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Dubai is the land with immense beauty, entertainment, and culture. Contrary to the belief that a desert city will have any water scarcity, Dubai has immense love for water and water sports. Not only is the city obsessed with water sports, but Dubai also ensures that its water sports are one of the best in the world. Various beach activities and water parks adorn the beautiful city of Dubai.  There are so many world-renowned water parks in Dubai and its neighboring areas. One such record holding water park is the Wild Wadi Water Park.

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Wild Wadi Water Park is known for it’s fierce, entertaining, challenging and adrenaline-pumping rides, mostly not meant for the faint-hearted. Let’s get to know more about the Wild Wadi Water Park facts and its history.

Interesting Facts about Wild Wadi Water Park

  1. The Wild Wadi Water Park is the world’s fastest-growing water park according to the new Global Attractions Attendance Report from Themed Entertainment Association. Thanks to its ever-evolving attractions that make your experience better day by day.
  2. The Wild Wadi Water Park is included in the list of world’s 20 best water parks of Europe, Americans, and Asia- Pacific.  The sheer thrill and enjoyment of the audience is the reason for the never diminishing popularity of the Wild Wadi Water Park.
  3. The park offers the largest and the choicest collection of exciting rides in the entire UAE. which are accessible with the appropriate Wild Wadi Water Park tickets. Loved by children, adults, aged and toddlers alike, the Wild Wadi Water Park is recommended for all.
  4. The Wild Wadi Water Park is the first water park to be ISO certified and has been recognized for its quality, technological advancement, and safety aspects.
  5. Staff with over 41 nationalities work as a team at the Wild Wadi Water Park to ensure the guests have a flawless and fulfilled day. Each staff of the water park undergoes a specialized training of 6 hours per month for updated skills.
  6. Ellis and Associates, the internationally acclaimed agency licensed all the lifeguards of the Wild Wadi Water Park.
  7. Wild Wadi Water Park has three restaurants, 2 sumptuous snack stands and 2 gift shops for souvenirs. The park does not serve alcohol. The Park organizes regular environmental cleanups and recycles cardboard, plastics, oil, and paper for usage.
  8. Wild Wadi Water Park is not the largest park in the world area-wise but in a compact area, it has 30 rides and 8 master blasters, which is more than any water park in the world. The park is slated to reach a mark of 20 million footfalls by the year 2020.
  9. The famous Burj Surge slide of the water park is the only slide in the world with 2 bowls. The highest ride is a tandem fall of the 390-foot high slope with a speed of around 50kmph. These along with many other of its counterparts are one of the most enjoyable slides in the park.
  10. The integral theme of the water park which is based on the Arabian tale of Juha who along with his sea fearing friend, Sindbad takes on many adventures. The designs, themes and detailing done for the theme are so precise that led the park to win the prestigious World Water Park Association Industry Innovation Award for the park’s Outstanding Accomplishments in Design and Theme.

Wild Wadi Water Park History

One of the world’s most-visited water parks in the world, the Wild Wadi Water Park was opened in August 1999, Wild Wadi Water Park was built to give the visitors a taste of thrill and adrenaline rush never experienced before. Standing true to its name, the water park offers every bit of the rush one can experience. Although many rides are meant to test your guts, there are ample opportunities to enjoy fun rides, relax and spend a fun-filled day with your friends and family across all age groups.

Wild Wadi Water Park Tickets

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Many compare the Wild Wadi Water Park with the later opened much bigger Aquaventure too but the Wild Wadi has maintained its charm by introducing new rides from time to time and indulging the guests in pure and unadulterated fun.

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