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Imagine a perfect holiday in Egypt! It’s likely some of you may have visualized a click against its pyramid, some enjoying its endless desert activities, some going on a Nile cruise, and others probably taking in its lively Ramadan vibe and other festivities. Just as imaginations vary from one person to another, things to do in Egypt also vary from one region or season to another. So before you apply for an Egypt visa and travel to the place, it’s inevitable to figure out the best time to visit Egypt; this ensures that you’ll be able to discover and enjoy all that is covered in your Egypt travel program.

To make things easier and more convenient for you, we’ve narrowed down this topic as per seasons, unique travel preferences, and festivals and events.

The Best Time to Visit Egypt According to Seasons


Egypt has two climatic zones: the coasts along the Mediterranean Sea are characterized by subtropical weather, and the other regions have arid weather.

Spring in Egypt: It usually falls from March to May, with the maximum average temperature from 24 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. It indicates mellow weather, making it one of the ideal times to visit the country.

Summer in Egypt: June to August are the summer months. As the temperature reaches its peak of up to 36 degrees Celsius, the heat becomes somewhat unbearable in these months. Therefore, most people don’t tend to visit the country during this period. That said, it’s still a great time to visit, especially if you’re after a budget holiday or want to skip all the crowds and see the region’s iconic sights at a relaxed pace.

Autumn in Egypt: The maximum average temperature drops to 25 degrees Celsius during the fall months from September to November. As the warm weather continues until October, the place experiences fewer crowds and, hence, is an ideal time to visit its main attractions.

Winter in Egypt: Although typically windy with occasional downpours, the winter months (from December to February) are considered the peak season. With a maximum average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius, the climate is cool and pleasant. However, this draws a maximum crowd, resulting in steeply high rates for accommodation, airline tickets, etc.

The Best Time to Visit Egypt According to your Favorite Attractions Or Experiences


For Cairo Visit: Cairo is not only the country’s capital city but also shines as the land of many classic attractions, such as the Pyramid of Giza. So, visiting Cairo is always at the top of a traveler’s bucket list. The winter months, enhanced by sunny days and breezy evenings, make it the ideal time to explore the city. But if you want to skip crowds or chilly weather, it is recommended to visit here in the shoulder season (April to May and September to November). It offers the added perks of low-cost accommodations, airfares, and guided excursions.

For Nile Cruise: The Nile is the longest river in the world, and the many timeless monuments plus the endless desert sands and breathtaking valleys that surround it make a Nile Cruise a must-experience. Speaking of the ideal time, the winter months are undoubtedly the best, but the rates are at their highest. If price is a concern, the autumn and spring months are perfect. While it’s recommended to avoid the summer months, it’s still great for those who want to experience this cruise at exceptionally low rates.

For the Red Sea: Visit the Red Sea in the summer months (June to September). The other parts of the country may be sweltering in these months; however, the Red Sea region is relatively cool in summer, allowing you to unwind at its beach and indulge in in many water activities such as diving, snorkeling, and swimming. The holidaymakers and locals (especially from other parts of the country like Cairo) retreat here to beat the summer heat.

For Ramadan in Egypt: Ramadan is one of the most sacred months for Muslims. Though restaurants, cafes, and other dining spots remain closed until the evening this month, there is a unique charm to being part of Ramadan festivities while in Egypt, thanks to its lively festive ambiance once the sun sets in. In recent times, it mainly falls during the spring months, March-April. It lasts for a whole month, but try to come here towards the end of Ramadan, which culminates with exciting Eid celebrations and events.

For Luxor and Aswan Visit: These two cities in the southern part of Egypt are the ultimate land of ancient wonders. So, it goes without saying that they both are on top of any Egypt bucket list. Due to its location within the Sahara Desert, don’t attempt to travel to these places in the summer months, particularly July and August. Instead, choose to visit here during the shoulder months or, more ideally, the winter months of December and January.

For Hurghada Visit: Hurghada is one of Egypt’s most favored beach resorts. It’s pleasant throughout the year except for the summer months (especially July and August), when it gets intolerably hot. For salubriously warm weather or to enjoy its main activities like diving, visit here from April to June or September to November.

The Best Time To Visit Egypt According To Festivals And Events

Egypt Festivals

Visit Egypt any part of the year; you can expect to participate in some exciting events and festivities, such as:

  • Coptic Christmas: Christmas in Egypt is not celebrated on December 25th but on January 7th every year. This is because Christians here follow the Coptic calendar.
  • Eid El-Ghetass: This festival honors the baptism of Jesus Christ. Celebrated every year in January, this is one event that symbolizes the region’s accord and respect for all religions.
  • Abu Simbel Festival: It is held in the colossal temple complex, one of the biggest shrines of the pre-historic era. It is celebrated twice a year, in February and October, when the sunlight reaches the entire spectrum of temple corridors and lights up all the statues except for the statue of Ptah, or the Lord of Darkness. There are a total of four statues. It has been one of the country’s most astonishing phenomena for over 3,000 years.
  • Abu El Haggag Moulid: This unique festival in Luxor is observed in the remembrance of a 12th-century Sufi saint, namely, Yusuf Abu Al Haggag. It usually falls two weeks before the start of Ramadan.
  • Sham Al Naseem: This is one of Egypt’s most prominent national holidays and marks the start of the spring season.
  • Eid Al Fitr: Eid Al Fitr indicates the end of the one-month-long Ramadan and is enjoyed with grand festivities.
  • Sphinx Festival: Held at the resort town of El Gouna, this colorful five-day festival is conducted to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the place.
  • Eid Al Adha: It is another most looked-forward-to national holiday in Egypt, and it mainly falls two months after Eid Al Fitr.
  • Wafaa Al Nil: This is one of the region’s most important cultural festivals, enriched with superb concerts and other exciting events.
  • Leylet En Nuktah: One of the country’s oldest festivals, it is observed to honor the Nile River and its bounties. While sacrifices marked the celebrations in ancient times, it’s now all about picnics, camping, and family get-togethers along the banks of the Nile River.

Egypt Travel Requirements

Egypt visa

Knowing the travel requirements for Egypt is as important as knowing when to visit the country. The foremost thing you will need for your smooth entry into the country is a valid Egypt visa. However, not all nationals require a visa to enter the country. Barring exemptions for Bahrain, Hong Kong, Jordan, Macao, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and UAE citizens, all others must obtain a visa before their Egypt visa. Depending on the purpose and frequency of your Egypt travel, you can apply for a 30-day single-entry or a multiple-entry visa. If you are looking for expert help to apply for an Egypt visa from Dubai, our specialists will guide you through this intricate process from your inquiry until you receive your Egypt visa on time.


While some seasons and months in Egypt are especially fabulous and worth it for an unforgettable holiday, this land of marvelous contrasts, on the whole, won’t let you down whenever you choose to visit Egypt. And we’re sure that this extensive guide will help you find out when the best time to visit Egypt is, depending on your distinct holiday preferences.

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