For more than two decades, Global Village has been a much-looked-forward-to attraction in Dubai’s event calendar. A blend of a theme park and a traditional market, this seasonal venue is the biggest of its kind shopping, leisure, and entertainment landmark. It’s more of a cultural hub that lets you shop, dine, experience worldwide traditions, and enjoy the utmost fun and thrill all under one roof. Launched in 1997, each of its past versions was a grand success, visited by about five million people every year. So, in keeping with its longstanding reputation, the latest or 28th season of Global Village Dubai is all set to take place from October 18, 2023, to April 28, 2024.

Global Village Dubai 2023-2024: Key Highlights

Global Village Dubai
  • The 28th version of Global Village is bigger and grander than ever.
  • It becomes most active during the Dubai Shopping Festival in December – February.
  • There are a total of 27 pavilions, which overall feature over 80 countries.
  • The past season of Global Village featured two new pavilions from countries including Oman and Qatar.
  • You can look forward to some amazing experiences, like the region’s first–of-its-kind Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum.
  • With over 40,000 live shows, you can expect to enjoy concerts and performances by renowned international artists until the season lasts.
  • It has a funfair park, namely Carnaval, exclusively created for families and kids.
  • More than 3,500 outlets across the Global Village Dubai make it the ultimate destination to shop for some real gems at unbelievable rates.
  • It’s a foodies’ heaven too, with over 100 food kiosks, 20 restaurants and cafes and close to 15 train carriages featuring 30 vendors that sell different types of sweets, pastries, confectionary, and ice cream. This further allows you to savor culinary specialties from different parts of the world.
  • 60 plus exciting rides and attractions promise fun, entertainment, and adventure for all interests and age groups.
  • One of the exciting attractions at Global Village Dubai this season is ‘Road of Asia;’ it is designed like a pedestrian street packed with 43 kiosks that represent merchandise and cuisine of those countries or regions without a pavilion. These include countries such as Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
  • The season’s much-awaited attractions, including Aqua Action, the only water-inspired stunt performance, will be bigger and grander than ever.
  • The iconic characters in Global Village, the Wonderers: Waleef, Ozka and Zoya, will make an impressive comeback.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the facility.
  • You can watch fireworks displays every Thursday and Friday at 21:00 hrs. Apart from these, there will be fireworks on special occasions (like New Year’s Eve) throughout the duration of Global Village.
  • There are ample selfie ops and photo stops, such as the Arabian Bridge, Arabian Square, London Tower Bridge, Celebration Walk, Gate of the World, LED Lake, Heritage Village, and Dry Fountain.

All About Global Village Dubai: Timings, Location, How To Reach & COVID-19 Safety Measures

Global Village Dubai Timings

  • Monday to Thursday: 16:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs
  • Friday and Sunday: 16:00 hrs to 01:00 hrs (next day)
  • Note: If not a public holiday, Tuesdays are ladies-and-families-only day

Global Village Dubai Location

Global Village Dubai is in Dubailand and is accessible at Exit 37 of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road.

How to Reach Global Village Dubai?

You can drive your own to the destination or hire a cab or a private transfer with a driver. In this case, take Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, and follow Emirates Road to reach here. If you’re looking for a cheaper yet more convenient alternative, there are public buses (operated by Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority) available from four locations, such as:

  • Rashidiya Metro Station (Bus Number 102)
  • Ittihad Station (Bus Number 103), covering stops including Baniyas Street, Nad Al Hamar, etc.
  • Al Ghubaiba Station (Bus Number 104), covering stops including Sheikh Rashid Street, Al Jafiliya Metro Station, 2nd Zabeel Street, and Dubai-Al Ain Street
  • Mall of the Emirates Metro Station (Bus Number 106)

Please note that buses are available at an interval of every 30 minutes from 15:15 hrs to 23:15 hrs.

Global Village Tickets

  • The general entry ticket rate is AED 22.5.
  • Kids below three years old and senior citizens above 65 years can enjoy free entry.
  • The Global Village ticket is valid for single entry only and is non-refundable.

Safety Measures

  • Visitors must mandatorily wear masks during their time spend here.
  • Social distancing should be maintained.
  • Refrain from visiting here if you’ve any symptoms such as fever, cough etc.
  • Avoid crowd especially if you’re a senior visitors or anyone with a chronic ailment.
  • 600 plus hand sanitizer stations are installed across the facility.
  • Prayers rooms are accessible during prayer time.
  • There is no valet parking, but paid parking is made available adjacent to the Gate of the World.
  • All park facilities, including prayer rooms, trolleys, wheelchairs, etc, will be sanitized every time after its their use.
  • For any urgent medical assistance, there is Prime Hospital Clinic where you can undergo a PCR test as well.
  • Contactless payment is possible with Global Village’s newly launched GVPay by Noqodi.

Global Village Dubai Pavilions

Pavilions Representing the MENA Region

Global Village Dubai
  • The UAE: Experience the legendary Emirati traditional culture and heart-warming hospitality as you step into the UAE pavilion.
  • Saudi Arabia: This not only enlightens you about the intriguing Saudi culture but also allows you to shop the genuine Saudi picks, including dates, coffee, oud, perfumes, abayas, etc.
  • Oman: It represents the unique native highlights of the region.
  • Qatar: Discover the regional cuisine and the distinct offerings that make Qatar one of the Middle East’s most charming destinations.
  • Iran: With a special focus on distinct Persian and home-grown stuff, this pavilion is a favorite of culture buffs and food lovers alike.
  • Iraq: Discover the world’s ancient history as you weave through the traditional bazaars and shops that comprise this exuberant pavilion.
  • Bahrain & Kuwait: This gives you the unique opportunity to take in the fascinating cultural traditions, shopping delights, and cuisines of both Kuwait and Bahrain in a single trip.
  • Palestine & Jordan: Here, you’ll get to watch amazing folk performances, taste scrumptious food, and shop for unique products that are indigenous to the regions of Palestine and Jordan.
  • Lebanon: Besides an exclusive cultural section, this pavilion is where you can shop authentic Lebanese culinary delights and other staples such as soaps, cosmetics, etc.
  • Syria: The main highlight is the Syrian food items including, olives, labneh, cheese, zaatar, etc.
  • Yemen: From traditional costumes and aromatic spices to dragger, touted as the country’s iconic symbol, this pavilion is a wonderful depiction of the age-old Yemeni culture and heritage.
  • Khalifa Foundation: This pavilion is run by the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation. It functions for local Emiratis who are looking to start their own business.
  • Al Sana’a Pavilion: This is the pavilion of the Ministry of Social Affairs, and its role is to arrange stalls for Emiratis interested in selling genuine local or homemade items.

Pavilions Representing the Popular Far East Countries

Global Village
  • China: This is one of the Global Village’s biggest pavilions, where you can shop almost everything from apparel, cool gadgets, and stationery to food items. You’ll also get to watch daily cultural performances here.
  • Korea: It’s one of the recent additions to the Global Village.
  • Vietnam and the Philippines: Whether you’re in search of one-off traditional stuff or exotic dining options, this section won’t disappoint you.
  • Thailand: It gives you the real feel of visiting the lively city of Bangkok. Enjoy street shopping, relish fresh Thai fruits, and take in authentic experiences like Thai massage.

Pavilions Representing the European Countries

Global Village Dubai
  • Azerbaijan: Some awe-inspiring attractions and experiences await you at this newly added pavilion.
  • Bosnia & Balkans: It’s particularly noteworthy for its pure herbal and organic Bosnian items.
  • Turkey: With a special emphasis on Turkish art and culture, it allows you to glance into the region’s calligraphic traditions and distinctly mesmeric merchandise finished in glass and ceramic.

Pavilions Representing the African Countries

  • Egypt: It brings in an old-world appeal with the statues of Pharaohs, ancient scripts, etc. Moreover, there are over 70 outlets here selling Egyptian clothes and handicrafts.
  • Morocco: In this section, you can take in Moroccan art and architecture and even shop the region’s authentic favorites like Argan oil.
  • Africa: From Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, and Mauritania to Namibia, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, this pavilion alone hosts the must-experiences of over 15 countries across the sub-Saharan area.

Pavilions Representing the Americas

  • The Americas: It lets you explore the distinct culture, traditions, and other highlights that depict the diverse parts of the Americas, covering its northern, southern, and central regions.

Pavilions Representing the South Asian Countries

Global Village
  • India: This is one of the ultimate spots in the global city of Dubai to discover the widest spectrum of Indian apparel, handicrafts, carpets, jewelry, etc.
  • Pakistan: You’ll come across a vast array of Pakistani dress materials, leather goods, and traditional items in this pavilion.
  • Afghanistan: This is the go-to destination to shop for top-quality dry fruits, oil, Afghani desserts, and saffron.

Global Village Dubai – Dining Scene

Cultures representing 80 plus countries, over 170 food outlets, and more than 20 restaurants and cafes make it an absolute foodies’ destination. You can step into Fiesta Street for the scrumptious street food delights, and further into Happiness Street, where you can try foods that light up your taste buds, such as stuffed potatoes, dynamite shrimps, etc. If you are a chaat lover, don’t miss the dedicated Indian Chaat Bazaar. There is also a floating market, a haven for Asian food lovers. In fact, whatever your taste buds crave, you’ll get to sample everything and beyond in Global Village. Savor freshly prepared local delicacies such as Majboos and Luqaimat (Arabic sweet), try Japanese ice cream and cheesecake, order flavorsome skirt burgers, taste Spanish latte, and take in super spicy Indian chaats and dishes, among others. Precisely, the best thing about Global Village dining is that it gives you a once-in-a–lifetime chance to relish the authentic culinary delights of a particular country or region without ever traveling to that place.

Tips For Global Village Dubai Visit

  • Global Village consists of four main sections for concerts and events, shopping, dining, and carnivals.
  • It has a vast parking space with a capacity to accommodate over 23,000 vehicles at a time. And this is categorized into a general parking area with complimentary access and a paid VIP parking section.
  • As it’s overwhelmingly enormous at an area of over 1,600,000 square meters, a map is a must-have for easy navigation of the top sights and things to do in Global Village Dubai.
  • But, if you wish to add more experiences to your Global Village visit, it’s advisable to buy the value-packed Wonder Pass Card, which allows for smooth admission to the season’s main attractions and events such as the Circus, Carnaval, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and Stunt Show.
  • Global Village’s gate opens at 16:00 hrs and closes at 23:30 hrs on all days except for Fridays and Saturdays (from 16:00 hrs to 24:30 hrs).
  • Tuesdays are ladies-and-families-only days.
  • As the venue gets immensely crowded during weekends and DSF, take care of your little ones.
  • To ensure the safety of your kids, you can get them a free wristband. With a dedicated service team, they will get in touch with the parents of any wandering little ones.
  • With lots of walking and activities involved, it’s advisable to wear modest, relaxed clothing, along with a pair of comfortable shoes.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the venue.

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So don’t miss Global Village Dubai if you visit Dubai this winter! Besides untainted fun, thrill, and entertainment, you’ll discover gastronomic specialties and treasures of all sorts that represent Dubai or the UAE and different parts of the world.

Savita Pillay is an educationist turned writer, hailing from Pune city, India. She has composed and edited thousands of articles in her writing career and had travelled to UAE, to pursue her love for teaching. A connoisseur of art, an avid reader, who loves to travel and witness the magical phenomenon of nature.

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      The lineup this year seems quite impressive. Are there any eco-friendly initiatives at Global Village?

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        Certainly! Global Village is not just about entertainment, shopping, and food, it also educates visitors on being responsible towards environment. Just visit the Sustainability Pavilion, and aware yourself about environment preservation.

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      I am planning to visit Global Village with my wife and kids. Are there any family-friendly attractions or activities for kids?

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        Yes! The Family Zone in Global Village offers lots of family-friendly attractions. There are options for shopping, dinning, entertainment, and immersive activities.

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      What are the food options at Global Village? What type of dishes should I try?

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        There are plenty of food options. You can try food that are popular in the countries the pavilions are representing. Visit the Global Flavors Zone and savour any dish your heart desires.

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      Which pavilion is good to visit at the Global Village. And what to buy at that pavilion.

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      With Oman and Qatar participating, this 27th year of the Global Village which is a multicultural festival event will surely be grander than ever. I am not going to miss it.

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