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Dubai is a destination that represents many cultures and cuisines; it, therefore, is no surprise that many amazing Pakistani restaurants serve mouth-watering Pakistani delicacies. Pakistani recipes have special flavors, spices, and fragrances that are always a great hit among people from different parts of the world. All dishes are prepared with traditional spices and conventional cooking techniques that lend them rich flavors and irresistible taste. Let’s walk you through

the best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

, where you can enjoy a round of chapli kebabs, nihari, and a variety of rice-based delicacies like biryani and Kabuli pulao.

Al Ibrahimi Palace

Al Ibrahimi Palace in Dubai

Placed at AlKarama, this 15-year-old restaurant is popular for North Indian, Pakistani, and Kebab specialties. In fact, the locals have termed it among the best Pakistani buffet restaurants in town. In addition, Al Ibrahimi is popular for its 50 plus menu items that will tantalize every inch of your taste buds.

Choose from a wide range of barbecues, curries, veggies, dal, and desserts to conclude your delightful meal. Their top-rated delicacies include Chicken Achari Karahi, Paya, Beef Biryani, Whole Chicken Biryani, Mutton Karahi, and Mix Grill Platter. Not to mention, the exceptional service will make up your day.

Al Shorafa Restaurant

This fine Pakistani restaurant has served special Pakistani, Arabic, and Indian cuisine since 1980. The list of celebrities who have visited this amazing restaurant is endless. The signature menu items are Mutton Junglee, Chicken Junglee, BarBQ, Mutton Reshmi, Chicken Reshmi, Mixed Grill BarbQ Platter, Mutton Karahi, Chicken Biryani, and Potato Karahi, along with many Pakistani and Indian vegetable recipes. The amazing team further enhances your visit and serves as a cherry on the cake. As a food lover, you will always be satisfied here.

Barbeque Delights

Barbeque Delights dubai

This Pakistani restaurant on Jumeirah Beach Road will always keep attracting you to come back for more. This is not only because of its compelling football-themed presentation but equally for its ravishing menu items and elite interiors. There is a large seating area for the guests both indoors and outdoors. All these make it an ideal destination to enjoy a romantic dinner or a casual dining experience.

Choose from the best Pakistani, Afghani, and Indian dishes like Tawa keema, American beef steak, lamb chops, fish steak, grilled whole pomfret, and Sheilo kabab, to name some of the few lip-smacking flavors on its 60+ menu items.

Des Pardes Restaurant

Des Pardes Restaurant dubai

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This restaurant serves the best Indian and Pakistani desi cuisines with the utmost and unmatched food quality. With economical prices, you will be greeted with a tempered fragrance and pleasant temperaments. Visit this restaurant for its outstanding breakfast, lunch, and dinner complemented by an exquisite and delightful culinary experience.

Some of the special hits on its menu list are Chicken White Karahi, Mutton Seekh Kababs, Chicken Tikka Boti, Mutton Paya, Halwa Puri, Chicken Peshawari Karahi, Mix Grill, Chicken Handi, Mutton Biryani, and Daal Mix Fry with some freshly baked naan and bread for a complete and fulfilling meal. Then, add a glass of creamy sweet lassi and a sweet Gulab Jamun for the ultimate gastronomical pleasure.

Karachi Darbar Karama

This chain of restaurants has specialized in typical desi Pakistani cuisine since 1973. Placed near Lulu Mall in Dubai, this restaurant is known for its outdoor catering, especially for celebrating big gatherings. With economical pricing, you can enjoy the best Pakistani delicacies like Peshawari Mutton, Butter Chicken, Haleem, Romali Roti, Keema, and Lassi. There are 21 branches in Dubai where the taste and quality are consistent and delicately maintained.

Karachi Grill

This one deserves to be on the list due to its authentic Pakistani flavors served on its menu. You will never get enough of the variety of traditional, authentic, and eminent Pakistani meals served here. Their best-selling menu items include Seekh Kebab, Chicken Karahi, Molten cakes, skewers, Peri Peri Chicken, and Falooda. If you are in Dubai, it is a must-visit culinary destination to enjoy a family dinner.

You can choose from multiple cuisines like Pakistani, Biryani, Kebab, Grill, North Indian, and fusion-style desi meals. Additionally, a well-sanitized kitchen with strict SOPs ensures complete safety and hygiene for all its customers.

Lal Qila

Lal Qila Dubai

Known for its ancient Mughlai history, Lal Qila features is one of the best Pakistani buffet restaurants. It never fails to delight its customers, thanks to its ravishing buffet spreads and multiple delicacies. The interiors of this restaurant highlight several ancient Mughal architectural masterpieces. You can witness the magical Mughlai ambiance that you can experience when you enter a Royal Castle.

The food served here gives you a wonderful combo of luxury and taste at the same time. Some top menu items are Mughali Chicken Curry, Kadhai Mutton, Haleem, Roasted Lamb Leg, Paya Curry, Methi Murg, Mix Barbeque Platter, Beef Keema Methi, Mutton Biryani, Chicken Degi, and Chicken Shahi Biryani. If you have a sweet tooth, choose Pudding, Mango Sheer Khurma, Fruit Trifle, Black Plums, and Halwa with nuts.

Little Lahore

It is featured among the most celebrated and recommended Pakistani restaurants in the Dubai Marina. Its well-known menu includes items like Peshawari goat karahi, beef paya, beef nihari, beef Haleem, chicken biryani, beef biryani, mutton seekh kebab, and chicken ginger. Vegetarian items like Makai roti, Laccha Parathas, Sarson ka Saag, special mirch curry, kadhi pakora, kurkuri bhindi, and shahi kheer. With an economical pricing of AED 140 for two, you can enjoy a host of authentic and delicious Pakistani recipes at a nominal cost.

Najmat Dubai restaurant

If you talk about Pakistani restaurants in Dubai, there is no way you can count out Najmat Dubai Restaurant, where you get the best traditional and authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisines. The Salted Mutton Roast stands among its signature dishes. Couple it with exceptionally fast service, and you can surely have a gala time feasting on the grilled barbecue, namkeen mutton leg roast, mutton karahi, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, and aloo keema. The chefs use their utmost skills and cook the spices well to add unique Pakistani flavors to each dish.

Ravi Restaurant

All your cravings for an authentic Pakistani recipe end at Ravi restaurant at Al Satwa. Ranked among the top Pakistani restaurants in Dubai, its blend of superb taste, authentic flavors, and lively ambience will make you come back for more. The top-rated items on the menu of this 43-year-old Pakistani restaurant include chicken Peshawari, chicken biryani, Pakistani methi chicken, chicken jalfrezi, mutton handi, paya, ginger chicken, mixed grilled bar BQ, mutton biryani, brain fry, mutton karahi, chicken karahi, along with several other vegetarian dishes like paneer, dal fry, and cheese naan. Finally, end your culinary journey with a creamy lassi.

The price is relatively cheaper but that doesn’t compromise the quality and authenticity of the food served here. This is one of the prime reasons why people from the economic class love visiting this restaurant.


Dubai is home to some amazing Pakistani restaurants serving the most amazing, authentic, and flavorful Pakistani cuisines. Your search and craving for the best kebabs, botis, roasts, biryanis, curries, haleem, and keema end here. If you are a true food lover, these restaurants will surely be on your Dubai itinerary list.

Savita Pillay is an educationist turned writer, hailing from Pune city, India. She has composed and edited thousands of articles in her writing career and had travelled to UAE, to pursue her love for teaching. A connoisseur of art, an avid reader, who loves to travel and witness the magical phenomenon of nature.

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      Living in Dubai for 5 years, I have tried all the restaurants you have mentioned above. Everyone reading this article should definitely try them to taste authentic Pakistani cuisine.

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      I had heard about Ravi Restaurant even before I arrived in Dubai. I visited the restaurant during my first week itself, and I would say it is definitely the best. Their chicken biryani is to die for.

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