Dubai Water Canal – Everything you wanted to know

Dubai Water Canal – Everything you wanted to know


Dubai can only be described as a city in the midst of the greatest urban transformation our world has ever seen. The latest, or one of the latest feathers in Dubai’s architectural cap is the Dubai Water Canal, a 3.2 km long waterway, recently completed at the cost of AED 2.7 billion. The world held its breath again, watching Dubai complete and unveil the much-anticipated Dubai Canal. We’re glad to say that it’s a well-justified anticipation – the Water Canal in Dubai is as magnificent as promised. Here’s everything we know you want to know about it!

Dubai Water Canal

What Is The Dubai Canal Like?
The Dubai Water Canal is a sight to behold; it stretches boldly for 3.2 kilometers, cutting through Dubai’s main artery, the Sheikh Zayed Road. Ranging in width from 80 to 120 meters, the canal cuts across Safa Park and plunges into the residential Jumeirah district. From there it pours into the Arabian Gulf, where it completes its journey. Along the Dubai Canal is the 12 kilometer-long Marasi Business Bay Promenade, which provides lots of space to walk, skate and enjoy other leisure activities.

Water Canal in Dubai

In What Way Does The Dubai Canal Benefit The City?
The canal has been diverted from the Dubai Creek in old Dubai, for the sole purpose of creating a waterfront arena within the city’s core. The project had added 6.4 kilometers of waterfront to Dubai, plus a 3-kilometer running track and 12 kilometers cycling path to the city. A space of 80,000 square meters has also been created for public space and facilities, including parking. Along the canal’s waterfront, several new lifestyle precincts are coming up, to add to the already existing W Hotel, the St Regis.

Dubai Water Canal Cruise

How Does The Canal Fit In With Dubai’s Aesthetics?
The canal links Business Bay with the Arabian Gulf, converting Downtown, Satwa, Oud Metha, Karama, Bur Dubai and Zabeel into one huge island. Of course, this increases the real estate value of the space thus created, but that is neither here nor there. A lovely little mechanical waterfall has been put in place, at the point where the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge meets the canal. The waterfall is motion-operated – it pumps water through the bridge when no boats are passing under it.
The waterfall turns off the moment a sensor detects a boat nearby. You can see the waterfall all the way from the new water canal promenade. Did you know that the waterfall lights up beautifully at night? Apart from the waterfall, five picturesque pedestrian bridges are in place. Three of the bridges are placed strategically so people can enjoy stunning vistas and watch boats pass by underneath. It’s rather like the bridges over the River Sienne in Paris!

Dubai Water Canal Cruise


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What Are Dubai’s Further Plans For The Canal?
Dubai has several ambitious plans surrounding the new water canal.
• Going by Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority’s intent, the canal will be turned into an international-standard marine transport hub. There will be five stations capable of serving six million passengers annually.
• The plan is to flank the Canal with several leisure and lifestyle buildings such as restaurants, malls, hotels, cafes and entertainment areas.
• There is to be a marina and a boardwalk, which will make the canal a hangout hotspot for locals and visitors.
• The canal will become the centerpiece of a massive real estate development of the surrounding area. The plan is to construct 960 hotel rooms and more than 5,000 residential units.
• Three separate districts are planned – the Gate Towers, Jumeirah and the Peninsula. A three level, 300,000 square meter mall will be built in one of these districts, containing over 400 retail outlets, with a park on the roof.
• At the end of the canal, there are plans to construct a peninsula that will extend the Jumeirah Beach Park. This peninsula will add another kilometer of sandy beach to the area, increasing the location’s recreational potential.
• Construction is already underway at the Business Bay end of the Canal, for waterfront district that will rival Dubai Marina.
• There will also be a mall with a green park on its roof, facing Safa Park.
• The Walk’ at Dubai Water Canal which will be 7 kilometer long is to connect with the Jumeirah Beach running track, creating a seamless track for joggers. Smart surveillance cameras with face-recognition technology will be set up everywhere to make the Walk absolutely safe at any time of the day and night.
• The entire development will be endowed with a great deal of greenery, which is part of Dubai’s nature conservation program.
• There will be a total of four residential towers overlooking Safa Park plus 211 residential units that will overlook the canal directly.
• The newly-created peninsula area will have no less than 60 marinas, 957 five star hotel rooms, 347 malls, plenty of restaurants and 1,817 residential units.
What’s The Current Status Of The Dubai Water Canal Project?
• The first phase of the development costing Dhs580 million is now completed. This phase includes the Canal’s water course and the bridges over Sheikh Zayed Road.
• The second phase included two bridges on Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Beach Road. These bridges will allow yachts of up to 8.5 meters in height to navigate the canal along these roads. Phase II also includes a multi-tier interchange that will link the traffic between Al Wasl, Al Hadiqa and Al Athar Roads. This phase which cost Dhs384 million is nearing completion.
• The third and final phase cost Dhs 802 million and includes digging and building the sides of the canal. The project aims to link Dubai Creek with the Arabian Gulf from Sheikh Zayed Road, through Al Safa Park and Jumeirah. The final phase also includes four marine transit stations, three pedestrian bridges and a manmade peninsula along Jumeirah Park. The final phase is still going on and will be complete shortly.

July is the month given by the city for the completion of the monumental Dubai water canal project. Each bridge lane will be opened in phases, and all bridges will be in operation from July 21st. The Dubai water canal is Dubai’s most ambitious project to date, to rival the manmade Palm Islands.