Iranian Shia Mosque
Mosques are not uncommon sights in Dubai, but

Iranian Shia Mosque

in the city’s Satwa area is one of the hidden jewels, being one of the very few Shia mosques in the region. Want to know more about this charming mosque where the majestic Persian art and architecture merge? Just scroll down this exclusive read which enlightens you on everything about this mosque’s location, timing, interesting facts, things to experience here, and more.

Iranian Shia Mosque

Interesting Iranian Shia Mosque Facts

  • Popularly known as Iranian Shia Mosque, its original name, however, is Imam Hussein Mosque.
  • It was opened in 1984 by the Iranian community in Dubai.
  • This mosque was built with the support of Iranian Red Crescent.
  • Iranian Mosque sprawls over an area of about 2,500 square meters.
  • It’s one of the UAE’s very few Iranian mosques.
  • It now serves as the primary religious centre for the community of over 500,000 Iranians in the region.
  • There is another similar Iranian Shia mosque in Bur Dubai’s Old Textile souk area.
  • In addition to serving as a prominent place of worship for the Shia sect of Muslims, the mosque is also a venue for a plethora of religious and cultural activities.

Important Iranian Shia Mosque Information – Location, How To Reach, Timing, And Entry Info

Iranian Shia Mosque Location

It’s located on Al Wasl Street (P.O. Box: 23064 Dubai, UAE), adjacent to Iranian Hospital, in the Jumeirah region.

How to reach Iranian Shia Mosque?

You can arrive here via private or public transport. If you plan to reach here via bus, take the bus number 15, 21 or 93 which stops at Al Safa 1 Bus Stop. Burj Khalifa and Business Bay are closest metro stations to the mosque.

Iranian Shia Mosque Timing

It’s open during prayer hours.

Entry Info

As with the case of the majority of mosques in Dubai, it’s not open for non-Muslims or general public.

Mosque Architecture

It boasts of an intricately designed structure that reflects the Persian and quasi Fatimid architectural styles. Contrary to most other Dubai’s mosques that have plain, simple exteriors, this mosque boasts of a highly decorative façade. One of its striking characteristics is its elaborate outer walls finished in traditional azure blue colored tiles and embellished with elegant designs.

Top Mosque Activities

  • It performs the religious Friday prayers, apart from the daily congregation prayers five times including Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Ishaa.
  • Besides daily and weekly prayers, it holds celebrations and conducts speeches, ceremonies etc on occasions like Muharram, Safar and Ramadan.
  • There is the Holy Quran recitation daily after the Ishaa namaz.
  • Ladies-exclusive activities are conducted here from time to time. This ranges from Arabic and English courses to activities that enhance their life skills.
  • There are cultural activities and resources for kids as well; they take form of books, camp, and software solutions to name a few.
  • The mosque also focuses on the cultural – scientific activities.

What’s Inside Iranian Shia Mosque?

Sprawling over an area of about 2500 square meters, Iranian Shia Mosque stands out for its diverse sections, facilities attractions, and of course, many enlightening activities and experiences such as:

Library: The library inside the mosque is absolutely a treasure trove of knowledge with close to 15,000 books, segregated into 50 plus categories. They further come in diverse languages, mainly Arabic, English, Urdu, and Persian. It’s open from 10:00 hrs to 14:30 hrs and 17:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs.

Nasim Magazines: The mosque’s cultural segment offers Nasim Magazine – a publication on Islamic knowledge and awareness. It’s made available for different age groups including kids, teens and adults.

F-Book and Scientific Media Store: This is where you’ll get to purchase some intriguing books on Arabic literature, Islamic hadith, and ancient history.

Qur’an and Etrat School: The main objective of this school is to provide Quran classes as well as courses on painting, calligraphy, first aid etc. These are conducted on Saturdays and especially arranged for little ones enrolled in non-Iranian schools.

Qur’an Nursery School of Roqayya: This is created for kids from three to six years, where they get to enrich their awareness on Islam at a young age. There is also another nursery (Ali Asghar Nursery) for tots from 4 months to 3 years.

Al Qadeer Charity: It functions to collect the donation amount and distribute to those who are genuinely in need of financial aid or support.

Kowthar Zero Interest Loan Foundation: This foundation operates to arrange loan for those who are eligible (after the thorough review of their loan application.) It’s performed through an acting bank.

Legal Issues Consultancy: There are specialists available for legal advice, family affair etc and those interested can avail of these services free of charge. But make sure that you book your session in advance.

Top Attractions Nearby

Jumeirah Mosque: This is one of the oldest mosques in the region and is distinguished for its Fatmid style architecture. Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCR) conducts tour to this mosque and even non-Muslims are welcome here.

Safa Park: It’s not only one of the city’s most tranquil spots, but also one of the region’s oldest parks. Majority of the park’s space is occupied by verdant greenery and is a haven for bird watchers with over 200 species of birds. It’s further complete with a long list of sports facilities including football pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts, bicycle tracks, and jogging tracks. Add to this barbeque areas, train rides, and boating facilities, which make it a favorite of kids and families alike.

Al Wasl Park: This is yet another place which is frequented by both locals and tourists for its cool lush settings, kids’ play areas and wide open section ideal for family picnic.

Al Khazzan Park in Dubai: It may be the region’s first zero-energy solar park, but it still continues to be one of Dubai’s best-kept secrets. From enjoying a relaxed stroll to vast play areas with slides, swings, there will never be a boring moments for both kids and adults here.

City Walk: One of Dubai’s most trendiest and happening neighborhoods is in close proximity to Satwa region. For those who are not aware, it hosts some of the region’s most amazing attractions such as Green Planet and Mattel Play! Town. And these are apart from its wide spectrum of cafes, restaurants and stylish architectures.


An entry here is not permissible for non-Muslims; that said, it’s definitely possible to click some amazing pictures against the exterior of this Shia mosque. So be sure to stop and spend some time to admire its distinctly imposing Islamic architecture when you make your way through Satwa or any of its amazing sights and attractions.


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