New Year’s Eve Celebrations

As the land of the Arabian Desert, camels, pyramids, and serenity, the Middle East is loved by explorers from all over the world. While some say its charm is getting lost in the super-futuristic cities, others believe these cities make the Middle East a thriving tourist destination. Whichever idea you have, you will have a great time in this beautiful region. The festivals are the best part of all. And as the New Year approaches, the cities dazzle with decorations, bliss, and excitement.

From awe-inspiring fireworks displays and Bedouin-influenced camping in Dubai to singing and dancing in Istanbul, here is a rundown of the best cities to

celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Middle East.

Places to Celebrate New Year Eve in the Middle East

Abu Dhabi, UAE

New Year

Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city, is one of the most stunning destinations in the Gulf to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It is the venue of the most exquisite glamorous parties, jaw-dropping fireworks, and astounding New Year’s festivities. From the best Arabian food and beach parties to exclusive club entries, entertainment, and so much more, Abu Dhabi is at its vibrant best during New Year’s Eve. Revere the beauty of the desert while enjoying the New Year celebrations on an Abu Dhabi desert safari.

Though there are many places in Abu Dhabi where you can celebrate the New Year, some of the best-known venues are Al Maryah Island, Saadiyat Beach Club, Asia De Cuba, and Blue Marlin Ibiza.

Dubai, UAE

New year

Dubai is famous across the world for its grand parties, unbelievable fireworks, and amazing shopping deals that become active during the New Year. Don’t believe us? Watch last year’s Burj Khalifa fireworks on YouTube, and we’re sure you’ll start packing your bags for Dubai. You can cruise in style around The Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis the Palm while reveling in the lights of the fireworks. Sway to the ground-shaking music in the high-end pubs or have a relaxed evening while satiating your appetite in fantastic restaurants that offer mouth-watering delicacies.

The best places to be in Dubai during New Year’s Eve are Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai Mall, Global Village Dubai, and Palm Islands. From mesmeric dinner dhow cruises and desert safaris to lavish New Year’s Eve dinners and party packages, the celebration options are endless; how you want to celebrate is up to you, but rest assured that it’ll be one of the best celebrations of your life.

Istanbul, Turkey

New year

Istanbul may not be the first choice as a New Year’s destination. But the sheer beauty and splendid events that Istanbul hosts on New Year’s Eve will surprise you. If you want to welcome the New Year by partying but do not want it to be crowded, you must get your Turkey visit visa; it is the place for you. It comes to life with splendid fireworks at vantage points around the city and dazzles under the beautifully lit decorations. Being Turkey’s capital, Istanbul is one of the most unique destinations for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Even though Christmas is not an occasion observed in Istanbul, the city comes alive from Christmas to New Year during the entire week because tourists flood the city for celebrations.

Some must-see places to celebrate New Year’s Eve are the Bosphorus Bridge to view the fireworks overlooking the Bosphorus Sea, Club Angelique, Taksim Square, and Istiklal Street.

Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanon new year

If vibrant parties are your thing, don’t delay getting your Lebanon visa. Beirut in Lebanon is known as a place where all-night parties are a trend on any given day. If you are in Beirut on New Year’s Eve, you are in for a special treat. This is one place where you will find happy-go-lucky and partying folks juggling between open-air beach parties and relaxed lounge celebrations. The clock strikes 12 and you’ll be dazzled by the fantastic fireworks and deafening cheers of the people all around. Beirut’s two significant nightlife hubs are Monot and Gemmayze. You can also check out the high-end casinos and pubs that will literally bring out the Bond and Elvis in you.

The best-known party places to welcome the New Year in Beirut are Four Points by Sheraton Le Verdun, Le Gray Hotel, Le Commodore Hotel, Staybridge Suites Beirut, and Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel.

Agadir, Morocco

New year in Morocco

Agadir is one of the places to visit on New Year’s Eve. Why? First of all, the weather is perfect. You’re in for a pleasant treat with 18 degrees during the day and 6 degrees at night. Enjoy the Moroccan hospitality and local folklore while swooning to the local music on almost every city street. Hotels and restaurants will offer special packages and menus for almost the entire New Year’s week, beginning with Christmas. Spend a memorable New Year’s Eve in Agadir amid the spectacular Essaouira and Paradise Valley backdrop. The best-known places to celebrate the New Year in Agadir are the Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort, Hotel Riu Palace Tikida, and Ibero Star Founty Beach.

Cairo, Egypt

Egypt New Year

New Year’s celebrations are one of the biggest festivities in Cairo. All you need is a celebratory spirit and the right holiday requirements, including an Egypt visa. It is ok if you don’t have deep pockets, as there are all types of celebration choices here. Sakkara and Mariottia, the two biggest gardens in Cairo, are the most popular venues for New Year’s Eve. There are many cultural centers and high-end pubs in Cairo that celebrate New Year’s Eve with DJs and bands, performers, full bars, and a crazy crowd. You can also cruise along the Nile on a romantic voyage while enjoying sparkling champagne. The best places to be in Cairo for New Year’s Eve are Bamboo Night, After Eight, Fresh N Fly, Sakkara Garden, and Mariottia Garden.

Amman, Jordan

Count down to the New Year in the capital, which has the soul of a cosmopolitan city and ruins from history. Amman is no less exciting than other cities if you want to experience the thrill and thunder of New Year’s Eve. Hundreds of thousands of revelers flock to the city for the various parties that will go on from the Grand Hyatt to Radiance. Just dust off your dancing shoes and reach one of those lively clubs and bars. Eat delicious food and sip classic wines to mark the beginning of this momentous year. The revolutionary pop-up club CLSTR, the glitz and glamour of Portico, and the best bands performing at Teen Lounge all have some peppy ways to raise the toast. Unfurl the year adventurous by riding in the Wadi Dunes and hiking to the top of the mountain for panoramic city views and fireworks.

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Are you ready for the New Year?

The Middle East has a myriad of options to see the farewell-bidding sunset of 2023 and have a splendid time here. Be it the most scrumptious Arabian food in Abu Dhabi, spectacular fireworks and beach parties in Dubai, or picturesque locations in Turkey, this territory will feed your inner mood. Book your tickets right away to revel in one of your favorite destinations in the Middle East.

P.S.: The Middle East as a whole is safe for tourists. But, before you plan to visit any of its countries, it’s better to check whether the place is currently under any political or terrorist turmoil.


Whether you’re looking to bring the New Year in an exotic, stylish, or traditional Arabian way, each of these destinations is strikingly unique in its own right and offers a variety of options to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. So come, take your pick from this list, and try something exciting this year.

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      I would love to visit Istanbul, Turkey during New Year’s Eve. How is the weather in the city during December?

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