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Desert safari is the ultimate experience in Dubai. It gives you a glimpse of desert life and offers a lot of fun too. Boasting a perfect mix of adventure, culture, entertainment, and good food, the Dubai desert safari is not something to be missed. As it is such a popular attraction, you would find different types of

desert safaris in Dubai.

Right from the basic ones to top-end, luxury safaris, you can choose a desert safari as per your budget, needs, requirements, etc. Rayna Tours is one of the top destination management companies that has been arranging desert safari tours for years. We have the expertise of offering every type of desert safari, be it standard or the premium ones.

Standard Desert Safaris – Enjoy the Enthralling Drive

You may have come across many operators offering low-cost desert safaris in Dubai. But wait before you think that it’s worth paying! Our desert safaris are certainly not cheaper, however, they are justly charged at the top end for a variety of genuine reasons.

Standard Desert Safari

  • First and Foremost:

Our aim is to organize top quality desert safaris across the UAE. Unlike cheaper desert safari companies that mostly rely on a third-party service provider or a freelance driver/guide, we’ve our own spacious camp plus a top-notch fleet of ATVs and 4X4 cars with permanently employed drivers and guides.

  • Absolute Efficiency:

Evidently, we don’t take any easy or alternate route to conduct any of the activities or experiences as part of our desert safaris. Be it food, traditional entertainment, or a bonafide desert-inspired adventure, everything is accurately put together and arranged first-hand while ensuring that you’ve ample time to make the most of it.

  • Authentic Insider Experience:

Our professionally trained guides are the finest in the industry. With the most genuine information on the Arabian Desert’s intricacy, compelling beauty, and the intriguing past, they will rightly get you under the skin of the fascinating Bedouin culture and heritage.

  • Greater Comfort:

Besides assuring you of the comfort of vehicles and the quality of drivers, we don’t stuff our cars or coaches full, especially in the case of 4X4 dune bash and shared hotel transfers.

  • More Themes & Options:

Whether you prefer an exclusive morning or sunrise desert safari or wish to include a session of quad biking or sandboarding in your evening safari, we offer freedom and flexibility to design a desert safari that goes with your specific needs.

Types of Standard Desert Safaris

Here you can take a look at the types of standard desert safari packages. They are pocket-friendly and give you the best desert experience too.

  • Evening Desert Safari
Evening Desert Safari

Our evening desert safari is the most basic desert safari that you would find on our website. It is action-packed with adventurous activities including dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking, etc. Other attractive inclusions of this safari package are henna designing, belly dancing and Tanoura dancing performances, shisha smoking, sunset photography, Emirati dress photoshoot, and an international BBQ dinner. Convenience is of utmost importance and thus, transportation is also included in this tour. There are other variations of the evening desert safari, which are desert safari with camel riding, desert safari with dune bashing, camel riding, and BBQ dinner.

  • Morning Desert Safari
Morning Desert Safari

Another safari that comes under the standard category is the morning desert safari. This desert safari is delightful for the early risers, giving you the chance to see the glorious sunrise in the desert. This safari is inclined towards the adventurous activities like dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, etc. It is of a shorter duration compared to others on the list and ends with a delicious breakfast and Arabic coffee.

Premium/ VIP Desert Safaris – Feel Luxurious

Premium Desert Safari

Our collection of deluxe desert safaris allows you to take in Dubai’s otherworldly desert scenery and tranquility unlike anything else! In fact, this appeals to anyone enticed by the classic Arabian hospitality, luxury, and indulgence. Know what really sets our premium desert safaris apart.

  • Private and Exclusive:

An itinerary handcrafted just for you promises you an unparalleled experience of exploring one of the most exquisite and untouched desert landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Maximum Comfort and Relaxation:

Right in the midst of untamed dunes, our rustic Bedouin-inspired tents surprisingly come with all trimmings of a luxurious escape. Relax after a heart-racing desert activity or even opt to spend an unforgettable night here under the desert stars. Surely, this melts all your tensions and pressures away!

  • Personalized Transport:

Set out on an exclusive and thrilling dune bash joined by your friends, family or a like-minded group. This lets you appreciate the exquisiteness of Dubai’s desert landscape in the convenience and safety of a high-performance 4X4 vehicle.

  • Elites Choice:

Being visited and enjoyed by celebrity guests as diverse as internationally renowned cricketers, movie stars, and singers including Sunny Leone, Sonu Nigam, and Rahul Dravid, our premium trips have truly raised the industry bars on how to impeccably carry out a luxury desert safari.

Rayna Desert Camp

Whether you choose our normal or premium desert safari, it promises to bring in a touch of unequaled adventure, fun, and magic to your UAE vacation, making it absolutely worth every penny you spend on it.

Types of Premium Desert Safaris

Premium desert safaris offer the same attractions and activities as the regular desert safari. So, what makes it different- these desert safari camps are less crowded and feels more private. Also, you would receive more personalized services from the staff. Here are a few types of premium desert safaris offered by Rayna Tours.

  • Private Desert Safari: During the private desert safari, you get to enjoy the delights of the desert and the entertainment and adventurous activities exclusively. You can either share it with a couple of other people or make it a private evening just for you and your partner.
  • Premium Desert Safari: Enjoy the delights of the desert safari in a luxury camp. All the experiences at this desert safari are lavish and at the same time immaculately authentic. Although a bit expensive than the standard desert safari, the time you spend here is worth every penny.

Recognized by TripAdvisor with the Certificate of Excellence

Many of our happy customers personally vouch for our desert safaris with upfront and transparent pricing; visit our TripAdvisor page to read unbiased reviews and be convinced about Rayna Tours’ faultless reputation.

Desert Safari Tips

Whichever type of desert safari you choose for yourself, there are certain things that you should follow to have a great time. Here are some helpful desert safari tips that would make your trip hassle-free:

  • The best time to go for desert safari is the winter season. Afternoons are pleasant while mornings and evenings are cool. If you are planning to go in the summer season, opt for evening desert safari, as the temperature in the desert is a little cooler, after sunset.
  • Wear loose, comfortable cotton clothes while going on a desert safari. Sunglasses and hat are necessary accessories to protect yourself from heat, even for evening desert safari. Also, do not forget to carry a jacket or shawl, as you may find the nights chillier.
  • When it comes to footwear, opt for open shoes or sandals. Do not wear closed shoes as there are chances of sand slipping inside, and later cleaning the shoes could be difficult. However, with open sandals or shoes, you can easily get the sand off them.
  • You may have paid for the entire tour beforehand. However, it would be better to carry some cash with you, if you want to take part in some extra activities or buy some souvenirs or gifts at the camp.
  • It is obligatory to listen to the instructors carefully before trying any of the adventurous activities, as it diminishes the chances of any kind of accidents or mishaps.

Rezmin is passionate about traveling and curating content about history, traditions and other intriguing aspects that make a place attractive. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fictional books sprinkled with inspiration, humor and enthusiasm.

  • 12 thoughts on “What makes our Standard Desert Safaris the Best and the Premium Ones the Choicest?
    1. Avatar for Rezmin

      Hi, I would like to know if there are premium services available in an overnight desert safari as I like to rest comfortably and would prefer something else over sleeping bags.

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        Yes ma’am. You can opt for comfortable majlises and other premium services in the overnight safari. Contact Rayna Tours’ executives to know more.

    2. Avatar for Rezmin

      Hi, I would like to know if there are premium services available in an overnight desert safari as I like to rest comfortably and would prefer something else over sleeping bags.

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        Yes ma’am. You can opt for comfortable majlises and other premium services in the overnight safari. Contact Rayna Tours’ executives to know more.

    3. Avatar for Rezmin

      I have done the VIP desert safari in the past, and I would recommend it to all. It is a complete value for money safari.

    4. Avatar for Rezmin

      I already have a packed Dubai tour, but your blog on the desert safari has really intrigued me. I don’t have much time, which safari would you recommend?

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        I would recommend the Morning Desert Safari, so you would be free in the afternoon and evening to continue your Dubai tour.

    5. Avatar for Rezmin

      I have done the Evening Desert Safari, and let me tell you, it was a blast. Though it was basic, my friends and I had the best time in the desert.

    6. Avatar for Rezmin

      Hello! I read about the VIP desert safari and this has a lot of premium experiences. I wanted to know if discounts are available for larger groups?

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