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If you need help in picking up your ideal desert safari, here is an all-encompassing guide! It not only highlights several different morning and evening desert safari packages but also covers its core inclusions plus location, thus allowing you to hit the desert trails right, just the way you want!

What to Look Forward to in a Desert Safari Dubai?

Whether you choose a morning or evening desert safari, the following are the staples of most desert safaris.

  • Dune Bash
dune bash

This is a treat for die-hard adventurists as it involves a frantic, fast-paced ride over the unparalleled golden sands. With a highly expert driver in tow, you can enjoy this thrilling 45-minute session along with the desert’s steep lows and massive highs behind the wheels of a powerful, well-maintained 4X4 vehicle like Land Cruise or Hummer.

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  • Adventurous Desert Activities
camel ride - adventurous desert activities

Apart from dune bash, you can hit up the desert sands in several other amazing ways with a sandboard, quad bike or dune buggy. And the greatest thing is that you needn’t have to possess any specific skill set to enjoy these activities. Looking for an authentic desert exploration experience? Take a camel ride which brings you closer to the striking desert landscape with a traditional Bedouin touch.

  • A slice of Emirati Culture & Heritage

As a complete package, a desert safari easily fits the bill as an exciting cultural tour as well. So get ready to dive into the inspiring Bedouin traditions and heritage with many activities such as Shisha smoking, henna designing, Tanura show, etc.

  • Excellent photographic opportunities
sunrise view

A desert safari is a true photographers’ delight, thanks to the gorgeous desert landscape with excellent sunrise and sunset views. That’s not all; you can capture your inspiring off-roading moments forever with some amazing snapshots.

Dubai Desert Safari Locations

  • Al Awir
al awir - desert safari

Once a farming village, Al Awir has now become one of the most popular spots in Dubai to get your fill of untainted desert fun and adventure. Within a distance of about 40 kilometers from the city center, the Al Awir region is surrounded by imposing sand dunes, making it a great destination for different types of morning and evening desert safaris.

  • Al Lahbab

At Lahbab which is just an hour’s drive away from Dubai, you’ll find yourself in one of the region’s biggest desert terrains. With its endless stretches of majestic red dunes, it’s an excellent Desert camping attraction, besides being the venue of the popular red dune safari.

  • Liwa Oasis

Awesomely vast and especially known for the biggest of its kind sand dunes (Moreeb), Liwa on the northern periphery of the iconic Empty Quarter is an exquisite Desert oasis that promises you the most authentic desert experience. It is more than 300 kilometers from Dubai and about 230 kilometers from Abu Dhabi.

Morning Desert Safari

morning desert safari

It’s especially great if you don’t have time to be in the desert for long hours. A Morning Safari Dubai which lasts for not less than two or three hours will suffice for you to get out on the desert sands and be in awe, playful or even adventurous to the core.

Dependent on the category of morning desert adventure you seek, you can choose from:

  • Sunrise Desert Safari

sunrise desert safari

Beginning with a pre-dawn hotel pick-up, it offers you the once-in-a-lifetime experience of viewing the first soft rays of daylight falling across the Arabian Desert. Delight in the raw desert magnificence and cool serene morning air as you gaze out at the sun gradually changing its color from orange to pink to compelling golden hues. You can further make it an unforgettable adventure trip by adding your favorite desert activities. Morning refreshments are also included.


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  • Activity-Packed Morning Safari

quad bike

Don’t worry if you’re not an early riser! This tour only kicks off between 8.30 and 9:00 hrs, making it ideal for anyone who wants to begin their day the most vociferous way. Besides an adventurous 4X4 drive, you’ll get to try your hand at some remarkable desert activities. Blast through the desert sands aboard a quad bike or sandboard or set out to take in the awe-inspiring morning desert landscape on the back of a friendly camel.


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What makes Morning Desert Safari a highly sought-after experience?

  • Morning safari is for those who want to enjoy the desert experience without any frills attached.
  • There are no entertainment programs during the morning desert safari. However, you would get to enjoy numerous adventurous activities including dune bashing.
  • If you go for an early morning desert safari, you would be able to marvel at the glorious sunrise in the desert, something you probably have never seen anywhere else.
  • Morning desert safari usually ends with a scrumptious breakfast served with the aromatic Arabic coffee.
  • This is the perfect Desert safari for those who want to revel in peace and quietude that the desert has to offer.

Evening Desert Safari

evening desert safari

Morning desert safaris may be refreshing, but it’s the evening session which offers the perfect bite-sized experience of Dubai’s desert. It’s also great if you wish to evade all scorching desert heat of daytime and experience its charm in a pleasantly cool ambiance after the sun goes down. Moreover, most evening desert safari dubai is all-inclusive with dining and Bedouin-inspired activities plus entertainment.


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  • Dinner in Desert

dinner in desert

If you want to stay away from all heart-racing actions that come along with a standard desert safari, this evening desert safari Dubai is just right for you. It not only allows you to feast on a variety of local and international delicacies but also lets you experience the magical desert nightlife the most alluring and tranquil way.


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  • Overnight Desert Safari

overnight desert safari

This is second to none if you wish to enjoy the best of both worlds. Subject to your chosen overnight desert safari package, it offers a wholesome desert experience wherein you’ll get to marvel at the desert sunset views, indulge in all desert fun and activities, camp out in the midst of the Arabian Desert, and finally enjoy the soulful sunrise.


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What makes evening desert safari a highly sought after experience?

  • From exhilarating dune bash to quad biking and camel ride, it comes with a variety of activities to make your heart pound.
  • As part of evening dune bash, catch up with the most impressive views of the desert sunset.
  • With a spectrum of traditional activities included in the desert campsite, it allows you to get acquainted with the ancient Bedouin culture and traditions.
  • Get your hands tattooed with stunning henna patterns and of course, take home fantastic souvenir images captured wearing traditional Emirate attire.
  • Relive the ancient Emirate era as you smoke Shisha and relax in the Bedouin-style tents.
  • Enjoy the stunning belly dance show and supremely wondrous Tanura dance show.
  • Dine on a lavish BBQ meal complete with starters, main course delights, desserts, and unlimited refreshments.
  • If you choose to stay overnight, you can sip cups of Arabic coffee, and relish a bonfire in the desert and a spectacular sunrise as well. You would also be treated with an Arabic breakfast in the morning.

Morning Desert Safari v/s Evening Desert Safari

When it comes to choosing between morning desert safari and evening desert safari, personal factors, likes and interests matter the most.

While morning desert safari is inclined more towards adventures and gives you a quick briefing of what desert life is, evening desert safari is a detailed version of the previous, hosting adventures, entertainment, and delicious food.

Morning desert safari is short and crisp, with a handful of people indulged in the amazing desert activities and a light snack. While evening desert safari is longer, loaded with dozens of thrilling activities coupled with a big buffet thus, the exciting rush is common. And you would have to share the experience and amenities with other travelers unless you have opted for a private or luxury dinner in the desert.

So, while each of the desert safaris has its own pros and cons, you must decide what is best for you according to what interests you the most.

What’s more? Whether you want to make it an inspiring cultural journey or an unrivaled private safari with your favorite inclusions, the best thing is that the most reputable service providers allow you to customize your desert safari experience just the way you want. So come rekindle your Arabian holiday with the best of sights, activities, and experiences awaiting you in every desert safari in Dubai.

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