Love Lake Dubai

As Dubai is already famed all over for its collection of super magnificent architecture styles, leisure attractions, and shopping malls, it’s evident that this wonderful city never ceases to enthrall the world. Yes, it continues to come up with something fresh, innovative and never-heard-of year after year. And this time it’s the purely stunning Love Lake which consists of two lakes that take after giant interlocked hearts. Surely, for those who are romantic at heart, none of Dubai’s attractions shall compare to this astonishing heart-shaped lake in Dubai which is even visible from the space.

So calling out all cupids, nature lovers, and enthusiasts of newest and innovative attractions! Get ready to treat both your eyes and soul with the recently opened

Love Lake Dubai

. This hidden gem, tucked away in the midst of the desert and placed close to Dubai’s Al Qudra Lake, has become instantly popular ever since the crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, shared a picture of it with the caption, “To all of you.” With everything that oozes nothing but only love, this is for anyone who wants to fall in love over and again.

On VIEW at Love Lake

Love Lake Dubai

Opened in November 2018, the mammoth 550,000 square meters Love Lake is more than just a barbeque or hangout spot. The man-made lake has been meticulously designed and we see it as a Dubai attraction which well reflects the country’s love and broad-mindedness towards the ex-pats and year-round visitors. Needless to say, it absolutely lives up to its title as the country’s most romantic destinations, making it ideal for anyone who wishes to spend some quiet, quality time with friends, dear ones, and of course, with your beloved.

As you approach the lake, a wooden signboard which has ‘Love Lake’ written on it will welcome you to this attraction. You can enter the facility through one of the two gates. With three rubber tracks that altogether extends for more than seven kilometers, the environs of the lake is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, mainly joggers, bike riders, pet walkers, etc. But if you’ve come to see the exact heart shape of Love Lake (perfectly accentuated with trees that are arranged in such a way that reads the word ‘Love’), then it’s good to know that this is only viewable from the top.

That said, you won’t be disappointed a bit during the whole time spend here. Dotted all over with wooden heart frames and signs carrying the symbol of the heart-shaped lake, the lush island also comprises cool resting areas complemented by elegant seating facilities – all finished using eco-friendly materials. What’s more, you’ll even find unique bamboo water sinks with traditional style taps attached to the trees.

  • See a wide variety of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs
Love Lake

Love Lake may be surrounded by sands, but it is a true oasis in the middle of the desert, thanks to an awe-inspiring collection of flowers, plants, and trees. You’ll find here captivatingly colorful flowers including red begonia arranged in heart shape, besides hundreds of thousands of shrub varieties plus over 16000 trees comprising side, olives and mostly the dessert staple ghaf.

  • Spot over 150 species of birds

You’ll be amazed to know that the breathtaking surrounds of Love Lake with fountains and waterfalls are a favorite of several different varieties of birds too. So it’s most likely that you’ll get to spot eagles, ducks, swans, and falcons, among many other birds.

  • Enjoy a walk across the shallow waterways

A must-experience for lovers and all age groups including little ones is a walk through the lake’s cool shallow portion as this allows you to soak in the region’s unequaled serenity and allure in the most thrilling way.

  • Capture fantastic sunset views

Love Lake has everything to give your insta feed the much-required boost. And not to mention its sunset views which will gift you some amazing snaps against the perfect love-filled backdrop.

  • Look at colorful fish species

There is a dedicated section in the lake that shelters a wide array of colorful fish. See goldfish and other amazing fish species as it exuberantly swims around.

Top Things to Know and Note – Use of Drone, Feeding of Fish, Vehicle to Reach here & more

  • Most people will want to use a drone as the exact shape of Love Lake is only visible through an aerial image. If you intend to use one, make sure that you get prior permission and carry appropriate supporting documents for the same.
  • Don’t attempt to feed fish or bird species inside the facility; it’s strictly prohibited.
  • Being a winter attraction and completely outdoors, make sure that you’re dressed in layers or bring your jacket to keep yourself warm all through the time spent here.
  • There are designated spots for camping and barbeques (charcoal).
  • Please note that it does not have any drinking, dining or washroom facility.
  • As the path leading to the lake is quite rugged due to desert terrain, a 4X4 vehicle is most recommended to reach here. That said, you can arrive at the spot in your normal vehicle as well.

Love Lake Entry Fee and Location

Love lake location

You’ll be surprised to know that you needn’t have to pay any fee to visit this attraction. Yes, as of now, entry to this attraction is absolutely free. As for the location, it is placed in Dubai’s Al Salam Desert region and is approximately 10 minutes away from the charming Qudra Lake.


So whether you’re looking for an adorable date evening spot or just want to escape the city’s fast-paced life and spend some time in the desert, be certain to add Love Lake on your list of latest places to see in Dubai.

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    1. Avatar for Rezmin

      The Love Lake is a great place that makes the visitors feel close to the nature. Despite the heat, the environ of the lake offer a cooling sensation. I liked the use of eco-friendly material for visitors’ comfort and convenience.

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    4. Avatar for Rezmin

      This Love Lake is aptly named as it’s perfect for couples to flare-up romance. Strolling around the exclusively constructed track encompassing the lake hand in hand with significant one was an amazing experience.

    5. Avatar for Rezmin

      The Love Lake is a beautiful place right in the middle of the desert to experience a cool atmosphere, have a BBQ, and stroll around with the special person in life.

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