The holy month of Ramadan is observed with full religious vigor in Dubai. The emirate has strict rules and regulations in place, and even tourists and residents are expected to follow them.

However, not many tourists are comfortable with religious regulations (no eating, smoking, or drinking in public places), and therefore, Dubai sees a decline in tourist footfall during Ramadan. But the interesting bit is that many tourists of the Islamic faith come here to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in style with the famous night market. The flooded Ramadan Night Market at Dubai World Trade Centre is an incredible example of full-on enjoyment in Ramadan.

Ramadan Night Market of Dubai : All You Need to Know

Dubai Ramadan

The market comes to life every year during the month of Ramadan. This 10-day festival has been a crowd-pleaser since its start in 2012. Tourists from neighboring emirates and other Islamic countries descend here to enjoy the vibrancy of the Ramadan Night Market. It begins after Iftar at 8:00 p.m. and continues until 2:00 a.m.

In 2024, it will take place in Hall 7 of the iconic Dubai World Trade Centre from March 9 to April 7. Given the immense popularity of the market, it is one of the most sought-after events during Ramadan.

The biggest reason for the market’s popularity is the fact that it is one of the very few avenues of exceptional entertainment during the month of Ramadan. People in Dubai who are accustomed to glitter and glamour throughout the year find the market to be an ideal way to enjoy the month while adhering to the strict rituals of the month.

Ramadan Night Market – Some Key Highlights

Night-Market-HighlightsImage Credit: whatson.ae
  • The Ramadan Night Market is a must-see during the holy month. It promises a wholesome experience as visitors from all over the UAE and neighboring countries visit the fair to enjoy the market’s colorful offerings.
  • The uniqueness of the fair lies in its feel of an authentic shopping experience in a bazaar-like setting.
  • The market has just about everything to make the visitors’ shopping experience worth remembering. Shoppers can select from a wide array of products, such as electronics, toys, health and beauty offerings, jewelry, accessories, perfumes, personal care, handicrafts, collectibles, baby items, and clothing.
  • One of the biggest highlights of the market is the sumptuous array of food. After the whole day of a difficult fast, delicious food is one thing that is on the mind of almost everyone, and the Ramadan Night Market in Dubai makes for a perfect place to enjoy a lip-smacking meal for the whole family across various cuisines to celebrate the cosmopolitan diversity.
  • The market is home to amazing deals, offers, and even bargains. If you like a product, there are many ways to buy it. You can either look for the best deals and offers on the product or show your interest and use the age-old method of bargaining.
  • The market is especially a favorite of children. With a whole lot of children-specific activities, it makes a perfect place for a family outing in the holy month.
  • The market has a special kids’ play area where the parents can leave the children and enjoy shopping without any hassle. The kids’ play area is a fantastic place to allow the kids to enjoy their time, especially after a tiring day. All in all, the market also helps people enjoy themselves and have fun as a family.
  • The main highlights of the kids’ play area include the famous art of face painting and nail art, beautiful sand art, bouncy castles, a mini basketball court, wall climbing activities, a kiddie train for a fun ride, a merry-go-round, a play station, clowns, balloon twisting, and more. The kids’ play area also includes arts and crafts area and soft play areas.
  • Every year, something new occurs at the Ramadan Night Market that keeps the internet alive for visitors. This year’s fresh attractions include many themed activities for all age groups.
  • Apart from a huge food court, an Arabian-inspired Majlis, and an exclusive henna section for ladies, this amazing night souk also features a dedicated ‘Play and Win’ section, ensuring unlimited fun and entertainment.
  • Some of the famous kid-friendly activities in Dubai that make a grand comeback this year are airplane and train rides, trampolines for the excitement of kids, and riding a rodeo bull, to name a few.
  • One of the highlights of the market is a special exhibition hosted exclusively for medical institutions, the tourism industry, and travel retailers. A lot of reputed names take part in the event.


1. What makes Ramadan Night Market a must-visit in Dubai?

First of all, it’s one of the ultimate ways to experience the festive fervor of Ramadan and Eid in Dubai. It lets you shop for some unique items, like souvenirs, traditional attire, etc. Perhaps the best thing is that it allows for free entry.

2. Is it open only during Ramadan?

As the name indicates, it’s open only for ten days during Ramadan.

3. Are foods sold here?

Food is one of the highlights of any night market, and the Ramadan Night Market is no exception. From local delights to Middle Eastern and exotic cuisine, come here prepared to satisfy your palate.

4. What are the must-buys at Ramadan Night Market?

You can look forward to buying stuff as diverse as dates, colorful lanterns, abayas, kaftans, etc. at the best rates.

5. Should I abide by any etiquette or rule to visit Ramadan Night Market?

Being Dubai a part of the Islamic nation and Ramadan the holiest month in the Islamic lunar calendar, make sure you show respect and adhere to all the rules and regulations during your visit here in Ramadan.


The Ramadan Night Market is the favorite hangout place of almost every Dubai resident for a lot of reasons, one of the biggest being free entry. Yes, you don’t have to pay any fee to enter this lively venue. So, if you plan to visit Dubai or are in the city right now and missing the glitz and glamour of the city, be sure to visit the Ramadan Night Market in Dubai!

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      The Ramadan Night Market truly showcase the vibrant culture of the city. The lively atmosphere and the extensive range of products at the market add to the festive celebration.

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      I have been to Ramadan Night Market last year and it was an incredible experience! I tasted several delicious things and bought handicrafts, perfumes, and clothing.

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      Ramadan Night Market shows the true essence of Dubai and celebration of the festival. We loved the range of traditional culinary delicacies, and fantastic display of local craftwork that are sold at the stalls.

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      Walking through the busy lanes of the Ramadan Night Market, enjoying the aromas of delicacies, and the amazing craftwork of local artisans was an outstanding experience. The night market offers a lively atmosphere and reflects the true essence of the festival.

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        Absolutely! The Ramadan Night Market has various stalls. Whether you are enjoying sweet treats or shopping souvenirs, or just walking along and feeling the festive atmosphere, the night market is an excellent place to shop, eat, and be merry.

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      I have never experienced Ramadan anywhere like I did in Dubai. The tantalizing aromas of the traditional cuisine and the glamorous craft of artisans sold at the Night Market are tempting.

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      Enjoyed reading the blog. It has nicely presented the beauty of Ramadan Night Market of Dubai. I am delighted to see what fresh themed activities the Night Market brings for all age groups this year.

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        Your entire family will be surprised and happy with the fresh themed activities the Ramadan Night Market of Dubai has planned this year.

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      Great blog and very inspiring to attract readers for the Ramadan Night Market of Dubai.

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      Never visited Dubai during Ramadan. This blog has excited me to plan a trip in April.

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      The Ramadan night market appears very interesting. With an array of products to shop and gain amazing deals, offers, and bargains as well as enjoy a wide variety of food till the wee hours, I am excited to visit Dubai in April this year.

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        Besides shopping and food, you can also save on accommodation and tour packages if travelling to Dubai in April this year. We can offer you a great deal on tour packages.

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