A famous person once said, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” Well, it actually goes with Dubai. In a place like Dubai, the different types of cuisine from various cultures bring everyone together. Apart from the local dishes, you can also try Mexican, Indian, continental, Chinese, and various other dishes in Dubai.

However, if you have a soft spot for the spicy hot chicken tender and some chips, Dubai has some amazing places where you can enjoy fried chicken.

It seems like you are already drooling. Without further ado, let’s learn about the finest destinations to have fried chicken in Dubai.

Best Restaurants to Enjoy Fried Chicken in Dubai

A tiny bite of fried chicken is the perfect cure for a hangover, a guilty pleasure on a Friday night, and a simple dinner for your home.

1. Al Baik

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Since its opening at the Dubai Mall, Al Baik has been busy serving fried chicken to almost half of the UAE. Well, it might not be a very popular brand, but the locals and tourists love Al Baik’s fried chicken.

Al Baik has become so popular that they are planning to open a second restaurant in the Mall of the Emirates.

2. High Joint

High Joint Dubai

Do you love everything to be served hot and spicy? Then you would definitely love the spicy chicken at the High Joint. Their specialty is the Spicy Mango Slaw Chicken, where the fried chicken is tossed in jalapeno, their infamous sour mango coleslaw, buffalo sauce, and lots of spice.

You will feel the heat, but you won’t be able to resist the temptation.

3. Jailbird JBR

Okay, let’s skip to something less spicy. How about some crispy fried chicken served with curly fries and creamy dippings? Sounds fun, right?

Well, you can get this special meal at Jailbird, one of the top-rated places for the best- fried chicken in Dubai.

You do not need to worry about the quality and taste here. Along with the fried chicken, you can also try their personalized Nashville-styled chicken burger full of mozzarella cheese and numerous flavors.

4. KFC


How can we miss Kentucky Fried Chicken? KFC is one of the most renowned global fried chicken restaurant chains. Their specialty, the crispy and crunchy fried chicken, is simple yet yummy.

While eating at KFC, you can have different types of fried chicken, such as chicken popcorn, crispy chicken burger, Zinger burger, chicken strips, twisters, etc. The best part of KFC is that you can simply order it from any other application from anywhere in Dubai.

5. Popeyes


Like KFC, Popeyes is another renowned brand that is extremely popular among tourists. It recently launched a branch in Dubai to cater to the local audience.

Popeyes has a wide range of spicy chicken legs, making their fried chicken stand out from the other brands. Currently, there are approximately 14 branches in Dubai.

6. Texas Chicken

Here is another famous American brand that stands 6th on our list of the best fried chicken in Dubai. Texas Chicken is the best option if you are looking for simple or mildly spicy fried chicken.

The best part of Texas Chicken is that they use hand-battered chicken that offers a unique, homely flavor. From small snacks to an entire course of chicken meals, you can have everything here.

7. Chick N’ Friends

Chick-N’-Friends dubai

Chick N’ Friends is a good choice if you eat fried chicken occasionally. They might not be a globally recognized brand, but their fried chicken tastes heavenly.

The restaurant is open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., so it is also a good choice for your midnight cravings.

8. SFC Plus

Southern Fried Chicken, also known as SFC Plus, is the first British fast food chain on our list. They have over 700 stores spread across 79 countries.

They have developed a Dubai-special fried chicken that is very different from your regular deep fried chicken. SFC Plus’s fried chicken is much crispier and has different types of secret filings, making it taste heavenly.

Along with the fried chicken, you can also try some other dishes like burgers or pizza.

9. KPOP Chicken

South Korea is highly popular for its music and film industries, and they now have their own fried chicken brand.

KPOP Chicken is one of the top places to have fried chicken in Dubai; they add exciting Korean flavors to their chicken tenders. Their specialties include Bibimbab and their world-famous Korean-style fried chicken.

You can also get roasted or grilled and braised chicken at this Korean restaurant.

10. Japang

After Korean, let’s dive into some good old Japanese fried chicken. Next time you plan to eat some fried chicken in Dubai, you can try out Japang’s beast boxes. The meal comes with eight pieces of special Japanese marinated karaage fried chicken strips, three burger buns, Japanese mayo, French fries, and two servings of coleslaw.

11. Country Fried Chicken

Country Fried Chicken dubai

The Americans are the creators of this delicious fried chicken, and we cannot keep them off the list. Country fried chicken, originally from South America, is a popular fast food chain.

Their fried chicken is not only delicious but also one of the cheapest. Their cooking technique has been passed down through generations, and you will surely relish their fried chicken.

This is a delivery-only restaurant, but you can order from any part of Dubai and receive your food sizzling hot.

12. Pickl

Pickl dubai

Craving for something sour? How about some fried chicken with some pickles?

At Pickl, you get to try different types of fried chicken and a wide range of pickles.

’Chicken Sando in a flap’ is popular among tourists; however, you can also try the simple fried chicken or the large chicken tenders for a heavy meal.

13. Weslodge Saloon

Weslodge Saloon’s southern fried chicken, along with house pickles, ranch, and tabasco honey, is a must-taste if you love fried chicken. You can also try the buffalo fried chicken along with blue cheese sauce.

14. Salt

While this place is typically known for its shakes and sliders,  you can never miss out on their fried chicken.

At SALT, you can get crispy fried chicken with premium chicken strips and a butter bun, lettuce, pickles, and chic sauce.

15. Slaw

The last one on our list is the all-time favorite Slaw. Even though they are very popular for their scrumptious crispy burgers, you can also try out the crispy fried chicken, one of the best in Dubai.

At Slaw, you can choose from five different heat levels for your three-piece fried chicken tenders. This dish is served with cucumbers and honey bread. They also deliver to almost every location in and around Dubai, which is the cherry on top.

Dubai is well-known for its rich culture, towering skyscrapers, and especially its food. You can have your favorite tender fried chicken recipe in these above-mentioned restaurants. Apart from that, you can also try popular Dubai dishes like Samboosa, Margoogat, and Machboos, and you can end your day with some Turkish cocktails.

Madhura loves traveling, and her love story with traveling started when her parents took her on her first holiday when she was 5 years old. Madhura is either constantly thinking about her next destination or writing about her previous travel expedition.  

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    1. Avatar for Madhura Shedge

      From the list, I love Al Baik, Pickl, SFC Plus, and KPOP. But for me, the best has to be Texas Chicken. Their flavours are mild yet different. I just love it.

    2. Avatar for Madhura Shedge

      Popeye’s fried chicken is no doubt the tastiest. No questions about it. I was so happy when Popeye’s opened their franchise in Dubai. I am a regular here.

    3. Avatar for Madhura Shedge

      I was once in the mood for something different and found Japang. Wow! I am now hooked to this place and love their fried chicken the best. It’s a must-try!

    4. Avatar for Madhura Shedge

      Korean Fried Chicken is the best in the world. I regularly visit KPOP Chicken. I also love many other dishes on the menu, but the fried chicken is just amazing.

    5. Avatar for Madhura Shedge

      I think High Joint has the best fried chicken hands down. It was cooked to perfection but the spicy jalapeno and mango slaw did it for me.

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