Best water parks of the world

Best water parks of the world


Seven billion and still counting that is the population of the world today. Some fortunate ones of us stand lucky to live life in the charm of some of the world best beaches. While some other found themselves lucky to paddle out for a ride or two on the tallest waves. But what about those who do not live close to beaches either and are not as lucky to paddle out for a ride on the greatest waves on a whim. For all such people who delight the joy of having watery pleasure but live further inland, worlds best water parks are a huge savior.
Here’s a list of the best water parks of the world, you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

1)Aquatica (Orlando, Florida)

Aquatica Orlando FloridaCredits: centralfloridatravel

This one is definitely for the brave and adventurous masses out there. The team behind Aquatica found that one gigantic wave pool was not simply enough, and so they proposed building up second enormous wave pool, side by side. Besides, the Dolphin Plunge water slide offers a brave ride to the passengers through a dolphin filled aquarium on the Omaka Rocka blast plunging and blasting through a series of funnels, tubes and smoke. The special feature of the water park is the white sandy beach, enveloped with 1360 tons of sand. Another beautiful feature of the water park is the gardens inspired by South Seas, which contain around 60,000 floral species.

2)Aquaventure Water Park (Dubai, UAE)

Aquaventure Water Park DubaiCredits: atlantisthepalm

The Aquaventure water park in Dubai is home to worlds widest water slide, the longest river ride of around 2.3 kilometers, together with the longest zip line since 2013. Water coasters form the other big attractions of the water park, and then the park is supported by a 700 meters private beach and Shark Lagoon. The lagoon offers its visitors to feed rays. With Aquaventure, Dubai has added a fem in its cap.

Worlds Widest Water Slide - Atlantis Water Park


Take a tour to Aqua venture Water park for an action-packed day out amid adventurous rides

Tour Rate AED 259

3)Area 47(Innsbruck, Austria)

area 47 innsbruck austriaCredits: AREA47

This outdoor water park is located on the Alpine lake which remains open from April to September end. The amazing features of this water park are the water rides, diving tower and a hydro-speed slide. Then the high-ropes course, bridge swing and climbing wall on the dry land make the water park a wanting travel location. It is treat for thrill and adventure lovers and some of its rides are absolutely not for the faint hearted.

4)Beach Park,
Beach Park brazil
Beach Park, located in Rua Porto das Dunas, Fortaleza, Brazil offers visitors some of the most vibrant and exotic rides. One of the renowned rides of Beach Park is Insano; the special feature of the ride is that it is ranked as the world’s fastest and tallest water slide. Giving you Goosebumps is another petrifying water slide Kalafrio, giant half-pipe slide. To pump up your adrenalin are the big top themed play area or the aqua show, with water cannons, kids water slides and coordinated water jets.

5)Caribbean Bay (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)
Caribbean Bay in South Korea
The Caribbean Bay is located in South Korea and has enticing traditional beauty such as hot spring pools along with some exotic and most striking water slides. Visitors can address their fatigue by relaxing in the sleeping rooms, which have pure air and beds carved form energy-boosting jade. Some of the visitors specially come here to relax in these sleeping rooms.

6)Siam Park (Tenerife, Spain)
siam park spain
Located in Autopista Tenerife Spain, the Siam Park is a Thai themed water park. Situated on the island of Tenerife, Tower on Power (27 meters) is the most spectacular water ride of the park. The riders plunge down a vertical drop before shooting through an aquarium filled with stingrays and sharks. Another add on feature of the park is the lazy river and surfing lessons on the wave pool which make the environment even more sedative.

7)Tropical Islands (Krausnick, Germany)
tropical islands krausnick brandenburg germany
Located at Krausnick, Brandenburg Germany, this indoor water park is housed inside one of the largest, standing halls of the world. Originally built as a Hangar for dirigibles, this indoor water park is renowned worldwide. With an accommodation facility of up to 6000 visitors a day, the Tropical Islands is certainly one of the world’s largest indoor pools measuring around 200 meters (656 feet) in length.

8) Watercube Water park (Beijing, China)
Watercube Water park Beijing in China
Located in Beijing China, the Watercube Water Park offers some of the biggest wild rides. The broad highlights of the park include funnel-shaped Tornado ride, Aqualoop slide and Bullet bowl, where riders shoot down an attached slide into a large bowl. All the rides of Watercube Water Park were designed overseas, before being shipped in. The huge jelly fish and bubble clouds suspended from the ceilings of the rides should be tackled while enjoying the ride.

9) WaterWorld Water park (Ayia Napa, Cyprus)
Waterworld waterpark ayia napa Cyprus
Build upon the Grecian theme, this water park has got a lot of pillars and Trojan horse shaped tall raised monuments. Located in the scenic Cyprus, the park has majestic surroundings. The add-on of park is Poseidon’s Wave pool, along with geysers and shipwrecks. Then the lazy river Odyssey has got breaking stone pillars and the vertigo- reminding Drop to Atlantis shoots riders out of a massive Roman Temple.

10)Wet and Wild (Orlando, Florida)

Wet and Wild Orlando in FloridaCredits: universalorlando

The tagline of the water park goes as “Visitors are spoiled for choice” at Wet ‘n Wild, and is absolutely true. The theme of this water park is sandcastle, which fancies children the most. Disco H20 is one of the most popular rides, the passengers of this ride float along to a soundtrack of seventies hits along with disco balls and blinking lights.

Water parks are in abundance in the world, however only few can be termed as outstanding. These outstanding parks should definitely be on the bucket list of every traveler looking for ideal combination of fun, thrill, and enjoyment.