Popular Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Popular Indian Restaurants in Dubai


Travelling to a new city or country is an exciting opportunity to meet new people, learn about a new culture as well as to see and try new things. Most people, especially foodies, are interested in trying the new cuisine of the place. This is true when one is travelling to Dubai, an important city of UAE. Dubai offers a spread of Mediterranean cuisine that consists of the delicious falafel, hummus, shawarma, kebabs, etc. Apart from the Mediterranean cuisine, Dubai offers food from almost all the countries around the world. While trying out different cuisines is a highlight of your entire tour, you may get homesick after a point of time and want to try Indian cuisine. If you are one among those who prefer Indian cuisine, Dubai would not disappoint you.

More than 50% population in UAE comprise of Indians and hence is not a surprise that you would find several Indian restaurants in most of cities, especially Dubai. Even if you are not an Indian but want to try some of the spicy gravies and tender grilled kebabs, Dubai is a great place to do so. While you would find numerous Indian restaurants in the city, we have come up with a list of the most popular ones that you must try when in Dubai.


Indego Restaurant in Dubai

Vineet Bhatia is a name which is popular not just amongst Indians but people around the world. He is the first Indian chef to have received the Michelin star, and Indego in Dubai is his creation. Located in the Grosvenor House Hotel, Indego reflects Vineet’s style perfectly. Vineet is known for combining Indian cuisine with western cuisine to bring out some really unique and delicious food, and this is what awaits you at Indego. While the decoration and ambience of the place are ethnic, the food is out of this world. Do try out the kebab platter, the Punjabi chicken, gunpowder coconut prawns, etc. While this restaurant is expensive, it is worth every dirham you pay.


Ashiana restaurants in Dubai

Ashiana is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Dubai and also one of the most popular. If you are missing home, Ashiana gives the right dose of India with its ambience and food. Moreover, the instrumental classical music adds to the ambience of the place. Ashiana’s menu has a vast variety of food, from the Northern corner to the Southern, covering the entire country. You have idli from the South, fish specialties from the East, chicken curry from the North, etc. The ghosht, spicy chutneys and kebabs are some of the other specialties of the place. Do spend some time here to appreciate the flavours and colours of India.

Calicut Paragon

calicut paragon restaurant in Dubai

If ambience, decor and luxury are not what you are looking for while searching for an Indian restaurant, Calicut Paragon is a place you should go to when in Dubai. Calicut Paragon is a part of a chain restaurant straight from the Calicut city of Kerala. You will find this restaurant at the food bazaar in Karama Dubai. While the interiors are basic, the food is out of the world. The speciality of Calicut Paragon is Malabar chicken biryani while the fish dishes are to die for. The curries, chutneys and sauces that come with the dishes are also amazing and would satisfy your tummy and palette. If you are a biryani fan, Calicut Paragon is a place you must definitely visit.

Delhi Darbar

Delhi-Darbar restaurant in Dubai

Another gem in the Karama food street of Dubai is Delhi Darbar. The interiors of the restaurant are very basic but the food is amazing. If you are a love of North Indian, Punjabi cuisine, you would not be disappointed. Rather, you are sure to return to the restaurant during your stay in Dubai. The fact that the restaurant is an inexpensive one makes it affordable. Some of the dishes that people swear by at this restaurant are chicken tikka masala, malai kofta, palak paneer, etc. These delicious dishes with a buttery roti would make your lunch truly divine.


Jodhpur restaurant in Dubai

Jodhpur takes you directly to the royal havelis and palaces of Rajasthan. No, we are not talking about Rajasthani cuisine here; rather the interiors and ambience of the place are fit for royalty. So, if you want to enjoy a royal fare, Jodhpur in Dubai is the place you should head to. While the ambience of the place is mind-blowing, the food is popular not just for its taste but also for the unique way it is presented. The Macron chaat is a blend of French macron pastry filled with chaat mix, while the chicken and chestnut kulcha is chicken tikka masala wrapped in kulcha. One of the highlights of the place is the sorbet made of cranberry, mango and lime served in tiny pressure cookers in the form of a palette cleaner. Some of the other dishes you should try here are chicken biryani, mini pao bhaji, lamb shank nihari, kesar malai kulfi, jalebi, etc. While all the dishes here are traditional Indian dishes, the flavours and the way they are presented are something you would have never tried anywhere else.

These are just few of the Indian restaurants that Dubai boasts of. There are several more which would tantalize your taste buds and your senses too. So, if you feel that you are missing the Indian tadka in your daily diet, do check out one of these restaurants for an appetizing meal.