How to increase your chances of being approved a tourist visa

How to increase your chances of being approved a tourist visa


An overseas trip is never impromptu. A host of arrangements has to be made months before you actually plan to visit. While you can take care of things like utilities, tickets, stay arrangements and finances on your own, Visa approval remains a matter of concern.
There are many agencies that help you in filing online visa applications for Dubai, China, US, UK and other countries. But any agency or intermediary can only assist you in filing the application, visa approval is not in their hands.
Agreed, you can’t do much about approval but there’s a lot you can do to increase the chances of getting an approved tourist visa. Here are some tips that can help you a great deal when applying for a visa.

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Apply for the right Visa
Very often people go for visa application without actually knowing which visa to apply for. For example, a visitor U.S visa can be applied for short leisure trips, meeting family and friends, attending conferences, social gatherings etc. If you are applying for a tourist visa and plan to do a job search there, you must know that this is impermissible and it will result in automatic revocation of your visa.
Adequate Documents
It goes without say that presenting correct and complete documents increase your chances of a visa approval to a great extent. Not to forget that your financial capability is also taken into account by the authorities to ensure whether you are capable of handling expenses for the trip or not. Make sure you do not present altered, fake or documents specially manufactured in desperation to get the approval. The discovery of a fake document may result in a lifetime ban.
Always tell the truth
You for sure do not want to get involved in unnecessary stress and live in fear by lying about your visa requirement. Hence, speak the truth about your purpose of visit. The risk of visa denial is highest if you hide important facts from the authorities regarding your visit. Believe it or not, the immigration officers are adept in identifying with the person’s body language and movements, the uneasiness in case they lie about their purpose.
Duration of Stay
The duration of your stay is another important factor that determines your chances of an approved visa. When applying for a visitor visa, ensure your length of stay is not more than few weeks. For China visa, normally the duration is granted for not more than 30-90 days at a stretch. In case of Dubai visa, for each stay the duration is 30 days with a total validity of 6 months. Thanks to the visa law amendments in UAE, you can now take a multiple entry visa, but the visitor compulsorily has to enter on a tourist visa to obtain multiple entry visas.
Don’t forget, just because your friend, neighbor, family member or anyone you know was denied visa for a particular reason, it does not mean you will be denied too. Every person’s profile is made up with different set of experiences from life, if you are solid with your documents and fair in your behavior, you stand most chances of an approved visa.
In the worst case of visa denial
So you did everything you could to get the approval, but still it is denied. Don’t lose heart! Instead try for a trip to countries where you don’t need visa (yes! There are many Asian countries where you don’t need Visa formalities). This will help you in 2 ways:

  1. You get to have a holiday, unwind and de-stress.
  2. Your regular holidays will help you the next time you apply for a visa. When you regularly go for holidays, authorities assume that you can manage holidays with your finances, thus, increasing your chances of getting the visa the next time you apply.

So, make sure you don’t lose the habit of travelling and taking time off work for quality holidays. Within country or abroad, what really matters is your passion for travelling and seeing the beauty of God’s creation.

Every country’s economy is interested in getting maximum number of tourists as it boosts their growth in many ways. There are fewer possibilities that your visa will be denied unless for a strong reason. So, be positive and keep your bags ready, always.

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