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Have you ever dined in a kitchen that floats on water? Explore the unusual style of shopping and eating at the floating markets in Bangkok. The experience will pop your eyes out with wonder.

About Floating Markets Bangkok

Touted as the ‘Venice of the East, Bangkok is a colourful destination with thrills of the unexpected. The charm is irresistible as its hundred-year-old culture gracefully blends in with the fast-paced lifestyle.

Out of all the glitz and glamour, what steals the show is the range of delicacies on the long-tail boats floating along the slender canals. We are talking about Floating Markets in Bangkok. Dedicated to someone who does not need those formal white-cloth tables and plush plates to eat, these markets are riotous supernova of culinary flavours. Did we mention food?

Every vendor docks their boats on the water. Here you can find sellers, mostly women with woven hats, cooking delicious Thai food like Pad Thai, steamed dumplings, Som Tam and a lot more right in front of you. They are extremely polite and friendly. It is a great way to dive into the Thai culture, tour the winding canals and tuck into a super delicious hot meal — which you would not otherwise have access to on foot.

List of Best Floating Markets in Bangkok

We’re beefing up your Thailand itinerary with a slew of the best floating markets in Bangkok. A visit to any of these markets will thrill you.

1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Following over a 100-year-old legacy, Damnoen Saduak is the largest and oldest floating market in Bangkok. Thanks to its timeless appeal, fruit-laden boats, flower-embellished canals and authentic charm, it is wonderfully chaotic. That also makes it a photographers’ muse during good weather days. The vendors perch on the compact boats called sampans donning broad straw hats. Go and grab deep-fried snacks, seafood, noodles, fruits and more. At about an hour away from Bangkok in Ratchaburi, this place is usually bursting with folks.

Opening Hours: 7 am – 3 pm (Weekdays)

7 am – 5 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

2. Amphawa Floating market

Amphawa Floating Marke

Situated 50 kilometres from the city centre in Samut Songkhram, Amphawa Floating Market is more original than any other name on the list. It is a weekend market heaving with local vendors and foodies who want to hog large prawns, crabs, squids, fish cakes, soups and noodles. In a nutshell, it is a seafood mecca. Unwind and bask in the freshness of food with the evening firefly boat tours.

Opening Hours: 10 am – 9.30 pm (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

3. Khlong Lat Mayom

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market in Bangkok

Tucked away just 20 kilometres from Bangkok, Khlong Lat Mayom is a petite floating market that sits like an oasis hemmed in by lush vegetation. It is one of the newer markets that have sprung up and will have you spoilt for choices like salt-crusted fish and mungbean noodles. While a few vendors still sell from the boats, most of them have upgraded to sheltered stalls. It was primarily opened for locals to buy high-quality produce and sweets. Now, foreigners can also enjoy the canals on a boat tour for a splendid evening.

Opening Hours: 8 am – 5 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

4. Bang Nam Pheung

Bang Nam Pheung, Thailand

One of the largest floating markets in Bangkok, Bang Nam Pheung sits along the Chai Phraya River in Bang Krachao. Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, the market is quieter and more peaceful. A handful of tourists are found roaming around, and thus you can haggle for a better deal here. Rent a two-wheeler and whoosh past the beautiful scenery. You can browse Thai food, sweetmeats and some locally made products.

Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pm (Daily)

5. Tha Kha Floating Market

Tha Kha Floating Market

For all the food-enamoured shoppers, Tha Kha Floating Market is a relaxing market established at an hour’s drive away from Bangkok. Flanked by old homes and grass-covered fields on either side, this market connects you with the roots of Thai culture. Ask for anything — from hot-piping spring rolls to coconut pancakes to grilled meat on skewers to pork noodles, mouth is already drooling. Take a memorable cruise zooming across the lives of the market on a noteworthy journey.

Opening Hours: 6 am – 2 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

6. Taling Chan Floating Market

Taling Chan Floating Market, Thailand

This is yet another culinary gem located at a mere 12 km from Bangkok. The smell of fish will tingle your nose right at the entrance. Whether you want to devour a full fried fish with your family or want to gobble the mussel’s omelette all on your own, this is your go-to place. To control the frenzy of crammed alleyways, vendors lie on the edge of the canal taking away the clutter. Gorge, shop, stroll and get a soothing massage at the end of the day. Even after such a delightful experience, Taling Chan’s name is yet to hang out with other commercial floating markets.

Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Things to Do in Bangkok Floating Markets

Tucked away on the green limpid waterways, these markets offer guilt-free dining. It is not a secret Bangkok is unarguably famous for its mouth-watering, cheap meals. It has a thriving street food culture that will keep you on your toes. Here are amazing things you can do while wandering in floating markets of Bangkok:

  • Hog abundant portions of your favourite Thai food from live stations– as they are incredibly cheap. Don’t forget to keep a tab on your appetite because the food here is tempting.
  • Choose from an array of distinctive tastes. Spice, sour, sweet and salt- your taste buds will burst with flavours.
  • Crab egg salad, pork dumplings, barbeque grilled fish, prawn dishes, spring rolls, mango sticky rice, chicken legs, ice cream, tropical fruits, farm-fresh produces and other traditional items are a few dishes on the menu.
  • Not just food, visitors can run through a cornucopia of handicrafts, homemade decors, cutlery and other souvenirs.
  • There are hands-on experiences nearby the floating market. For example, you can visit the coconut sugar farm located in the vicinity of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market to watch the making of sugar.
  • Go for cycling and boat tours. There are canal boat tours, rowboat tours and long-tail boat rides to give you a sweeping view of the area.
  • Reminisce the memories with brilliant photo opportunities around the market.

Tips to Shop in Bangkok Floating Markets

1. Don’t trust the touts

Have your research done before visiting any of the floating markets in Bangkok on how to reach them, what to do, local prices and other relevant information. Know your routes from bus/ van stops to the markets to avoid being deceived.

2. Book a pre-planned tour

You can just forget the drama of arranging everything by yourselves. Book a tour with a verified travel operator to make the most out of your visit to the floating markets — including sightseeing, food sampling and other excursions.

3. Arrive early

Floating markets are big tourist attractions due to their alluring food and eye-catching setup. They can easily become crammed with throngs of locals and travellers. It is advisable to visit the markets early in the day. This way you can beat the crowds and get rid of the chaos.

4. Shield from the sun

2 Slap some sunscreen on your face and body as you will be exposed to the sun. It’s warm outside — which means you must carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

5. Be frugal

These floating markets have food at cheap and cheerful prices but aren’t suitable for all kinds of shopping. Clothes and products may come at exorbitant rates. Take your time looking through souvenirs. Be aware of the ongoing prices in the local markets before you purchase a product.

6. Stay alert

Floating markets are packed with people. Keep your belongings and valuables secured by storing them in a good purse or bag.

7. Explore more options

Well, two is better than one. Each floating market has its distinctive personality. You will get to see the different shades of Bangkok and its culture as you shop through various markets.

Best Time to Visit Floating Markets

Most of the floating markets in Bangkok are open on weekends. To cut the line, visit the floating markets before lunch. Mornings are the ideal time to browse, eat and meander through canals. According to months, the dry season, November to March, is the best season to visit the floating markets which boast pleasantly warm weather.


So, the next time you think of Thailand, make sure you drop by these waterborne bazaars. History says the labyrinth of canals was the primitive mode of transportation for trade and business. So, hark back into time with these floating markets in Bangkok that bring an exciting experience to the table.

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