Tips to Save Money While Travelling

Tips to Save Money While Travelling


You have a passion for travelling, want to see the world and discover yourself through the journeys you make, but your travels are heavy on your pocket, which often results in cutting short your trips or cancelling the plan altogether is it? Well, here are some tips that can help you save a lot of money and make your travel a lot easier.

Save Money While Travelling

Save on Airfares
It is true! You can save fortunes on air fares by simple preparations. Firstly, if you are a serious traveler, it is assumed that you would plan a travel in advance to make sure you have everything in place. Please get your travel insurance in place to avoid panicking any loss of goods or cash in case of an unforeseen incident.

  • Plan your travel in advance and keep a tab on the airline prices and book your tickets at low prices as the first preparation of your travel.
  • Try getting connecting flights to your destination
  • Buy round trip tickets and try landing back to the same airport, it is cheaper.
  • Travel light as airlines charge heavily on any extra luggage beyond the permissible limits.
  • Compare the expenses and if the destination is within the country, try going on a road trip.
  • Look at different sites offering deals and coupons for cheaper tickets and cash backs.

Save money on Food
While on a travel you can save a great deal of money if you plan your meals. No, you shouldn’t skip meals at all, but there’s no need to go to fancy hotels to eat.

  • Beat the hunger at local restaurants, on-the-go meal trucks at much lesser prices. Also, by doing this, you are more likely to stumble upon the local favorite.
  • Packing ready-to-eat meals and nutrition bars help a lot in curbing your hunger without making you spend on high-priced hotel menus.
  • While travelling, eating fruits at regular intervals not only provide energy but also keep your hunger at bay.
  • If you have to eat at restaurants, prefer eating lunch than dinners. Lunches are cheaper than dinners usually.
  • Carryover the food left during dinner for breakfast the next day.
  • Cooking yourself whenever possible can be a good option too.
  • Keep eating quick bites at regular intervals. They help you not feeling hungry for a long time.
  • To drink or not to drink liquor is always the biggest question. While occasional drinking is not bad, regular hitting the bars may hit your wallet badly.

Save on transportation
You will be surprised to know how much you can save on transportation with a little adjustment on your luxury. Please don’t pamper yourself with a private transportation; it is the worst way to travel if you really want to discover a new place. The joy of travelling is best when you travel just like the locals do.

  • Always stay pre-informed about the local transport and opt that. It helps you reach your destination sooner and in an economical way.
  • Keep a tab on bus, local train timetables and do a comparison before opting for them. Different modes of transport vary in time taken to reach a place.
  • Many places have the facility of tourism cards. It will amaze you how discounted your travel transportation can become with tourism cards.
  • Use sharing rides for cheaper way of travelling. Also, it gives you a chance to meet and know new fellow travelers.
  • If you have to rent a car, try finding the best deals and use coupon codes, if you are booking online.

Save on Accommodations
Selecting an accommodation makes a lot of difference in your overall expenses of a trip. If you are in a mood to adjust a bit on your sleeping luxury and ready to avoid the big hotels, there are a lot of better and cheaper options for accommodations available almost everywhere. A quick tip would be to carry your own foldable sleeping bag always. So no matter, where you are, have a cozy bed ready for you always.

  • Don’t hesitate in opting for hostels or dormitories while on a trip. You might save enough to visit an expensive place for sigh seeing. Also, since you have your sleeping bag, the condition of the bed shouldn’t really bother you.
  • Consider staying in a small town 15 minutes away from the main town, and you’ll be surprised with the difference in rates.
  • Consider the options of vacation homes in case you are staying at one place for a few days. Internet has many sites available offering such homes.
  • You can even get a stay absolutely free at places where people are willing to offer you place to stay in return of helping them with farming and other regular chores. If you are a solo traveler, this could be an exciting option.
  • There are residential homes where people are willing to earn extra bugs by letting tourists stay for the nights. They are usually cheap and offer a great insight to the daily lives of the locals.

Save on Shopping
Who doesn’t want souvenirs? But where you get it from matters a lot and that’s exactly where money plays a tricky part.

  • Travelling is not always about shopping. You can shop to your heart’s content while at home but it’s better to control your urge for shopping while you are on a budget travel.
  • Branded showrooms are available all round the globe, why go there? Try the local markets. It’s cheap and offers mostly local stuff that belongs to that place.

These money saving tips are mostly applicable for all the destinations. For people looking for budget travel these tips come in very handy. Thanks to the internet and the striving competition, finding great deals are now easier than ever. Make use of them and enjoy an economical trip with cherished memories and adventurous discoveries.