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morning desert safari Dubai

is one experience which appeals to all. After all, it’s a classic adventure tour that allows you to admire the region’s magnificent desert landscape on a grand scale, together with a generous dose of ancient Bedouin culture as well as a mix of amazing desert-inspired activities. And if you wish to absorb all charm and grandeur of the Arabian Desert in a bit different yet absolutely wonderful way, consider adding a camel ride session to your morning safari and this will promise you an incredibly wholesome desert experience.

So, what really is a Morning Desert Safari?

morning desert safari

Dubai’s desert is endlessly vast and is definite to leave you in absolute amazement at every turn. And a morning safari lets you enjoy the dunes and its mesmerizing flora and fauna by the first rays of the daylight, making it one of the most special and exciting ways to discover the raw natural beauty of Dubai’s desert landscape. True to its name, this desert safari involves traveling to the desert in the early morning. Luckily, the payoff is massive, as the entire length of the desert appears to be stunningly pure and pristine during this time. It is particularly ideal for those who wish to experience an alternative way of living at least for a few hours, with a blend of quaint encounters, exciting thrills, and utmost tranquility.


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How to begin your Morning Desert Adventure?

desert camp

Start by picking up your favorite morning desert safari. Most reputable service providers offer a vast array of options that ranges from delightfully placid to exhilaratingly extreme. As Rayna Tours has its own desert camp and vehicles, you can look forward to a tailor-fit morning desert safari that exactly matches your distinct off-road expectations. Whether you want to skip all actions as part of the desert tour or wish to make it an escapade of a lifetime, simply speak to our travel consultants on what to include in your desert safari itinerary. As they will handle everything accordingly, you can relax and take in your morning desert safari to the fullest.

Activities of Dubai Morning Desert Safari

  • A Thrilling 4X4 Drive session(Dune Bashing)

4X4 drive - dune bash

This approximate 45-minute ride over desert sands is known as dune bashing. As you’re seated in the back of a powerful Hummer or Land Cruiser (subject to your choice), you’ll not only get to witness the serenity of in its entire splendor but also experience all nerve-wracking actions with the vehicle taking you across the steep low and massively high dunes at super thrilling speeds.


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  • Desert-Exclusive Fun and Adventure: Quad Biking

desert fun and adventure - quad bike

Dubai’s consummate desert landscape is a true haven for fun-lovers and thrill-seekers, and a morning Dubai desert safari is one of the awesome ways to experience it all. So go ahead and supercharge your adventure side by venturing deep into the desert on a morning quad bike or a dune buggy session. You can further take an exciting camel ride or grab a sandboard to discover the rugged desert trails in the most thrilling way.

  • Beautiful Sunrise Views

sunrise views

Choose Sunrise Desert Safari and witness for yourself how the dawn breaks and brightens up this exquisite part of the emirate. In fact, you’re in for an unforgettable treat as the dunes set the stage for a truly spectacular sunrise, gradually illuminating the entire landscape with an astonishing parade of colors. Moreover, it’s great for those who wish to enjoy the desert’s soulful stillness, refreshing breeze, and unequaled charm just before the deadly blazing sunlight takes over the region.

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  • Unforgettable Cultural Experience 

cultural experience - henna tattooing

A morning desert safari also allows for a peep into the fascinating Bedouin culture and heritage. The fascinating desert traditions are brought to life with a string of activities such as photographic chances in Emirati attire, henna tattooing, etc. That apart, a knowledgeable Bedouin guide will enlighten you about the region’s impressive cultural aspects.

  • Get the Best Shots

best shots in dubai desert

The morning desert beauty is a natural phenomenon like no other, allowing for some swoon-worthy clicks. With the most breathtaking settings all over, this desert safari is absolutely photogenic and an Instagrammer’s favorite too. So don’t forget to bring your fully recharged camera.

morning desert safari with camel ride

As mentioned above, a desert safari with camel riding is remarkably unique as it’s like stepping back into the ancient Bedouin era when camels were the only source of transport. As you take a wobbly, leisurely-paced ride on camelback, this not only allows you to admire the sheer size and beauty of the desert from a different angle but also gives you the rare opportunity to contemplate on the way the early desert dwellers used to traverse through the infinitely empty desert landscape. No matter you’re a first-timer or even joined by your family or little ones, the best thing is that this activity can be enjoyed by all, with a friendly camel and an expert guide always by your side. So what better way to savor the cool morning desert scenery?


So if you’re planning for a Dubai holiday, make sure that you include morning desert safari in your to-do list as it’s especially great for people with time constraints. You’ll be surprised to know that this experience which is packed with loads of fun, outdoor actions, and astonishing views lasts for just two to three hours. That’s not all, the supremely secluded desert landscape is within easy reach! Just a few minutes’ drives away from your Dubai hotel or accommodation, it will blissfully retreat you from Dubai’s glamorous sights, guaranteeing you a perfect start to your day or even Dubai vacation.

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