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Say Dubai, and what comes to your mind is the vast desert and tall buildings. Dubai is also a hub for glamor, glitz, and fun. This party destination and tourist haven have something for everyone. The city of gold never ceases to amaze locals and tourists with new projects now and then. Like Burj Khalifa and many other attractions;

the view at the Palm Jumeirah Dubai

is one of the key attractions of the city.

the view at the palm Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is everything you can assume when the word luxury is echoed. With over four hundred residences, restaurants, and infinity pools; this place is no less than a dream. Here’s everything you need to know about The Palm Jumeirah.

About the Palm Tower

The View at The Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The Palm Tower located next to Nakheel Mall is a huge 52-floor residential and hotel complex. Visitors to the hotel and residents enjoy direct access to the mall and the exotic beach clubs. It includes Palm West beach and Nakheel’s Club Vista Mare projects.

The highlights of the projects are as follows

  • The Palm Tower has 432 residences with a 290 room five-star hotel.
  • It has a viewing deck, infinity pool, and a restaurant.
  • The Palm Tower residences have fully-furnished apartments with a beautiful view of Dubai skyline, Palm Jumeirah, and the Arabian Gulf.

Palm Tower Location

  • The Palm tower is connected to Nakheel Mall.
  • It’s located a couple of minutes away from Dubai marinas and Palm Jumeirah.
  • The Palm tower is located 35 minutes away from Dubai International Airport and Dubai 2020 Expo venue.
  • It is located just 5 to 7 minutes away Sheikh Zayed Road.

How to Reach The Palm Tower

You can opt for self-driven cars or taxi. Though Palm monorail is not directly connected to Dubai Metro, you can board Dubai Trams to connect you via Dubai Marina Tram and Jumeirah Lake Tower stations. When the construction is complete, it is expected to have Palm Monorail stations at Nakheel Mall and The Pointe.

The View at The Palm Jumeirah Dubai – The Unbelievable Features

The View at The Palm Jumeirah
  • The Only Panoramic View

The one of a kind vantage point of the View allows you to soak in the scenery of Palm Jumeirah comprehensively. You can witness the serenity of the Dubai skyline in one single breath from the observation deck of the View.

  •  A High-Value Experience

With the View, you get a high value and an enriching experience that will exceed your expectations while living in strictly affordable price limits. This is what makes it an experience that’s great value for money.

  • Smart Edu-tainment

The Palm Jumeirah is an amazing wonder in the way it is built. When you are at the View, you can learn about the technicalities and various stories of Palm Jumeirah.

  • Exclusive Events

With an amazing view of Palm Jumeirah, the observation deck facilitates as the perfect venue to host private birthday parties, conferences, corporate and community events, and even fashion shows based on requirements. The flexible space at the observation deck makes it comfortable to arrange high profile parties as well.

  • Extreme Thrills

When it comes to Dubai you will not fall short of a thrill. That goes true for the View as well. One of the major thrill-seeking attractions is the one and only Palm Jumeirah zip-line that’s slated to be the longest in Dubai when completed. You would be flying over literally over the Palm Jumeirah for the best views.

The Palm Tower – Exhibits

At the Palm tower, the observatory is not the only attraction. You can roam around in

Palm Jumeirah View

and have some delicious food and drinks to have at the café, have an immersive experience in the theatre and view an array of exhibits.

The details of the 6 exhibits are as follows:

  1. The wonder of the Universe

  • In Wonder of the Universe, a GIS Map of Palm Jumeirah will be projected onto a table surface.
  • You can spin the table to zoom in or zoom out.
  • For greater detailing, zoom in. Whereas for an overall context zoom out.
  • As you zoom in, factoids will pop up on the table giving essential information.
  1. Building the Reef

  • Each column will have viewports stuffed into the sides of the column.
  • Vignettes will be displayed in the columns detailing the underwater environment.
  • Viewports will be placed at different heights facilitating people of all ages to view.
  1. Solidifying the Foundation

  • For better understanding, the geological structure of the island has been imagined as a column cutaway.
  • Along with textual descriptions, a sand compacting column is added to demonstrate how it works.
  • You can hear and feel the working of sand compactors i.e. touch and measure the density of the sand layers.
  1. Shaping The Palm Jumeirah

  • The floor is projected with a signal by the minisatellite.
  • The floor is projected with a passive projection of that detail how the island got its final shape.
  • The Palm Jumeirah takes shape with pitch-perfect accuracy as you keep watching.
  • Throughout the detailed process is supplemented with audio narration.
  1. Rainbowing

  • A column of free-flowing sand invokes a feel of a rainbow boat in action.
  • To add a natural sound and feel, real sand is used.
  • With the aid of vertical plaques, the rainbow process is elucidated.
  • Al while an audio narration is also supplemented with the process.
  1. Protecting the Palm Jumeirah

  • The set behind the glass is the large model detailing the breakwater process.
  • To explain the concept, real water is used.
  • You can control the waves as part of the interactive experience.
  • On the back wall, the process is supplemented by signage.


This tree-shaped beautiful Palm Jumeirah island is an iconic landmark of Dubai on its own. From the globally acclaimed restaurants to the plush apartments; Palm Jumeirah has everything you can dream of in luxury. Whether or not you own anything on this island, a visit to this dream world is a must. Book your trip now!

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