Why get a pocket WiFi ?

wifi-uae For one thing, easy internet access, 24/7, from anywhere. You can upload photos and content while on the go, without concerning yourself about logging in to anything or using the precious minutes on your phone and so on. A pocket WiFi is convenient, it’s mighty useful and it’s absolutely no trouble at all, as the dongle is lightweight and you can carry it around it your neck on a cord or keep it in your pocket. Here are five reasons why you absolutely need a pocket WiFi while traveling in Dubai.

The Needs of a New Age Traveller

It’s all very well to be packed and ready for every need, but what about your specific needs as a new age traveler? By this, we mean connectivity via phone and internet. Not only are these two extremely important for communication, but travel is an experience that needs to be shared with others. So you need to be connected to the internet as well. So what you need is continuous internet connectivity and access to high speed and secure Wi-Fi. The time you’re traveling is the time you need to be connected, especially if you’re exploring a new country. You’ll need to find your way around, locate the nearest gas stations, restaurants, post offices, the local favorite seafood joint and so on. And you’ll want to send pictures to your friends back home. You’ll want to upload videos on Facebook and other social sites. You may want to write a travel blog post and upload it to your readers. The list is long – and you’ll definitely not want to compromise on internet speed or quality. High-speed internet is essential for a good quality of life, as recently declared by the Canadian Government. This is especially true of the digital traveler.

Why Not Access The Internet Provided By Dubai?

Dubai is championing the cause with Free WiFi hotspots all over the city. There are free WiFi spots in several places, aimed at delighting the digital traveler. However, these WiFi spots offer slower access speed and you can access the internet only for a limited time. In most cases, you’ll be able to enjoy internet for about 30 minutes at a time, and then a break of an hour or so before you can access it again. While this service, free as it is, is great for the moderate user, digital travelers and travel bloggers and others who depend on the internet 24/7 will not be happy. Plus, these free connections are shared by many people and being open connections, security will always be a concern. So unless you’re prepared to wait for ages for that video to upload or that message to download, get ready to invest in a pocket-friendly pocket WiFi dongle UAE.

Dubai has paid internet that’s delivered via Dubai’s ultrafast 4G/ LTE mobile networks, which comes to you courtesy of du and Etisalat. However, this 4G coverage that’s available all over Dubai except in the desert and underground, costs an arm and leg. You’ll get brilliant speeds of course and top-tier service, but you’ll be paying through your nose.

Pocket WiFi UAE – Worldwide internet Access Direct from Your Pocket

The 3G Huawei E5330 Pocket WiFi enables you to set up a private internet connection for 10 devices, anyplace in the world. A free worldwide data SIM card is included with the Huawei E5330 Pocket Wi-Fi. You can make calls using this sim in 188 countries at the lowest call rates possible.

The pocket WiFi comes unlocked, which means you can insert any SIM card inside it and enjoy the lowest rates no matter where you are. It’s a secure internet connection, which means you don’t have to worry about vital information or even your personal details leaking out to malicious parties. All of this comes to you at the click of a button.

Using the Pocket Wi-Fi Device

The Huawei E5330 Pocket Wi-Fi is very simple to use. You need to first insert the SIM card and switch on the device. The device starts up in about 5 seconds and goes on without being charged for about 6 hours or so, after which you’ll need to connect the charger. The device can standby for 300 hours and come to life at the press of a button. So whenever you don’t need to use it, put it on standby to conserve energy. In this way, you can continue to use the device for a long time during your travels, without the device shutting down.

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      This is a useful post for all those digital travelers. An easy access to a speedy WiFi is very handy, especially when holidaying in a tourist destination.

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      How much we need to shell out to enjoy this pocket WiFi?

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