Pro Tips to Plan Travel on a Budget for Wonderful Holiday Vacation

Pro Tips to Plan Travel on a Budget for Wonderful Holiday Vacation


Going on a vacation at least once a year is necessary. It helps you to take a break from your routine and unwind. This is the time when you can let go off all daily life stresses and enjoy. However, vacationing can add to your stresses if you spend over your budget. Yes, vacationing or travelling, though necessary, can burn a hole in your pocket. But that does not mean you should not go anywhere. All you need to do is plan your vacation as per your budget. This is possible even when you are planning a family vacation. Here are some tips that will help you to go on a holiday without spending too much money.

Travel on a Budget

Plan your budget:

The first thing you have to do is decide on your holiday budget. Once you know how much you can spend, you start looking for a place where you can go. Consider things like travel expenses, boarding and lodging, food and sightseeing. You also need to keep aside some money for emergency situations.

Book in advance:

Booking travel arrangements and hotels in advance can help you save a lot of money. If you are travelling overseas, book your ticket at least six months in advance. You are likely to get tickets at low cost in this situation. In case of hotel rooms, the earlier you book, the more options you get for booking an inexpensive hotel. Also, constantly check for deals and offers on flight tickets and hotels. Many websites, hotels and airlines come up with discounts and other such offers from time to time.

Travel during off-season:

Going on a holiday during off-season can help you save a lot of money. This is because most hotels charge less during this time period. Also, the travelling costs come down considerably. However, not everyone can travel during this time, especially families with school going children. Nevertheless, if you want to save money, off-season is a great time to go on a vacation.

Stay with family/friends:

If you are on a tight budget but still want to take your family on a holiday, choose a place where you have close friends, family members or relatives. Staying at a hotel is a major expense and if you could stay at a friend’s or family member’s place, you do save a lot of money. Make sure whether they would be comfortable with you staying at their place and that it would not be a major problem for them.

Vacation in your city:

Most of us never consider travelling in our own city thinking we could do it any time we want. But when the routine sets in, it never happens. So, if you do not want to spend a lot, go sightseeing in your city this holiday. Look out for historical locations, museums, amusement parks, national parks, zoos, etc. in your own city; these places either do not charge anything or have a minimal entry fee. You save money on hotels, food and travelling, which cause major expenses usually. All you have to spend money is in transportation and sometimes food too if you want to try a new restaurant. You can also choose to have a picnic with your family when you go sightseeing in your city.

Cook your own food:

As people tend to spend a lot of money on food while travelling, cooking food on your own can help you save. Look for a hotel that provides you with a fridge and microwave. You can carry cooked food for a few days, store it in the fridge and eat it by heating it up in the microwave. You can also shop for some basic supplies and cook your own food. Also, carry some healthy snacks that you can munch when you feel hungry.

Walk or take public transport:

Most people opt for cabs or drive around in their own cars when they go sightseeing. Both these modes can cause a dent in your budget. Instead, opt for public transport. They are definitely cheaper than cabs. Plus, if your destination is nearby, you can also choose to walk. This way you not only save money but also get the opportunity to explore the place. Moreover, you do not miss on your daily dose of exercise, which usually happens when on holiday.

Travel in groups:

Travelling in a group is another way of saving money. Many travel agencies and websites offer good package deals for groups. In most cases, when you split the cost, it would be lesser than what it would be when you travel alone or with your family. So, make a vacation plan with your extended family or with a group of friends. It would be fun as well as inexpensive.

Look for coupons:

Check out websites that provide discount coupons on hotels, restaurants, etc. Buy the ones that you think are good deals. This way you can eat at a good restaurant without ruining your budget. Do not forget to check things like validity date as well as the terms and conditions.

These are things that you can do for budget family travel or even while travelling alone. Although you have to look for cheaper rates when it comes to transportation, food and hotels, do not compromise on your safety. Do not eat food at a restaurant just because it is cheap. You may have to battle stomach infections after returning home, which would again increase your expenses. In case of hotels, check whether it is safe, secure and clean, and has a decent reputation.

Another thing that you must remember is not to think too much about money while travelling. This will spoil all the fun. Hence, plan ahead so that you do not have to think of spending all the time. Lastly, do not forget to have a blast. Bonjour!