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Singapore is every shopper’s dream, every tourist’s delight, and every foodie’s paradise. This majestic island city-state leaves no stone unturned in giving the tourists the best time of their lives. No matter you’re there with your family, gang of friends or even alone; Singapore is sure to give you a memorable vacation.

But what if you’re not on vacation but on a short layover of just

24 hours in Singapore

? Should you just stay at the airport or in the hotel and miss the chance of visiting the amazing city just because you don’t have enough time? Singaporeans have something to offer even for the layover tourists and that starts from the Changi airport itself. There are various things to do in Singapore in 24 hours. Don’t believe us? Read on.

Start with the Changi airport

Satiate your hunger

Singapore Food

The best way to start your Singapore one- day sightseeing is by pampering your taste buds. The best thing about Singaporean food is its multi-cultural cuisine. Indian Thai, Malay, and Islamic culinary art dominate the food scene of Singapore. For Indian food craving, try the Paratha with butter chicken or fish head curry. If you want to eat something traditionally Singapore, try the chili crab, and Nasi Padang. Where to find it? Thankfully, there are many food courts all over the airport. Try the famous barbecue pork jerky at Bee Cheng Hiang before you leave.

Ride the Tallest Slide

slide at T3 Singapore

Singapore’s tallest slide and the world’s tallest indoor slide is a must ride, especially that it is located inside the airport itself. You need to earn tickets for this slide, the best part is for every $10 you spend on anything inside the airport you get a ticket for the slide. There is no other way you can go in this one, so save the receipts and the little child in you can go bonkers on this slide.

Enjoy the free city Sightseeing starting from the airport

Free Singapore Tour from Changi Airport

The Singapore airport offers free bus ride to its main landmarks. View the beautiful Merlion park, experience the buzz of Singapore in Chinatown and Kampong La, or soak in the beautiful panoramic view of the city with a backdrop of gardens by the Bay. There are two different tours that you can choose from. Enjoy the free Heritage tour or the City Lights tour for free. Each tour takes 2.5 hours that is organized by Singapore Airlines, Changi airport, and Singapore tourism board. You have to register at least 1 hour before the start of the tour.


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Enjoy a trip to the Changi Museum

Changi Museum in Singapore

At a distance of just 5.5kms, Changi museum becomes a must visit the place. Dedicated to the history of Singapore during world war II, the museum was officially opened in the year 2001. It is situated right next to the infamous Changi prison. The museum has rare collections of various paintings, artifacts, and photographs donated voluntarily by the Prisoners of War. Some of the paintings intricately described the daily life and routine of the POWs (Prisoners of War). One of the prisoners named Mary Angela Bateman drew various watercolor paintings during her tenure of three years in the prison when she was captured along with thousands of women and children. The paintings are one of the main highlights of the museum.

Relax at the Changi Beach

changi beach singapore

Another great place for a relaxed time before boarding your long flight will be the famous Changi beach. Located just 10kms away from the airport, you can easily get a cab to reach the beach. One of the oldest coastal parks of Singapore, the Changi beach which was once infamous for the mass killing of hundreds of prisoners by the Japanese is today a famous place for family picnics, barbeque parties, sunrise and sunset views. There are various food stalls around the 28-hectare beach where you can relax and pamper your taste buds with some tasty fast food. It’s a great place for people watching as well.

Take a ride at the Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

Okay, so you have a good time in your hand and you don’t want to visit the regular attractions of Singapore. Then head straight to the Singapore flyer for an experience of a lifetime. Just 17kms away from the airport, it will take you not more than 20-25 minutes from the cab and you’ll get to enjoy the best of Singapore attraction- the 165 meters tall Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer. The view from the flyer is worth an experience. You can see even Indonesia from the flyer on a clear day.

Butterfly garden

Butterfly garden Singapore

If you’re more of nature’s person, you don’t even need to get out of the airport. The Changi airport boasts of the world’s first butterfly garden at the airport. Relax in the sights of the colorful fluttering butterflies, beautiful sunflowers, ferns and orchids. Over 1000 butterflies across more than 40 species can be enjoyed along with witnessing the feeding and breeding closely.

Singapore has something for all kind of travelers. You may be in the city for a business trip or a vacation, a backpacking trip or just a layover; Singapore welcomes you with the best of hospitality, attractions, food delights, and loads of entertainment options. So, wait no more, if you haven’t planned a vacation to Singapore, plan it now. Even if you have a chance of a layover, take it through Singapore.

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