receive when you submit your application for process. You can use the VAC number and your date of birth to track your visa status online. Do not visit the consulate to enquire about your visa status. Alternatively, if you’re using a travel agent, feel free to approach them for your visa status.
  • Picking Up Your Passport: If you’ve signed up for the SMS tracking service, you will receive both SMS and email alerts the moment your application process is complete and that your passport is ready for collection. You can either pick up your passport or wait for the courier SMS alert. Take the original visa fee receipt and your Emirates ID card (original) when you go to collect your passport.
  • E-visa: If you are entitled to an e-visa, a link to the secure visa document will be emailed to you; you need to print it out and use it for your travel.

Best things to do in Singapore anytime of the year

Singapore is a vibrant, dynamic and welcoming city. It’s almost every traveler’s dream to spend quality time in Singapore. However, Singapore has very strict rules in place with regard to littering on the streets, drunken and disorderly behavior and the carrying of ID cards on one’s person. Be sure to follow all the regulations if you want to return to Singapore at a later date. Any non-compliance while within Singapore may result in the rejection of future visas.