Dubai Miracle Garden

Opened in February 2013 on Valentine’s Day, the Miracle Garden is a real oasis in the desert that has been developed as an answer to the world, which always looks upon Dubai as a city of majestic skyscrapers and glitzy attractions. As you step into this mind-blowing recreational spot, you’ll soon discover that no other name could be as apt as ‘Miracle’ for this botanical tour de force. Before visiting here, read the extraordinary facts about Dubai Miracle Garden that will upgrade your experience.


Dubai Miracle Garden Facts

The World’s Biggest Natural Flower Garden

Sprawling over an area of about 72,000 square meters of land, Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden, decked with an awe-inspiring assortment of flowers – most of which are rare and seen for first time in the Middle East, such as petunias and geraniums. Designed and developed by the Al-Ain based Akar Landscaping and Agriculture Company, this is a natural splendor nestled close to Arabian Ranches, in Dubailand.

Celebration of Colors


With over 45 million flowers grown and bloomed in a spectrum of colors, styles, and shapes resembling stars, hearts, circles, sculptures, vintage-style vehicles, igloos, and pyramids, the garden is truly a sight for sore eyes amid city’s hustles and bustles. In fact, an endless list of floral varieties, about 120 species, including seasonal specialties has been used to create a garden paradise in the heart of the desert city. It owns the largest numbers of Petunia flowers, which are versatile in embellishments and can bear even the harshest climates of Dubai. Other popular flowers include marigolds, roses, calendulas, and tulips.

Smart and responsible water usage

What makes this attraction more intriguing is its unique sub-surface irrigation system that recycles wastewater via drip irrigation while avoiding evaporation and saving up to 75% of water and energy. The maintenance of the garden swallows up 757,000 liters per day. In earlier days the only medium was the sea of Gulf which cost an arm and leg. But the desalination price has been slashed by a huge margin after this smart installation, where the fleet of trucks drives around collecting sewage water. This water purification system makes effective use of the wastewater.

Maximum number of floral themes on earth

You would be thinking, what could be so miraculous about this flower garden that makes it world-famous and so different from others? First, this garden is in the arid desert of Dubai, a place which rarely has cultivation is thriving with millions of live flowers. Second, as you step inside the garden, you will be dazzled by the stellar structures shaped up only by flowers, everywhere. From floral themes and sculptures to abounding beddings, the place looks like heaven.

Largest Flower Wall

One of the many of its attractions is a stupendous flower wall of the 1-kilometer circumference that has made the garden into the list of candidates competing for a Guinness Record for the longest flower wall in the world. Also, a marvelous segment of the garden is its 4 kilometers long pathway adorned with a vivid range of floral selections.

Continuously updating the themes

The extraordinary feature of the Dubai Miracle Garden is you can visit it again, and every time you are here, you will be overwhelmed by a new theme, a new sculpture, and a new ambiance. It creates a change to the previous edition which breaks the set benchmark. Avenue of Love, the Alley of Parasols and Aroma Garden, heart passage, lake park, and the butterfly park are a few top attractions that receive a great round of applause.

Closed during summer

Everyone wants to know the secret, how the garden and flowers unfailingly manage to stay fresh and beautiful. Well, the garden is opened from November to May, and then shut down for the rest months. In summer it goes under renovation, as the flowers are affected due to the scorching sun. During this period, the flowers are taken care of, old themes are replaced and new ideas are brought into action.

Perfect for photographers

miracle garden for photographers

If you are someone who loves to take a lot of pictures, create magic with your camera and gain insane followers on Instagram, just stop by here. This place is your ultimate destination. You can snap hundreds of photographs with different angles, twists, effects, and perspectives- and still not get over the hangover of the place. Warning- Professional cameras and drones are only allowed with permission.

Cafes, Kiosks and Service Rooms in the Neighbourhood

The garden is absolutely admirable and will require a couple of hours or more for the complete tour. You can either stroll and sit on benches or hire a cart for the journey. The facilities are abundant, it has a prayer room, first aid rooms, and other related service centers so that the visitors find no hassle. Besides that, if your stomach is grumbling with hunger, give your taste buds delight with snacks and drinks from the nearby eateries and cafes.

Upcoming Projects

The garden’s second development phase to incorporate a number of outlets, dining choices and plant nurseries to the present setting is underway. So, get ready to explore this flower garden of Dubai for love and harmony.

Dubai Miracle Garden Tickets & Timings:

Timings: Sunday – Thursday: 09:00 am to 09:00 pm and Friday & Saturday: 09:00 am to 11:00 pm

Tickets: Check out Dubai Miracle Garden tickets at a low price! Contact Rayna Tours for more details.


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      Hey… I really loved this blog. I was coming to Dubai in November. Now, I will definitely visit the Dubai Miracle Garden on my trip.

      • Avatar for Rajkumar Gaikwad

        Thank you. I am glad you liked my blog. November is a good time to see the garden as they reopen after a break and the flowers are in full bloom.

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      I have been to this place and the a380 plane made from flowers is one of the most beautiful flower decorations I have seen.

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        Rajkumar Gaikwad Reply

        I am glad you liked it. The A380 flower decorations also have a Guiness World Record to their name.

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      Hi… Unfortunately I had made the mistake of trying to visit the miracle garden during the summer season. Is the garden closed during public holidays as well?

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      I have been here and the pictures don’t do justice to how beautiful the Dubai miracle garden truly is. I had a great time.

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        I am glad you had a great time. It’s true that the garden is even more beautiful in person than pictures.

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      Hi. I wanted to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden. What is the food situation over there? Do I need to carry any snacks & drinks with me?

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      This is a very popular destination. Thank you very much for your effort! 🙂

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      thank u….it helped me a lot during my exam….thanks….plzz keep making more

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      Mariam Anna Babu Reply

      the miracle garden is the best

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        Rajkumar Gaikwad Reply

        Thanks for stopping by. Yes definitely Mariam, its the World’s Biggest Natural Flower Garden covering 72,000 square meters of land.

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