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The Encantado town has a new addition to its growing list of tourist attractions

completed in April 2022. The new Jesus, the Protector statue, is the world’s third tallest statue, taller than the iconic Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue. This small town in southern Brazil may not be a regular feature in any itinerary, but now it will surely be, thanks to the new Jesus the Protector statue. This statue is expected to create a buzz in the tourist population, and the government looks to build on this excitement to attract tourists and visitors moving forward. Furthermore, this small Brazilian town is close to neighbours Uruguay and Argentina, and the local authorities expect this statue to create a keen interest in these neighbouring borders.

The concept was initiated by a late local politician, Adroaldo Conzatti, who passed away sadly due to COVID in March 2022. A local business association sponsored this statue project leading to the project being kicked off in 2019. This beautiful artwork is sculpted by father & son duo artists: Genesio Gomes Moura and Markus Moura, who hails from Brazil’s Cearra State. This statue is placed on a hilltop above the town and has a concrete metal structure as its foundation base.

There is a heart-shaped balcony on the chest of this statue that is approximately 40 meters above the ground. Standing as an observation point, this will give instant access to magnificent panoramic views of the countryside and incredible vistas. The task is on the verge of accomplishment, with the final touching will be done and open to the public soon. The statue stands 16 feet taller than the iconic 141-feet high Christ the Redeemer statue. The statues taller than the Jesus the Protector statues are 249-foot Mexico structures in progress and the 172-foot statue in Poland.

The association that will manage the visitors and tourists states that this statue has already featured in the curiosity among 50k people from 21 different countries. The area will feature a tourist complex that would include cafes, restaurants, a park, viewpoints, retail and souvenir shops, and the heart complex to welcome visitors and tourists. This destination is open to curious visitors every Saturday and Sunday until the unveiling is done later this year or early next year.

This 17,000-ton colossal statue will surely bring new fortunes to the tourist interests in Encantado town. But the signs look eminent and promising as per the estimates and projections stated by trusted sources like Reuters. However, we will have to wait to see what benefits the tourist and visitor population will receive and what will be unveiled to satisfy the taste and requirements of the curious visitors and tourists who would be sightseeing at this gorgeous upcoming tourist destination.

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