15 Best Street food in Amsterdam, Netherlands

A baguette sandwich created using a creative fusion of Vietnamese and French cuisine usually stuffed with grilled meat, herbs, and pickled vegetables.

1. Bahn Mi

A savory deep-fried meat-based balls topped with a round of mushroom.

2. Bitterballen

A typical Dutch cheese variety like Edam and Gouda.

3. Dutch Cheese

Large and thin pancakes served with savory or sweet toppings.

4. Dutch pancakes

A classical Dutch treat served as raw herring with onions and pickles.

5. Herring

A contemporary Dutch fast food featuring shawarma meat, salad, sauces, and melted cheese topped with fries.

6. Kapsalon

Fried and battered chunks of white fish topped with a tangy garlic sauce.

7. Kibbeling

Crispy falafel balls stuffed with flavorful sauces and fresh veggies within a warm pita bread.

8. Pita falafel

A fluffy and sweet mini-Dutch pancakes coated with a round of powdered sugar.

9. Poffertjes

Deep-friend doughnuts topped with a round of powdered sugar.

10. Oliebollen

Indonesian-inspired skewers of marinated meat served with aromatic spices and peanut sauce.

11. Satay

A traditional Dutch recipe featuring mashed vegetables and potatoes along with smoked sausages.

12. Stamppot

An iconic Dutch delicacy where thin waffles stuffed with caramel syrup and served.

13. Stroopwafel

Typically thicker and crunchier than regular fries, served piping hot with an array of sauces like mayonnaise, ketchup

14. Frites

Delicious fresh rice paper rolled with herbs, choice of protein, and fresh vegetables.

15. Vietnamese spring rolls