Different Types of Cabins on a Cruise

Cruises have become popular holidays in the last few years. It is the perfect way to travel to multiple cities and even countries without going through multiple means of transportation, booking dozens of hotels, and tugging your luggage everywhere. Cruising on a ship makes all these factors redundant. But booking a cruise involves making a lot of decisions. Right from the destinations you want to visit to the cruise line that is perfect for your requirements, there are numerous choices to make here. Once you zero in on the cruise line, you may get confused about the different cabins available on the cruise. But before you decide, you must know about the different types of cruise cabins and what they entail. Here is a guide to the different types of cabins or staterooms available on a cruise.

Types of Cruise Cabins

Cruise cabins are usually called staterooms. While all cruise lines offer a range of staterooms, most of them have four basic ones.

Interior Staterooms

Interior Stateroom in CruiseImage Credit: cruisefever.net

Interior staterooms are cruise cabins on the internal part of the ship and do not offer views of the sea. In short, they do not have any windows. Usually, it is the cheapest cabin on the cruise. It is probably also the smallest cabin on the cruise with almost all the basic amenities you will find in a hotel room. Ensuite washroom, television, hairdryer, intercom, etc., are available in this cabin.

Most interior staterooms come with a double bed or two single beds. Some cruise lines also offer extra beds for two extra people, although this is not the norm. One of the latest trends on new cruises is the addition of a virtual window or video screens that give you footage of the sea outside. Interior staterooms are perfect for people who plan to stay in their room only to sleep. These passengers would prefer to explore the many amenities and entertainment options available on the cruise throughout the day.

Ocean View Staterooms

Ocean ViewImage Credit: royalcaribbeanblog.com

The next upgrade on a cruise is the ocean view stateroom. True to its name, this cabin comes with a window that gives you the view of the ocean right from your room. The size of this window will depend on the cruise you have chosen. Some ocean view rooms have small portholes, while others may have regular size windows. There are cruises that offer floor-to-ceiling or even bay windows, giving you a panoramic view of the ocean. The size of this room and the facilities or amenities it offers will also depend on the cruise.

Sometimes, the ocean view rooms are like the cruise’s interior stateroom with the addition of the window. On the other hand, some cruises also have deluxe ocean view rooms, which are more spacious and have high-end facilities like sitting lounge near the window, minibars, and premium accessories. Ocean view staterooms can also accommodate 2-4 passengers.

Balcony Staterooms

Balcony StateroomImage Credit: cruisecritic.com.au

If you are looking for a luxurious stay on the cruise, the balcony staterooms are the ones for you. These staterooms come with a private balcony attached to the room. Most of them are separated by French windows, giving you the view of the ocean even when you are inside your room. The best part of balcony staterooms is that you do not have to go to the open-air deck of the cruise to enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean. You can enjoy the view and the breeze by just stepping out onto your own balcony anytime you want.

The size of the balcony can vary from cruise to cruise and even from room to room on the same cruise. Some have tiny balconies, not larger than a veranda, where you can stand and enjoy the ocean view. Others have larger balconies akin to a patio and come with a table and chairs (even lounge chairs), where you can spend time with your partner or family and even have your meals. Balcony staterooms have enough space to accommodate a maximum of four people.


Cruise ship suitesImage Credit: cruisecritic.com.au

Suites are the ultimate sign of luxury on cruise ships. Suites usually include a living room, bedroom, a large bathroom, and a large balcony. But the size is not the only thing that separate suites with the other staterooms. Suites come with luxurious facilities and amenities, including a larger balcony, bathtub along with the other shower facilities, walk-in wardrobes, in-room bars, private pools, sundecks with lounge chairs, etc. Most suites also come with a personal butler who will be available to you 24×7.

But there are no one-type-fits all suites. In fact, there are different types of suites on the same ship as well. Some of the types of suites available on cruises are Junior Suites, Grand Suites, Captain Suites, Sky Suites, Mini Suites, Owner’s Suites, Ocean Suites, Mozart Suite, Whirlpool Suite, Horizon Suites, Celebrity Suites, Royal Suites, Sunset Sky Suites, and more. There are also Penthouse Suites, Loft Suites, Aquatheater Suites, and Duplex Suites that come with multiple stories like an upper deck. The size and luxurious amenities of each of these suites will vary as per the cruise. Suites can accommodate anywhere between 4-8 people. Suites are the most expensive staterooms on the cruise, but worth the money.

Additional Staterooms on Cruises

The newer cruise lines may offer some additional staterooms apart from the regular ones. These cabins may be variations of the types of cabins mentioned above.

Family Staterooms: Some cruises offer family cabins which are a little more spacious than a regular stateroom. These include a large bed for the parents and separate bunk beds for the kids. Family cabins may or may not have balconies or windows.

Single Staterooms: Single cabins have been on demand in recent times due to the increasing popularity of solo cruising. These cabins are like studio apartments. They are small but include basic amenities like single beds, bathrooms, wash areas, intercom, etc. Cruises that have single cabins usually also have a private area for solo travelers where they can lounge, meet fellow solo travelers, watch television, and more.

Connecting Staterooms: Connecting cabins are twin cabins that can be accessed through a connecting door. These cabins can be interior or ocean view staterooms. This is perfect for families traveling together, who can stay closer but still have their own privacy.

Accessible Staterooms: With more awareness about disabilities, several cruise lines have introduced accessible staterooms for passengers with physical disabilities. These rooms have larger doorways, grab bars, and other things that will make the passengers comfortable.

The best part about a cruise is that you will get to choose from a variety of cabins as per your budget and other requirements. So, what type of cabin would you prefer? If you are still unable to decide, contact Rayna Tours Seacation. We will not only help you with choosing the cabin but also take care of the entire booking process.

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