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If you are thinking of a vacation, consider Turkey in March. The cold weather from the earlier months is easing up and there aren’t many tourists to take advantage of this pleasant time. However, before planning any vacation, one should know how Turkey is in March. You should gather all the relevant information before planning. The following info will help you plan a fulfilling vacation in Turkey.

Is March a Good Time to Visit Turkey?

Is March one of the best times to visit Turkey? Certainly! This month sees a change in seasons, with comfortable temperatures and moderate humidity. You can make the most of this climate by going sightseeing and indulging in outdoor activities without having to deal with the scorching summer heat. The extra daylight allows plenty of time to explore and roam around to see the nation’s rich history, varied landscapes, and lively culture. March is also a great season to visit because it is less crowded, which makes for a more laid-back and fun time.

Weather in Turkey in March

Turkey Weather in March is perfect because it is between the winter to spring shifts, creating pleasant and mild weather across the country. This time of the year marks the awakening of nature, with temperatures gradually warming up.

  • Temperature: Low – 5°C, High – 15°C
  • Humidity: 60-70%
  • Chance of Rain: 10% to 30%
  • Daylight: 11-12 hours
  • Sunrise: 6:30 am – 7 am
  • Sunset: 7 pm -7:30 pm

Things to do in Turkey in March

Here some exciting things to do in Turkey in March that are a great mix of adventure and relaxation:

Cappadocia: Hot Air Ballooning


High from the sky, witness the stunning landscape of Cappadocia through a hot air balloon ride. The unique and distinctive rock formations and nearby stunning landscapes look even more heavenly when seen from the sky. This is one of the most popular activities here and lets you see and admire what a wonderful and blessed terrain Cappadocia truly is.

Erciyes or Uludag: Skiing

Skiing-TurkeyImage Credit: dailysabah.com

Skiers who are passionate about winter sports can get the most out of the thrill by taking to the slopes at Turkey’s popular resorts like Uludag and Erciyes. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy the surge of adrenaline that these spots provide as you make the most out of the season as it ends.

Ancient Ruins: Ephesus or Hierapolis


Visit iconic spots like Ephesus or Hierapolis away from the masses of tourists to learn more about the rich history of Turkey. As you explore the unique and ancient ruins of these historical locations at your own pace, take a moment and appreciate the beauty of it.

Hot Springs: Pamukkale

Pamukkale turkey

Unwind and relax in the soothing thermal pools celebrated for their mineral-rich waters. Let the therapeutic properties of the waters rejuvenate and refresh your body and mind in a serene and picturesque setting.

Cotton Castle: Pamukkale

Experience the stunning natural wonder of Pamukkale. These brilliant white formations form a distinct landscape, with thermal waters rich in carbonate minerals. The warm thermal springs are enjoyed by guests, making Pamukkale an exceptional spot known for its aesthetic appeal as well as its healing properties.

Places to See in Turkey in March

Some of the best places to visit in Turkey in March become even more beautiful during this time of year around because of fewer tourists so take your time to enjoy and make the most of your time here in Turkey. Here are some of the places that should be on your bucket list:



Istanbul has been the unofficial tourism capital of modern Turkey. It has a great mix of modern and historical attractions that draw people from all over the world. Visit them to discover the core of Turkey’s culture and history. The city is also full of amazing restaurants and eateries that serve scrumptious Turkish food. And another thing you should do here is visit the traditional markets. You will feel like you have travelled back in time.



Cappadocia is a place that you must see to believe. Here, you will find naturally formed fairy chimneys which are a marvel of Mother Nature, and yet, in the same place, you will also find man-made underground cities made in volcanic rock. This region is where nature and human brilliance come alive. You will find the most stunning beauty here that will leave you spellbound. One place here you must see is Göreme. Early Christians who had sought refuge in the region took advantage of the soft volcanic rock and carved homes, churches, and chapels in them. The whole complex is just marvellous.


Ephesus turkey

Once the capital of Roman Empire, Ephesus is a still-living ancient city that was home to the ‘Temple of Artemis’. Though only ruins remain, there are many other historical monuments here that tell the story of the city’s former glory. So, if you want to steep yourself in history this ancient city, you should make it an important stop on your Turkey vacation itinerary.


Antalya turkey

Take in the stunning scenery and extensive history as you visit Turkey’s blue coast, which is home to spotless beaches and historic sites such as Theatre Aspendos and Termessos. Antalya is the main stop for tourists who come to Turkey. Head to Konyaaltı Beach for some relaxing beach time. It is one of the cleanest beaches in the world and the area is surrounded by restaurants, bars, and cafes. Other visit-worthy sites here are Duden Waterfalls, Tuneketep, Heart on Antalya, and Karaalioglu Park.

Hierapolis & Pamukkale


Explore the surrounding ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis as well as the white glistening travertine terraces of Pamukkale. Many people come to see Pamukkale’s thermal pools, some of which have temperatures perfect for a dip. The mineral-rich water is said to have a healing effect on people with skin issues. So, be sure to stop at these 2 amazing cities.


Ankara turkey

Turkey’s most developed city has many wonderful sights and sites that make it a must-see place for all tourists. From the beautiful Ankara Castle, located on a hill, to the serene Haci Bayram Mosque, there are many wonderful places that you should not miss during your vacation. The Anitkabir is also a worthwhile place to see. But if you want to know the history of Turkey, Anadolu Medeniyetleri Museum and the Rahmi M. Koc Museum must be a part of your itinerary. Plus, since Ankara is the capital, you can have a good time in the city as well and check out the what modern Turkey looks like.

Turkey Festivals and Events in March 2024

As a tourist, you can also check out a few Turkey Festivals in March. These festivals and events are a great way to know and enjoy Turkey’s culture.

March Festivals in Turkey

International Istanbul Dance and Music Festival

Features dance and music groups from all over the world. It’s a great opportunity to experience different cultures and see some amazing performances. This festival is quite popular and many people wait for it.

When: March 20th-26th 2024

Location: Ullman Istanbul Hotel & Convention Centre

The Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan turkeyImage Credit: chasingthedonkey.com

In Turkey, the communal spirit is profound as families come together for Iftar, the evening meal to break the fast. Streets and neighbourhoods are adorned with colourful lights and decorations, creating a festive atmosphere. Mosques become central to the spiritual activities, hosting nightly Tarawih prayers.

When: March 11th- April 9th, 2024

Location: Celebrated countrywide

Istanbul Tulip Festival


March is the month when the tulip flowers in Istanbul start to bloom. The blooming season continues up till the month of April. This marks the start of the spring season and holds a lot of cultural significance. Tulips actually originated in Turkey, so many gather to see them in all their glory. There are many places where you can see the tulips bloom.

When: March to April

Location: Emirgan Park, Gulhane Park, Sultanahmet Square, and Beylerbeyi Palace.

March Events in Turkey

Istanbul International Spring Film Festival

Experience the best in cinema from around the world at the Istanbul International Spring Film Festival. The main aim of the event is to increase the quality of cinema in Turkey. Though the events so far have been held in April, in 2024, the film festival will happen in March.

When: 15th March, 2024

Location: Beşiktaş / Istanbul

Hakan Altun Live

Sway to the tunes of Turkey’s most famous singer, Hakan Altun. Catch him sing his best songs and perform his heart out. Book tickets early as Hakan has the biggest fan following in Turkey. Many tourists also attend his events.

When: 8th March, 2024

Location: Jolly Joker Kartal İstMarina

Travel Tips to Visit Turkey in March

Here are some Turkey travel tips for March that will help you plan your Turkey vacation even better:

  • Check the visa requirements specific to your country as Turkey has different visa regulations for different countries.
  • Know and follow the local customs and etiquette. Dress modestly and comfortably as Turkey is an Islamic nation.
  • As warmer weather is expected in March, it is important to stay hydrated. Though you won’t be sweating too much, it is still important to be hydrated. Also, use sunscreens when visiting open-air attractions.
  • You have to eat locally. Turkish food is gaining fame and popularity all over the world, and the best version of it is found in the streets and roadside eateries. Also, do try Turkish tea and coffee. They are addictive.
  • March is going to be when the holy month of Ramadan starts, so be respectful of those observing a fast. Do not eat, drink, or smoke in public spaces during the hours when fasting is done.

Things to Know Before Visit Turkey in March

What to Pack for Turkey in March?

If you want to enjoy Turkey, be sure to have comfortable clothing, shoes, sandals, goggles, and hats. Also, carry swimming costumes and beach bags as Turkey has some amazing beaches worth seeing.

What to wear in Turkey in March?

Regarding what to wear, you can opt for comfortable clothes. No need to wear restrictive layers as the weather is starting to warm up. Just carry a light sweater or windcheater just in case it gets a little chilly. You can also carry a small umbrella as there is a small chance of rain.

Getting Around Turkey in March

Turkey is blessed with a well-connected and efficient public transportation system. You can easily travel around the major cities through trams, taxis, buses, and ferries. But beware of unlicensed taxis who will charge high fares. Only use official transport.

Where to Stay in Turkey in March?

Turkey is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, there’s a huge presence of hotels, resorts, lodges, hostels, and homestays. Since March is not the peak tourist season, you can find good affordable stays in March.

What to eat in Turkey in March?

Turkey’s food is some of the best food thanks to Middle Eastern, European, Asian, and African influences. So, when you are here, try Baklava, Doner, Kofte, Simit, Lachaman, Borek, Manti, and other famous foods like Turkish Delight.

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FAQs About Visiting Turkey in March

The following FAQs about Turkey in March are the most common questions tourists have about visiting Turkey in March:

1. How is the weather in Turkey in March?

Expect mild temperatures with highs around 13°C (55°F) and lows around 6°C (43°F) in coastal areas. Inland areas might be colder, with some snow possible.

2. Will it rain during my trip?

Occasional rain showers are likely, so pack a raincoat or umbrella.

3. Are there any major festivals in Turkey in March?

There aren’t any national or cultural festivals, but you can enjoy events like the International Istanbul Dance and Music Festival (March 20-26)

4. Are there any advantages to visiting Turkey in March compared to other times?

You’ll experience fewer crowds and potentially cheaper prices compared to the peak summer season. It is also a good time for outdoor activities like hiking or relaxing on the beaches.

5. What should I pack for my trip?

For changeable weather, a raincoat or umbrella, comfortable walking shoes, and an optional hat and sunglasses.

6. What currency should I bring?

Carry Turkish Lira for smaller purchases, but you can also use credit cards in many places.


Turkey in March is one of the best places as you don’t have to worry too much about crowds & costs. It’s not the peak tourist season, so you can enjoy a great discount on stays and travel. Plus, March is the start of the spring season and nature in Turkey will be in full bloom, allowing you to enjoy its stunning natural beauty. So, pack your bag and head to Turkey this March.

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