Fujairah Beaches
Get ready to be surprised when we tell you there are some of the world’s

best beaches in Fujairah

, just two hours’ drive from Dubai.

An underrated gem in the UAE, flanked by the Arabian Sea on one side and the Hajar Mountains on the other, Fujairah is a tiny emirate that deserves to be on your weekend getaway list. While most travelers imagine the UAE’s landscape as tall skyscrapers, rolling dunes, and modern attractions, Fujairah is a natural escape from the metropolis, home to rough hills, untouched oases, and dramatic valleys.

Although there are many things to do in Fujairah, these free beaches are perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Fujairah to Take a Breather

Located on the east coast of the UAE, this emirate is populated by stunning beaches and five-star beach resorts. Those with kids and extended families can beach it up at these spots:

1. Umbrella Beach

Umbrella Beach Fujairah

Are you a beach-hugging camper? Visit the secluded camping spot at Umbrella Beach. One of the quietest beaches in Fujairah, Umbrella Beach, is perched at E99, Rugalayat Road. The typical sandy areas are peppered with sun umbrellas to let you laze around. Plan an overnight trip under the skies blazing with twinkling stars. Keep an eye out on the mellow mornings as the sun creates a magical backdrop to the gleaming sands. Laze under the beach hut, cook your favorite dish on barbecue grills, and feast at the food court.

2. Khorfakkan Beach

Heart beach in Khor Fakkan, Fujairah,

Another picture-perfect beach in Fujairah, Khorfakkan Beach, strategically blends nature with luxury. Explore the glittering waters as you take a boat or jet ski. The turquoise waves are luscious and splash against the mountains, making you crave a dip. You can choose swimming, diving, or snorkeling to rejuvenate your mind. There is a fancy hotel at the end of the coastline where you can step in for a luxurious stay.

3. Fujairah Public Beach

Public Beach

As you walk towards the northern region of the emirate, there is a big, dramatic Fujairah Public Beach. But chances are you will find fewer footprints on the sand. It also hosts various water sports for Fujairah residents as well as tourists. An endless, rose-colored beach with empty sands and peaceful stays makes it a getaway haven.

4. Dadna Beach

Tucked away in Dibba al Fujairah, Dadna Beach is an idyllic tourist place for sunbathers. At 45 kilometers from the city centre, the sandy Fujairah beach is beautifully laid along the Gulf of Oman with the backdrop of the mighty Hajar Mountains. Sail through the murmur of waves, feel the gentle nip of sand, and marvel at the dream-like sunsets. There are comfortable benches and other facilities to enliven your senses — perfect for weekenders.

5. Al Aqah Beach

For thrill-seekers, Al Aqah Beach is the best hangout place in Fujairah. You will not only be able to get your feet wet in the clear waters, but you will also be able to dive amidst the colorful coral reefs and marine life. Transport yourself to another world as you watch jellyfish, turtles, and rays up close. Also, sign up for a range of water sports, from paddle boarding to snorkeling. Later, refuel yourselves at nearby restaurants to dine with a picturesque view.

6. Murbah Beach

Murbah Beach Fujairah

One of the UAE’s best-kept secrets, Murbah Beach, is a petite beach filled with tremendous things to do. Venture along the clear waters as your feet sink into the soft sand.

7. Qidfa Beach

Qidfa Beach Fujairah

Looking for picnicking in Fujairah? Qidfa Beach is your campsite to organize a fun picnic on the same stretch as Murbah. With unique facilities like a kids’ play area, yoga zones, and walking pathways, this slender coastline invites casual travellers who want to put their feet up or enjoy mild surfing. Well, this Fujairah beach is available throughout the day for someone looking for a low-key, off-the-beaten-path place.

8. Luluyah Beach

Locals’ favorite beach in Fujairah, Luluyah, is a hidden stretch of sand where you can unwind your soul. Navigate underwater by donning a diver’s suit and getting lost in the ecstatic aquatic environment. Admire the breathtaking sea views, splash around in the water, go camping, and grab a bite at food trucks.

Dreamy Beach Resorts in Fujairah

Some of the best beach resorts in Fujairah are Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa, Radisson Blue Resort Private Beach, and Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort. Book the best sea-facing room, get a massage in the wellness centers, play water sports, or enjoy a candlelight dinner at these fabulous resorts.


You will feel calmer as you leave the chaotic cities behind and head towards these sun-soaked beaches. So, next time you are in Dubai, do not miss these beaches in Fujairah.

Image Credit: flickr.com

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