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Whether you’re turning 25 or feeling young at 40, jazz up your milestone year by flying to the best birthday party places. Keep scrolling, and you will find exotic locations to blow out the candles.

Birthdays are exciting, filled with plenty of food, dozens of gifts, hundreds of balloons, and gazillions of memories. But planning a successful party can be intimidating. Deciding the list of guests, splurging on decoration, figuring out the amount of wine, and eventually creating a mess of the home, this looks like a back-breaking preparation.

On this birthday, you deserve to take a break and escape to your favourite city. Be it the year when you become legal to drink or the first birthday with your partner, celebrations are no more limited to homes, nearby parks or local clubs. From enjoying a spa day with your girlfriend to cutting the cake in a desert, there are plenty of birthday destinations for revellers who have begun to countdown.

To inspire your next holiday, here we have opened our little black book of

the best birthday celebration places.

Close your eyes and make a wish.

1. Dubai


Free brunch, cruise party, limousine drives and adventure binge! Dubai is bursting with high-octane actions and relaxing getaways. Perched on the Persian Gulf, the city brings the biggest, boldest and trendiest ways to ring in your birthday. Ocean-inspired suites, skydiving over the artificial island, clubs with pools, beaches lined with food trucks – Dubai ticks all boxes for an ultimate holiday party. Escape to the desert for private well-facilitated camping, enjoy live shows on a dhow cruise, marvel at the cityscape from highest vantage point with Dubai Burj Khalifa tickets, try Michelin-star chef’s best work at the restaurants, and set out for a splash at Aquaventure Waterpark with a free ticket.

2. Amsterdam


Taking forward the legacy of the 17th-century Golden Age, Amsterdam has a rich line-up of museums and Gothic architecture. There is an endless cluster of cafes and nightclubs to let your friends dance the night away. Upload your social feed with plenty of pictures in front of the street arts and tempting monuments. Wander around on a bike, duck into the Van Gogh Museum, revel in a canal tour, and stay in a hotel where leaves grow from the walls. There is no dearth of mouth-watering food; you can pop open the champagne and devour a 5-course lunch at Vermeer and Kitchen & Bar Van Rijn. And if you are lucky, you will bump into the parade of festivals and events held almost all day of the year.

3. Barcelona


Boasting a world-class drinking and dining scene, Barcelona is one of the exciting places to celebrate your birthday. The wide-ranging palette is served on an outdoor table overlooking the sea in Mamarosa Beach. Later, catch a live performance as you dine in Sala Aquarella and drink Absinthe at Bar Marsella. Feel like an absolute boss on the big day as you take a long drive in Ferrari. As the sun goes down, you will be soaked in limitless possibilities. Whether you are a sophisticated drinker or want to get high with hippies, the city will entice you to make the birthday a multiple-day occasion.

4. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Looking for a destination that makes it bigger than expectations? From facing your fear at bungee jumping to betting the highest bid in casinos, Las Vegas is a place that cranks the celebrations up a notch. Being featured in several films, Las Vegas is glitzy, outlandish and exclusive. Enjoy a carefree night, try club crawl, play poker, and drink as many shots as your age at the highest bar. With swanky lounges, dedicated shopping, rugged adventure, rejuvenating spas, boisterous nightlife, and plush hotels, the experiences in this city of Southern Nevada will have your head spin with the drama.

5. Paris


Get dressed to the nines and kick start your birthday in the charming streets of Paris. This city is never short of interesting and quirky birthday ideas. Tag your clan along to Bar Karaoke Box where you can sing your favourite number, drink delicious cocktails and take pictures against vintage yet futuristic furnishings. Have breakfast at Champs-Elysées, pop into the biggest museum, savour a cake with afternoon tea, and grab a boat ride with free champagne. The birthday bash is half-done until you see the twinkling show of the Eiffel Tower at night. Also, climb up to the top and feel like the king of the world.

6. New York City

New York City

Rooftop drinks, candlelight concert, beachside barbecue, jazz club, underground lounge, private yachts, champagne parlour, crazy game show,… to be honest, there is nothing that you’ll roll off your tongue and you won’t get in New York! From Brooklyn to Manhattan, every nook and corner is filled with joy and drinking a toast. Watch a movie outdoors, get into a little competition playing arcade video games, go for an excursion to Governors Island, hang out in Williamsburg beer garden or simply tuck in hot-piping pizzas on bean bags with buddies.

7. Berlin


Looking for a place that doesn’t break the bank? Berlin is one of the coolest and trend-obsessed birthday party destinations in Europe. It is gritty as well as green. It brings modern and old together to serve you an unforgettable vacation. With vintage cinemas, modern cafes, beer garden, and menu with only desserts, throwing a birthday party has never been easier. Sip ice-cold beers at Klunkerkranich, have a battle at Indoor Paintball, and hang out at the various picturesque parks. Don your sharpest gown and go for wine tasting. Plus, it’s the clubbing capital of Europe, so go out and groove till the wee hours.

8. London


London packs a helluva party punch. It brims with restaurants, clubs, private dining rooms and dancing venues to organise the most eclectic birthday party of the century. Eat multiple-course food, blow the roof off, and even rub shoulders with celebrities (if lucky) at some of the fanciest clubs like London Cabaret Club and Park Chinois. You can book private basement bars and get seats at the theatre. Don’t miss out on the iconic ride of the famous red double-decker buses. Even if you are a Pajama party lover, you can chill out in its gorgeous hotels, go for a TV marathon and drink bottles of champagne.


Whatever your budget and taste are, our list of recommendations will perfectly suit your match. We hope you have planned your entire birthday haul by now. Book tickets to that right birthday place and let the magic begin.

Young and Brilliant, Rajkumar Gaikwad is a marketing head by profession and an enthusiastic traveler driven by passion for trekking and adventure. He believes that the best product in the market sells like hot cakes.

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