Celebrate New Year’s Eve
The New Year is the time of fun, joy, celebration, and quality time with our loved ones. While most prefer to get away to a faraway destination, it may not be feasible for all to make a long-haul trip. If you are in such a situation or simply tired of spending every New Year’s Eve boozing, partying hard at clubs, or sleeping early, then no worries; we present here some

unique ways of celebrating the new year

that will stay with you for a long time.
new year

1. Rest & Recreation

If you don’t want to miss the much-awaited end-of–year getaway, pack your bags and set out to your dream destination for a refreshing start to the coming year. But make sure you choose a destination that is close to your place. Alternatively, you can also pick from your dream destinations or travel to the most happening places to visit during the New Year’s Eve.

Here’s a list of the most coveted travel destinations for year-end that you can use: 10 Memorable places in the world to celebrate new year eve

2. Bonfire Banter

Remember those childhood days when we used to have bonfires at school picnics? Recreate those moments with a bonfire with your loved ones. As you snuggle around the fire, you can be lost in happy memories and share anecdotes. Those enthusiastic chefs can also put together yummy barbeques to make the night picture-perfect.

PS: Please be careful while handling the fire.

3. Sharing is Caring

This year, spare a thought for those who do not get to celebrate the New Year. Visit an old-age home and spend quality time with the residents there. Along with happiness and peace of mind, you will also gain some great memories and blessings from those old but sparkling eyes. Trust us; it will brighten not just your year but theirs too.

4. Make a Resolution

Turn New Year’s Eve into a time to bond with your family and dear ones. Decorate your home while involving every member to bring out their creative ideas. Create a countdown wall, relive and reflect on the best and worst moments of the current year, and, of course, encourage your group to write down their goals for the upcoming year before the clock strikes 12:00.

5. Cook-a-thon

Tired of the long wait and the expensive rates at the best restaurants on New Year’s Eve? No worries! Just get your friends and family to pitch in and cook a grand New Year fête. Not only will you be able to make all your favorite foods, but you will also spend some quality time bonding with your loved ones. The food made will taste sweeter after putting in so much effort. Good, homemade food and great company – what better way to ring in the New Year?

6. Pajama Party

Leave your hair down, take out your most comfortable pair of pajamas, and call up your best buddies around for an informal slumber party. Include plenty of munchies and board games like Monopoly, Ludo, and Scrabble. Create a playlist of fabulous musical numbers and groove for a rocking pajama group dance!

PS: Breakfast at midnight is compulsory

7. Showtime

What better way to start the New Year for true movie buffs than a movie night? Call your fellow movie buffs over, order some popcorn and food, and get going! If you are a bunch of girls, then chick-flicks could be the way to go. If you love action or horror films, have an action movie marathon — whatever works best for you.

8. Kara-okeeee

There’s no party that rocks without music! The music, the fun, and the enjoyment of being surrounded by your friends and family make the evening unforgettable as they try their hand at singing some of the most challenging and popular songs. You can make a karaoke party a very appealing idea. So what are you waiting for? Download online karaoke software, tune in your favorite songs, and let go! Special prizes can also be given to the brave hearts who croon well!

9. Take a Hike

Do you wish to be out but don’t have time for a vacation? Turn out for a vigorous hike or trek through the mountains or a trail. For those feeling more adventurous and energetic, they can plan a camping trip with their buddies and make a stop for the weekend. There’s no better start to the New Year than one amidst nature and your loved ones.

10. Host a Party

For those who love to plan and organize, they can consider a house party. Call your close friends, order food and drinks, pick up some rocking music and you are ready to roll! One can meet new people and have a ball without the crowd and without getting stuck in the never-ending traffic. Don’t forget to click on some really memorable moments of the evening.

11. Simply Get Outside 

If it is a fresh start you are craving, embark on a long drive that takes you to the city’s isolated part where you can gaze at the stars and celebrate the arrival of the New Year calmly (away from all crowds and noise), and that too in the company of your loved ones.

Final Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? Pick one of these exciting ideas and start planning the celebration of your New Year’s Eve right away!

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