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Yes, you heard it right! Millions of transit travelers flying via UAE’s major airline hubs are soon to benefit from the country’s new visa policy. This great news has been out, following the recent decision of the UAE Cabinet to exempt all stopover travelers from making any payment in order to step out of the airport and stay in the city for full two days.

Although this 48-hour free transit visa is applicable to most nationalities, it’s especially beneficial for Indians because they alone account for the majority of travelers making their way through Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As it’s expected to come into effect at the earliest, we’ve gathered here some important info that you should know about

Dubai transit visa

for free.

Let’s start with its background: the New Legislative Package

The new decision with regards to the transit visa is as part of the recent legislative package approved by the Cabinet, which has been presided over by Dubai’s Ruler and the UAE’s Vice President as well as the Prime Minister – HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This significant move is not only to draw the maximum number of tourists and investors but also to seamlessly boost the UAE’s economic conditions. Apart from free 48-hour transit visa, the new package focuses on seven more strategic decisions such as granting a six-month visa for job seekers plus a two-year visa for those students who excel in their academics.

Top Benefits

• No more wasting time in the airport lounge or getting bored as you stop at the UAE during your travel between the two countries.

• No need to apply for your Dubai transit visa beforehand.

• Not any complex procedures involved, such as filling out of tedious forms or submission of any documentation like your bank statement, guarantor details, etc.

• Of course, the greatest benefit is that you can enjoy the country’s top sights, mainly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in 48 hours without paying anything extra for your UAE transit visa.

Requirements for Free Transit Visa

To obtain your free transit visa, you’ll have to prove that you’re in the UAE solely as part of your layover or on your way to another destination. Besides all relevant documents including your valid passport, a must-have for its eligibility is a confirmed air ticket of your onward journey to the country you’re flying to. This is to make sure that you’ll leave the country within the stipulated time frame.

Procedure for Transit Visa UAE

Upon arrival, you can proceed directly to one of the express counters put up for the purpose across the airport’s passport control section. Once you submit the proof of your onward travel including the confirmed airline tickets, you’ll be granted the two-day free UAE visa permit. This gives you ample time to exit the airport and explore the city at your own pace.

Duration & Extension of Free Transit Visa

As discussed earlier, the visa-free permit is valid for the first 48 hours only. But the good news is that you can extend it for four more days (96 hours) by paying a nominal amount of AED 50. And this applies to all nationalities who do not fall under the country’s visa exemption policy. For instance, the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) citizens can enter the country without a visa, while the citizens of some 30 plus countries can get a visa on arrival which allows them to stay in the country for up to 30 days or 60 days depending on their nationality.

How to Make the Most of your Available Free Time?

Tour the iconic architectural marvels including Burj Khalifa and the man-made Palm Islands, explore the world’s biggest mall (Dubai Mall), and feel the region’s old-world vibe at Old Dubai, among others. You can also sign up for some exciting activities which let you glimpse into the region’s intriguing culture and heritage, maybe an authentic multilingual traditional city tour or an evening cruise on board an Arabian wooden dhow complete with astonishing city skyline views, the finest food and mind-blowing cultural entertainment like Tanura show.

Explore UAE Tours and Activities

There is a smorgasbord of choices if you wish to add more action and excitement to your Dubai or UAE exploration. Try Dubai’s water sports activities including flyboarding, wakeboarding, etc or go on a mangrove kayaking in Abu Dhabi or even set out for a crab hunting tour to Umm Al Quwain. Moreover, to experience fun and adventure in great magnitude, a must-experience is Desert Safari. This not only lets you take in the picture-perfect desert landscape with the supremely fast-paced 4×4 dune bash, but also experience the timeless Bedouin traditions. Ride a camel, get your hands decorated with intricate henna designs, try Sheesha smoking, and watch belly dance and Tanura show as you relish BBQ delights.

Now if you’ve already been to these attractions and looking for more innovative options, consider visiting some of the newest attractions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi like Dubai Frame, Laguna Water Park, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros Abu Dhabi, etc. So to get the absolute best out of your 48 hours in the UAE, make sure that you plan ahead with the help of an experienced service provider.


With more information is yet to come into the light on the new visa policy, we still feel that this is a fantastic choice for visitors who have a stopover in the UAE as they needn’t have to apply for a Dubai visa in advance. That apart, the whole procedure seems to be forthright with evidently no room for hassles or lengthy time-consuming requirements.

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