Best places to visit in Ras Al Khaimah

Best places to visit in Ras Al Khaimah


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Famous as the top weekend escape place for the neighboring locals, Ras- Al- Khaimah is located in the UAE’s northern most region. With a backdrop of the mighty Hajar mountains, Ras- Al- Khaimah is not only a beautiful place for the tourists, it is also an extremely significant excavation site for the owing its inhabitance in the 3rd millennium BC. With its rich historical background and its urbanized developments for luring the tourists, Ras- Al- Khaimah is now a tourist hot spot.

There are many famous places to visit around the amazing city, and we bring to you the list of best places to visit in Ras- Al- Khaimah. Read on.

1. The National Museum of Ras- Al- Khaimah

The National Museum of Ras- Al- Khaimah
Located in the residential fort of the ruling family of the city until the 1960’s, the National Museum of Ras- Al- Khaimah is a must visit place to witness the amazing archeological discoveries made during the excavations along with various ethnological artifacts, manuscripts, traditional weapons that once belonged to the ruling family of the city and much more. The museum also beautifully displays the settlement area from the initial inhabitance up to the late Islamic era.

2. Khatt Hot Springs

Khatt Hot Springs
Offering therapeutic hot water springs at a place near the Hajar Mountains that looks almost like a castle, the Khatt hot springs takes you to a completely different world of relaxation with its Ayurvedic treatments, hot stone and precious stone treatments. It is a perfect place for the tourists to relax and rejuvenate in a natural atmosphere. With 3 natural mineral water hot springs, the Khatt hot springs resort offers various amenities including a picnic location that adds to its advantage of being a weekend getaway.

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3. Saqr park

Saqr park
The most popular landmark of the Kieran area of Ras- Al- Khaimah is the Saqr Park. The huge park area has many kids playing amenities and activities that make for a perfect weekend fun for your whole family. An ideal way to bring your kids to the outdoors, Saqr Park has everything from roller coasters to big splash ride, table tennis courts to electronic car hails. All in all, Saqr Park alone can offer an entire day of fun and enjoyment for your whole family.

4. Shimal

If you have an interest in the archeological sites, Shimal, the small village located at the north of Ras- Al- Khaimah offers a perfect peek into hundreds of pre-Islamic tombs with inhabitancy from approximately 2000BC. Giving you a feel of the long lost world, Shimal village also boasts of the Husn al-Shimal Fort built in the early start of the Islamic era.

5. Iceland Water Park

Iceland Water Park
A definite place to enjoy a day filled with wet fun, the Iceland Water Park offers a cheaper option than the expensive Wild Wadi and Aquventure water parks of Dubai. The rides are great and suitable for both the not- so- daring ones and the ones driven by adrenaline rush. A perfect way to spend a hot day with splash rides, water pools and loads of fun and entertainment for the entire family, Iceland water Park is a must visit while in Ras- Al- Khaimah.

6. Falcon Show

Falcon Show
One of the most traditional and still loved traditions of the UAE- Falconry is displayed with much fanfare in the city of Ras- Al- Khaimah at the Banyan Tree Al Wadi resort. The show features some of the most amazing species of hawks, falcons, owls, eagles, and kestrels. Enjoy the show along with a tour of the Falconry Mews, breeding and rehabilitation center, which in itself is a one of a kind experience.

7. Al Sawan Race Track

Al Sawan Race Track
An area of 10 kms flocked by visitors and tourists from the months of October to April to witness the most traditional sport of the Middle East- Camel Racing carried out in the best of its form at Ras- Al- Khaimah. This time honored sport has robots driving the camels instead of kids and adults. The place offers a peek into the culture of the city and the loved sport of the Arabs for centuries. From the rulers of the country to the local citizen, everyone is a fan of the camel racing sport.

8. Dhayah Fort

Dhayah Fort
Facing the gulf in a strategic position, the Dhayah fort was built in the early 16th century as a defensive military tower. The Dhayah fort is a mud brick fort on the hilltop facing the mighty gulf and has played a significant role in the defensive history of Ras- Al- Khaimah. The fort was essentially destroyed during the war with the Britishers in the year 1891. The structure ruins of this significant monument still stand today depicting the history in its remaining form.

9. Pearl Museum

Pearls Museum
Till the late 19th century until the oil boom of the UAE, the risky pearl diving was the major source of income for the village of Ras- Al- Khaimah. Though a riskier occupation, Ras- Al- Khaimah was once known for its Pearl diving industry all across the globe and the museum does justice to its history by beautifully displaying the equipments used for diving and harvesting of pearls along with magnificent collection pearls.

Hajar Mountains along with all the modern amenities required to make it a perfect vacationing spot for tourists across the globe and locals from neighboring areas of UAE. With vast unspoilt plains of the desert, Ras- Al- Khaimah is your place to be if you want to witness the best of history, tradition, culture and modernity.

[Total: 170    Average: 2.5/5]