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The birthplace of the great Casanova, Venice, Italy, is one of the most popular romantic destinations in the world. The beautiful city, with its canals, singing gondoliers, and bridges, has something to offer everyone.

Romantic people dream of visiting this beautiful city with their special someone. Venice has a lot of attractions and experiences to its credit, from alluring landscapes and history to the most delicious foods.

Venice attraction

The reason why people love Venice

1. It is gorgeous

Venice exudes a unique charm and romance at its every turn. There are hundreds of lovely bridges and beautiful small canals.

2. Museums

Venice has some fantastic museums for history buffs, and the best one is the Ca’ d’Oro, established in 1430. Beautiful artworks, sculptures, and other marvelous creations by Giorgio Franchetti are on view here. 3. Photogenic

Venice is pretty photogenic and, thus, is one of the best places to go for your honeymoon.

4. Excellent Food

If you visit Venice, you must try the delicious Venetian cuisine, which is quite different from other parts of Italy. There are also numerous lovely restaurants, such as Pizzeria La Perla.

5. Quit Places

Venice has many quiet places where you can spend quality time with your partner.

6. Weather

Venice is the perfect summer destination as, the temperature is moderate during that time, and everything is calm and pleasant.

7. Beautiful architecture

In Venice, you can visit the different museums and Venetian Gothic architecture. Next, we have prepared a short list of some of the most romantic things to do in Venice with a partner.

12 Utterly Romantic Things to do in Venice

1. Live Opera at Teatro La Fenice

Teatro La Fenice Venice

Some people might know nothing about opera; however, if you attend an Opera show at the Teatro La Fenice, it will instantly spark affection between you and your partner.

You can also watch a romantic ballet, and this is something that you should have on your bucket list for Venice.

2. Vaporetto Ride

Vaporetto Ride in Venice

Explore the entire length of the Grand Canal, visit the untouched islands, and enjoy the majestic palaces built on the streets with the famous water bus ride in Venice.

If you are staying in Venice for a week or more, we recommend getting a travel card, which will be less expensive than a single day pass.

3. Zattere

Zattere Venice

One of the most romantic things to do with your beloved is take an evening stroll through the city of romance with your spouse. The city of Venice looks gorgeous at night.

Visit the stunning palaces, check out the beautiful churches, walk past the rivers, and watch the light reflecting on the water while taking a walk hand in hand.

4. Venice Nightlife

Venice Nightlife Italy

Up for some fun and booze? Put on your party wear and visit the exciting Bacaro Jazz Bar or Devils Forest Pub for some amazing cocktails. If you are looking for some quiet time, you can visit some of the best restaurants like Osteria Alle Testiere.

Order a nice glass of wine and enjoy the Italian dishes or anything you want.

5. Gondola Ride

Gondola Ride Italy

There is nothing as romantic as spending some quality time on a cuddlesome gondola ride with your partner. Just imagine yourself in those picture-perfect postcard scenes cuddling with your love. Amazing, isn’t it?

To avoid the noise of the Canal Grande you can move to the San Polo area and book a gondola ride through the back canals.

6. Visit the Doge’s Palace

Visit the Doge's Palace

Built in the 10th and 11th centuries, the Palazzo Ducale, or Doge’s Palace is a gigantic water font masterpiece that used to serve as the official residence of the leaders of Venice.

Walk together, holding hands, while exploring the rich interiors, including all the rooms decorated with Marvel carvings.

At Doge Place, you will also find the famous painting by Tintoretto, ’Bacchus, Benus and Ariadne’, and some other precious pieces of sculpture and painting. Conclude the tour by walking across the Bridge of Sighs that leads to the old prison.

We would advise you to go on a guided tour as it will help you relive the history of the place.

7. Kiss Beneath the Bridge of Sighs

According to Venetian folklore, couples who kiss beneath the Bridge of Sighs will be bound for life with happiness and eternal love.

Built in 1600, this white limestone bridge is enclosed with glass windows. To share this romantic moment, go on a gondola ride that passes you underneath the Bridge of Sighs. The best time would be when the sun is slowly setting, and the city is enclosed in a soft orange light.

Romantic, isn’t it? Well, we have more in store.

8. Feed the Pigeons

For a fun time, visit the Renaissance architecture of Piazza San Marco, situated in the city’s centre. Here, you can feed the thousands of pigeons as they land on your arms.

You can also visit the nearby domes, turrets, and arcs of the Basilica di San Marco and enjoy the beautiful Gothic architecture.

9. Romantic Retreat at Hotel Cipriani

Another popular romantic thing in Venice is to take a short boat ride across the lagoon to the nearby isle of Giudecca. Once you arrive here, make your way to the majestic Hotel Cipriani and order two glasses of bellini cocktails.

Enjoy sipping the cocktail while spending some romantic time gazing out over the canal.

10. Visit the colourful Burano Island

Burano Island Italy

If you Google Venice, you will probably see thousands of images of brightly coloured houses with a canal flowing between them. Well, this location, about a 30-minute boat ride away from the Venetian Lagoon, is the famous Burano Island.

Hold your partner’s arm and walk slowly through the lanes of the colorful, vibrant island. This is also the perfect place to take selfies and portraits. Here, you can also sit and watch the intricate lace creations.

11. Perfect Dining spot with a Breathtaking View

Dining with your partner in one of the majestic places in Venice should be on your bucket list. The city has a lot of captivating dining venues, but if you want to dine at a place with a mesmerising view, you must visit Restaurant Terrazza Danieli.

You will get a beautiful terrace with spectacular views, top -notch hospitality, top -class dining experience, and some of the best Italian food in the world. This is the perfect place to make an unforgettable dinner date memory with your spouse.

12. Spend Some Time at Alberoni Beach

There are beautiful monuments, iconic gondolas, majestic palaces, top-class dining, and a beautiful beach, to name a few. Venice truly is the most romantic place on earth, isn’t it?

Lido Beach is one of Venice’s best-kept secrets, as most people do not know about this beautiful destination. It is situated close to a nature reserve, and you can spend your day biking, jet skiing, or just laying by the beach while sipping on a margarita.

So if you have just got married or you want to spend a week away from your busy city life with your partner, then, without a doubt, Venice is one of the best romantic destinations in the world. You can walk hand in hand, sit quietly, or visit the majestic palaces; the best one is to, kiss underneath the beautiful bridges. A trip to Venice will ignite the love and intimacy between you and your loved one.

Shaheen Taj is a freelance travel writer by profession. She is particularly fond of traveling and loves to jot down her experiences and cultural diversities of different countries.

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