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Dhow cruise Dubai

is an attraction that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Most people might have heard about this because of its quirky charm and importance in the region’s traditional past. Now if you’re a first-timer and confused or overwhelmed with all dhow cruise info littered across the web, here we have got a perfect read which covers everything you would like to know about this wonderful cruise in Dubai.

What is the Dhow Cruise & All you Need to Know about it

dhow cruise

Dubai dhow cruise is simply a dinner cruise that allows you to take in the astonishing city skyline and breathtaking sights from a rare vantage point on the water. But what makes it one of the special attractions in Dubai is the dhow or the wooden Arabian sailing vessel used for the purpose; its design is inspired by the ancient Emirati boat and comes with a capacity to accommodate 25 to 250 people at a time (depending on the Dhow size). A perfect blend of culture and cuisines complemented by the understated charm and refined comfort, this dinner cruise Dubai the concept has somewhat become a guaranteed source to get a slice of the region’s traditional heritage.

Best Time to Go for Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Dhow Cruises in Dubai is operational daily, However, for the best mesmerizing experience, opt for the evening cruise in the pleasant winter months so that you can enjoy a breezy evening enjoying the iconic sights of Dubai bathed in hues of sunset as well as witness the scintillating panorama of the city shimmering in brilliant illuminations at night time.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Timings

  • Dubai Marina: 7.15 pm
  • Dubai Creek: 6.15 pm

Dhow Cruise in Dubai can be done at any time of the year. It is operational daily.

Places to Go for Dhow Cruise in Dubai

The main two locations are at Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina.

  • Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise – Marsa Al Seef Opposite British Consulate, Bur Dubai
  • Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise – Dhow Cruise Marina, Behind Signature Hotel Apartments & Spa

How To Reach Dubai Cruise Locations?

You can reach Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina by car, metro or public transportation.

  • Dubai Marina, you can take the Red Metro line. The closest station is DMCC Metro Station.
  • Dubai Creek, you can take the Red Metro line. The closest station is Burjuman Metro Station.

We also have tours that include sharing and private transfers in which case you can avail pick up ad drop off services.

The History of Dubai Dhow Cruise

Dhows hold a dignified past; it had a major role in boosting the region’s economic conditions during the pre-oil era. The culture and history enthusiasts will be amused by the fact that this must-experience tourist attraction was once the working vessel used for fishing, pearl diving and of course to transport cargoes to and from countries including China, East Africa, India, Pakistan, etc. While the real significance of dhows has almost waned, these sturdy vessels are still retained and are used mostly in the form of a floating restaurant. And the greatest thing is that it’s still manufactured using the same old materials as well as traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Difference Between Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek And Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

  • Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

dhow cruise dubai creek

Dubai Creek which flows right through the heart of the city has long been the lifeline of commerce in the city. It has the city’s oldest neighborhoods on its either side: Deira and Bur Dubai. Enjoy the sights of Dubai’s bustling bazaars and scenic city views.

In fact, a dhow cruise Dubai Creek offers you a closer look at the region’s historic landscape studded with a mix of elegant old structures topped with wind towers, charming gold and spice souks (traditional Arabian bazaars), and the mesmeric contemporary sights. Overall, it assures you of a genuine taste of culture and history as you glide by the ancient Dubai visiting places.

  • Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

dhow cruise dubai marina

Dubai Marina perfectly fits the bill if you’re looking to experience the vibrant heart of modern Dubai with a touch of culture and tradition. A Dhow cruise on Dubai Marina is more idyllic and leisurely that the one on Dubai Creek.

This experience lets you revel in Dubai’s dazzling avant-gardism as the cruise makes its way through some of the most modern architectural styles and extraordinary marvels including Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis The Palm, Burj Al Arab, etc.

What To Expect in a Dhow Cruise?

Dubai cruise entertainment show

Being atmospheric and slow-paced, a dhow cruise is ideal for anyone looking for some relaxed, laidback moments away from all crowd and hustles in Dubai. A dhow cruise usually begins after the sunset and you’ll mostly spend two hours to three hours depending on the type of dhow cruise you’ve chosen. There will be a dedicated crew to tend your needs onboard right from the moment you step into the Dhow through the cruise ends. The ambiance is remarkably calming with an intimate décor that reminisces of a bygone era.

You can choose to relax in its partially open upper deck with unhindered views or settle in the air-conditioned lower deck complimented by clear views through its glass windows. Besides great food, you can keep yourself entertained with some amazing Arabic art-forms, mainly the dazzlingly astonishing Tanura show. What’s more; you’ll be invited to participate along and try a few steps with the vibrantly clad performer. Apart from these, you’ll get to adorn your hands with beautiful henna designs (extra charges apply in most cases).

What is the Food Like on a Dhow Cruise?


Along with the great ambiance and captivating city skyline views, the food is a high-point of any dhow cruise. Whether you adore vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes or even Asian, Western, Continental, Mediterranean, or authentic local specialties, the foods made available in a dhow cruise are mostly a mix of all. And you can look forward to being treated to a lavish buffet dinner spread out artistically with a diverse array of starters, salads, main course delicacies, and indulgent desserts. Most Dhows also come with cash bars that let you purchase alcoholic drinks aboard.



Sailing on dhow is one of the extremely popular things to do in Dubai on special days. There are several cruises themed around a celebration, festival or occasion. New Year’s Eve Cruise, for instance, is perfect for anyone looking to sail into the brand-new year the most exotic way. They come with added perks including special New Year cake, champagne, and magnificent fireworks display. Another popular one is Valentines’ Day Cruise which allows you to make your love of life really special on a special day. This gives you the chance to treat your beloved one with flowers, lovely views, and the finest food and drinks. Moreover, most cruise operators tailor a perfect dhow cruise package to suit your milestone anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, etc.

How to Choose a Dhow Cruise in Dubai?

A dhow cruise is exceptionally affordable and you can easily choose a dhow cruise that goes with unique cruise preferences. But the most important thing is to find a reliable service provider with solid experience in organizing a dhow dinner cruise Dubai. This gives you the peace of mind that they will do all the works and take care of every minute detail, especially if you’re planning to throw a party or a get together aboard a Dhow. Also, make sure that you directly contact your preferred cruise operator and no middlemen are involved as this promises you immense cost savings.


Surely, a dhow cruise in Dubai is an unbeatable experience in which you don’t want to give a miss. So whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned Dubai traveler, come take this unique culinary cruise and return with a trove of priceless Dubai memories.

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