Thailand's Festivals: A Celebration of Culture, Spirituality, and Joy.

1. Chinese New Year

Vivacious fireworks, traditional dragon dances, and plenty of Chinese banquets decorate the streets.

2. Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Bright-colored flowers of different varieties line up on the streets to highlight modern and ancient floral art.

3. Songkran

Symbolizes the Thai New Year by cleaning away sins of the past year through some wet and fun activities.

4. Boon Bang Fai

The rocket festival is quite famous among the farming communities for encouraging their gods to bring plenty of rainfall.

5. Phu Giay Festival

Enthusiastic and zappy festivities are part of this unique festival dedicated to the mother goddess of Vietnamese folk religion.

6. Thailand Coffee Festival

Get ready to taste some amazing coffee flavors as your experience a robot barista experience coupled with stage walks.

7. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

The ruling Monarch's birthdays are celebrated with great vigor through performances, parades, traditional food stalls, and much more.

8. Candle Festival

The beginning of the Buddhist Lent season

9. Phi Ta Khon

The colorful and vibrant three-day Ghost festival embraces the macabre Phi Ta Khon.

10. Mekong Naga Fireballs

A fascinating festival that witnesses large reddish pink balls rise to the sky with an array of incredible fireworks.

11. Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Vivacious festivities coupled with abstinence from meat, garlic, onions, and other food groups.

12. Wing Kwai

Get your pulses racing as the buffaloes race bareback and some bovine-related adventures.

13. Surin Elephant Festival

Dedicated to Thailand’s friendly giant through parades and lovingly feeding the gentle giants.

14. Yi Peng

Symbolizes letting go of the past year's misfortunes by releasing lanterns in the night sky.

15. Lopburi Monkey Banquet

Dedicated to Thai monkeys, where a banquet of vegetables, fruits, and seeds is served.