Glow Garden
Dubai Garden Glow is a remarkable exhibition that takes place in Zabeel Park every year. It becomes active only in the winter to celebrate the holidays. It was launched in 2015 with the help of hundreds of engineers, technicians, and artists from around the world, who came together to create exceptionally realistic and fascinating exhibitions. This year sees the ninth season of

Dubai Garden Glow.

Here’s everything Dubai Garden Glow has to offer this year. During the last four years, Dubai Garden Glow has gained a lot of popularity and has become one of the best places to visit in the city. The park’s creativity and innovation attract everyone, from the little ones to older people. If you are visiting Dubai during the winter months, the Dubai Garden Glow is a place that should be on your itinerary. Here is everything Dubai Garden Glow has to offer this year.

About Dubai Garden Glow

Glow Garden

Every winter, Zabeel Park in Dubai transforms from a green escape to an incredible vista of illuminations, art, and winter wonderland. Dubai Garden Glow is a visually exhilarating entertainment venue for children and families. Installations such as a giant floating jellyfish dancing over Zabeel Lake in Dubai Light Garden, shimmering to the sound of music, Cinderella’s magical glowing carriage, or a glamorous Burj Khalifa in all its majestic glory make your jaws drop in amazement. Every year, this attraction presents new and innovative installations for its visitors.

Best Time to Visit Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is usually operational only during the winter months (October to May). But the good news is that it opens early this year, on September 15, 2023.

Dubai Garden Glow Timings

Every day, 4.00 PM – 12.00 AM

Dubai Garden Glow Location

Area B, Zabeel Park, Dubai; Dubai Garden Glow can be accessed from Gates 6 and 7

How to Reach the Dubai Garden Glow

The best way to get to the Dubai Glow Park is by metro. The closest station is Al Jafiliya Metro Station on the Red Line; from there, it is just a few minutes to reach by walking, or you can take a cab.

Dubai Garden Glow Tickets

The ticket rate starts at AED 70. You can choose from general admission or combo tickets. You can access one or all parks within the facility, depending on your ticket choice. Kids under three years old can enjoy free entry. To avoid hassle-free admission, it is highly recommended to buy your tickets in advance online.


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What to Expect on a visit to the Dubai Garden Glow

The Dubai Garden Glow Park fantasy wonderland is open from Monday to Sunday between 4:00 PM and 11:00 AM. That’s several straight hours of some of the most beautiful experiences in the world! Dubai Garden Glow returns for its ninth year with a Glowing Safari theme this year. You’ll see dozens of new animal sculptures all the way from the Masai Mara. Unbelievably executed wildebeest migrations in ice to the never-ending tulip fields in the Netherlands in color await you. You’ll also enjoy various exotic marine environments in the oceans around the world. At the Ice Park Dubai, you’ll see incredible creations made from over 5,000 tons of ice. Also, there’s a magnificent Art Park, featuring impressive art installations created entirely out of old CDs, bottles, and plates. This new creation aims at turning your attention towards global sustainability and recycling, the by-line of Dubai’s tourism sector. Dubai expects more than 500,000 visitors this year to enjoy the marvels of Glow Park, one of the most unbelievable gardens in the UAE.

Dubai Garden Glow: Previous Chapters

Curious about the previous chapters of Dubai Garden Glow? This fabulous theme park began its journey with its first season in 2015 and the theme for the year was ‘a Wonders of the World’ exhibition. Thousands of visitors gazed in awe at the incredible ice sculptures of global landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Burj Khalifa and more.

The year 2016 was a tribute to nature, with wonderful and magical landscapes of flowers and plants crafted out of ice, lights, metal, and other materials. The underwater realm was celebrated in 2017 with marvelous sculptures and presentations of multi-colored fish, underwater landscapes, and more. In 2018, the theme of the park was the Glowing Safari, which bought alive the scenes of wildlife safaris. In its fifth season, Dubai Garden Glow highlighted environmental sustainability with its theme, Back to Nature.

One of the 2020 Dubai Garden Glow’s main attractions was Ice Park’s debut. The subsequent two were nothing short of exciting, with their compelling themes.

Dubai Garden Glow Attractions

1. Dubai Garden Glow Park

glow park

Glow Park Dubai has a magical flair to it. The illuminated dioramas and installations bring different themes to life in reality. Glow Park often portrays strong messages or magnificent views of different landscapes through its themes. Being the largest Glow Park in the world, sauntering through this illuminated park feels like a walk through a magical realm.

2. Dinosaur Park at Dubai Garden Glow

Dinosaur Park at Dubai Glow Garden

Don’t miss out on one of the most popular attractions at the Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park – the Dinosaur Park. Amazing life-sized animatronic dinosaur models are installed around the park in life-like environments, ready to scare you. These are the exact dinosaurs that roamed on earth millions of years ago, scientifically speaking. They’ve been reproduced to museum standards and given roars and sound effects that best fit their voice boxes. At Dinosaur Park Dubai, you can enjoy observing over 100 animatronic dinosaurs. Some of these ancient dinosaurs walk quite realistically, providing fantastic opportunities for life-like videos. Don’t miss checking out interactive hubs such as the Dinosaur Lab. Also, explore the Dinosaur Museum’s collection of dinosaur skeletons. This modern-day Jurassic Park has been a great hit with families with kids.

3. Ice Park at Dubai Garden Glow

Ice Park

Dubai Glow Garden Ice Park is the Middle East’s largest Ice Sculpture Park. Artists from around the world come together every year to create an incredible vista of ice sculptures to blow your mind. It takes more than 5,000 tons of ice every year to bring the Arctic environment into the middle of the desert within the shores of the Arabian Peninsula.

4. Art Park at the Dubai Glow Garden

The Dubai Garden Glow Art Park was a new addition to the Dubai Glow Garden last season. Here you can enjoy checking out over 1000 CDs, recyclable plastic, glass vials, plastic bottles, and porcelain ware. 200 artists from around the globe worked on multiple art installations for 60 days. They created magnificent, gigantic installations entirely made out of recyclable materials that have to be seen to be believed. You will come across a king cobra, a giant panda, colorful swans, and a lovely peacock in all its glory, all of which have been made out of tiny glass bottles. There are also several tall camels created only with colorful CDs and a huge elephant created entirely out of porcelain dishes, the kind you use for dinner.

5. Magic Park

This segment of Dubai Garden Glow displays exciting attractions and 3-D-inspired experiences all based on optical illusions.

New and Amazing Attractions at Dubai Garden Glow

  • Ames House

It is one of the exciting additions to the Magic Park, where you will find yourself a dwarf or a giant depending on which corner of this room you stand. There is no doubt that it allows for perplexing yet super amusing moments.

  • Upside Down Coffee Shop

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to stand and walk up-side down along the ceiling? You can experience it in its entire excitement and thrill at this spot within the Magic Park.

  • Sloping House

Want to try Michael Jackson’s iconic, gravity-defying dance moves? You must definitely step into this house at the Magic Park.

  • Glow Safari

Set out on a captivating safari experience to see the Glow Park’s fascinating animal exhibits radiating a luminous charm in the dark.

  • Flower Wally at the Dubai Glow Garden
flower wally

The Flower Wally is a brand new attraction that will be introduced in the next season (October). In this section of the Glow Garden, you would be able to see colorful and enormous flowers, lanterns, animal sculptures, etc. In short, the Flower Wally would have everything that describes nature and its beautiful scenery.

  • Colorful World at the Dubai Glow Garden

With the help of lights, laser effects, colors, and images, the artists have created an amazing exhibit that is nothing less than magical. Walking through the Colorful World is surely inspirational.

  • Happiness Street at the Dubai Glow Garden

Happiness Street is inspired by the motto of standardizing happiness as a mark of development in the UAE. The wonderful exhibits in this section aim to support this global cause and make for a delightful spectacle.

  • Happy Forest at the Dubai Glow Garden

The Happy Forest is an exhibit that depicts wildlife and preservation in a unique way. Get ready to be enchanted by the use of installations and sculptures made with recycled fabrics to depict wildlife and nature as well.

  • Glowing Safari at the Dubai Glow Garden

A favorite among kids, the Glowing Safari gives you the chance to see life-size glowing structures of wild animals usually seen in a jungle safari.

  • My Dubai at the Dubai Glow Garden

Among all the beautiful exhibits of the Dubai Garden Glow, the emblem of #MyDubai has been the most photographed. It is the perfect background for a selfie that would surely gain you innumerable likes on your Instagram and Facebook pages.

Some Basic Dubai Garden Glow Rules

  • Entry is free for kids under three or under the height of 0.9 meters.
  • Dubai Garden Glow tickets don’t cover a trip to the Ice Park; this costs an additional AED 40 onsite.
  • Physically challenged visitors can enjoy free entry.
  • You cannot carry food and drinks from outside into Dubai Garden Glow.
  • You cannot smoke on the premises.
  • You cannot bring any pets, toys, bikes, or scooters into Glow Park Dubai.

Important Things To Know Before You Visit Dubai Garden Glow

  • Dubai Garden Glow tickets don’t cover a trip to the Ice Park, which will cost additional.
  • Individuals with disabilities can enjoy free entry.
  • Visitors should come in respectable attire. If the attire is unacceptable, visitors will not be allowed entry to the park.


Dubai Garden Glow is one of the world’s largest and most unique exhibitions, showcasing never-before-seen unusual concepts. Taking inspiration from nature, fireworks, and the world’s iconic wonders, the Dubai Garden Glow combines fantasy, illuminations, and vibrant colors with new themes year after year for guests to enjoy and cherish a memorable Dubai moment.

Things to Do near Dubai Garden Glow

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