Best Things to do at Atlantis the Palm Dubai- A luxurious indulgence

Best Things to do at Atlantis the Palm Dubai- A luxurious indulgence


It’s not every day that you visit a one of the most sought after shopping and entertainment destination in the world. Enjoying an area of 44 hectares on a man-made island, Atlantis the Palm Dubai is a 1500 room hotel and more where anything is possible.

Keeping up to the reputation of Dubai’s incredible hospitality, Atlantis the Palm ensures it guests enjoy the most luxurious stay at the hotel with state- of- the art amenities and a grandeur beyond imagination.

Other than the luxurious stay, Atlantis the Palm offers an array of activities to entertain, enthrall and excite its guests. Here are the best of the amazing things you can do there.

1. Go on a shopping spree
shopping at Atlantis the palm dubaiIf you are staying at Atlantis the palm, you really don’t need to go out for anything. Everything you need, from a small souvenir to the exquisite collectibles, Atlantis offers you under one roof. Atlantis also boasts of an ATM that dispenses gold bars. The shopping center of Atlantis offers some of the best high end boutique shops and also ensures that all the essentials you need for a perfect holiday are available here. Watches, jewelry, garments, swimwear, and even confectionaries are available from the best of international brands.

2. Ossiano- Dine with the marines
Ossiano Dubai
Atlantis houses some of the best restaurants of Dubai including Ossiano that allows the guest to dine in an ambience with ceiling- to- floor aquarium instead of walls. This luxury restaurant not only serves the most sumptuous of the world cuisine but also if booked in advance, delivers your personal message to your loved one by a trained scuba diver through the aquarium. How romantic is that?

3. Enjoy the underwater signature suite
underwater signature suite Atlantis the Palm dubai
One of the best things to do at Atlantis is to enjoy the underwater signature suite. The larger than life suite offers untainted luxury with your bedroom having views of the Ambassador lagoon housing 65000 of most exotic marine animals. The glamourous spectacle of the suite is spread across three floors including a private lift, 24 carat gold flecked soap, 24/7 butler service, and a personal spa bath.

4. Experience spectacular helicopter rides
helicopter rides Atlantis the palm
Atlantis, in collaboration with Alpha tours offers exclusive helicopter rides to enjoy the glittering Dubai skyline in the most luxurious way. Witness one of the most spectacular cities in the world up close and personal with the special helicopter rides of Atlantis the Palm. There are different packages including ‘Dubai Skyline tour’, ‘Dubai skyline Premium tour’ and the most famous ‘The Ultimate Arrival and Departure Experience’.

5. Relax on the private beaches and exclusive pools
atlantis the palm beaches
Known as one of the best beach resorts in Dubai, Atlantis the Palm offers an amazing coastline stretching to 1.4 kilometers of pristine sandy beaches. With an array of watersports and other beach activities available, it is the most loved place of the tourists here. Sleep, relax, sunbathe or indulge in adventure sports; your day at the beach here is sure to be full of excitement. The hotel also has two stunning swimming pools that lets you relax and unwind in pure luxury.

6. Sea Lion Discovery
sea lion discovery atlantis the palm dubai
A specially designed marine habitat for the sea lions at the Atlantis gives you a chance to get up close and personal with these friendly and amazing creatures. An indoor program with shallow waters allows even the non-swimmers to enjoy the fun. Hug them, kiss them and discover unbelievable information about these exotic marine animals.

7. Discover the lost Chambers of Atlantis
The Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai
You don’t need to book the signature suite to witness the water lagoon with 65000 marine inhabitants. Come to the Lost Chambers of the Atlantis and explore the best of the underwater world on your own. The tour involves great information about the water inhabitants and their species including water sharks, eels, sea horses along with a touch tank and various interactive shows. You can also book a special behind- the- scenes tour.

8. Reach the new levels of excitement at the Aquaventure Waterpark
atlantis aquaventure waterpark dubai
Adding another jewel to its already shining crown of entertainment and luxury, Atlantis the Palm presents the Aquaventure waterpark. Open to both tourists and guests, the Aquaventure waterpark is considered to be the best in Dubai. Experience the unbelievable rush of excitement and test your guts on the adrenaline pumping rides at the waterpark. Touted to be the best waterpark in UAE and Middle East, it packs an exciting punch of fun for all age groups.

9. Experience the Dolphin Bay
Atlantis Dolphin Bay Dubai
There can’t be a better opportunity to see, swim and play with the friendly Dolphins, as it is at the Dolphin Bay. One of the most sophisticated habitat for dolphins in the world, Dolphin welcomes guests of all ages and of all swimming abilities. It includes a 15-minute orientation with a specialized marine mammal trainer, 30 minutes inside the water with the dolphins, and much more. You can stand in shallow waters, swim with them or scuba dive with these amazing creatures, and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

10. Learn diving courses at Dive Atlantis
Dive Atlantis dubai
There’s no better way to know the exquisite world of 65000 marine animals than to actually be with them. So what if you have never done this before. Enroll in the exclusive courses at the Atlantis and learn a skill that will last with you for the lifetime. Atlantis the palm offers Aquarium dives, PADI dives, ultimate snorkel program, Dolphin Scuba dive and exclusive Junior program to keep your young ones productively engaged.

Atlantis the Palm is not just a luxury hotel, it is a world of chaste luxury and a dedicated resort that ensures its guests enjoy unimaginable extravagance in one of the best city of the world.

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