Ten things you might not know about Georgia

1. The birthplace of wine with artifacts of winemaking dating back to 8,000 years.

2. Also known as the Balcony of Europe for its marvelous landscapes including the Black Sea coastline and Caucasus Mountains.

3. Houses close to 2,000 ancient castles and fortresses showing the impeccable architectural heritage and rich history.

4. Home to the city of Mtskheta, the oldest continuously inhabited cities globally

5. There are 12 different climate zones in Georgia ranging from alpine to subtropical offering natural and a diverse environment.

6. Renowned for its impeccable hospitality and traditional feast named “Supra” where guests are treated with delicious dishes and wine.

7.  Often associated with the legend of Golden Fleece and the story of Jason and the Argonauts

8. Features its own unique alphabet that is one among the fourteen existing alphabets worldwide.

9. It has a unique tradition named “Tamada” performed by a toastmaster leading the toasting rituals during festive gatherings.

10. Birthplace of the popular Georgian polyphonic singing that is recognized as a UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage.

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