10 Types of Modak Recipes You Must Try This Ganesh Chaturthi

Traditional Steamed Modak

Stuffed with desiccated coconut and jaggery, and topped with ghee, this traditional modak is always a hit.


Fried Modak

Deep fried to a light golden brown, these modaks are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.


Chocolate Modak

Made with a combination of melted chocolate, condensed milk, and milk, it is a unique preparation that chocolate fans will love.


Sooji Modak

In this version of the modak, roasted sooji (semolina) gets mixed to the stuffing adding another texture to the brilliant flavours.


Pista Modak

Everyone loves pista (pistachio) flavour, so, of course, pista modak will be yum. Just add pista, sooji and mawa to  the mix.


Malai Modak

Sounds yum? Because it is! Made with fresh cream, dry fruits, and mawa, malai modak is a flavour bomb.


Coconut Modak

Grated coconut on the inside and outside, this overload of coconut is quite tasty. It will be gone in minutes.


Kesar Peda Modak

This one is not stuffed or steamed. Just use the ingredients of a kesar peda and shape it into a modak. It is simple & tasty


Dry Fruit Modak

Stuffed with dry fruits and nuts, this modak is quite the game-changer. People will love it.


image courtesy: spiceupthecurry.com

Mawa Modak

Stuffed with dry fruits, dates, and mawa, these modaks have a different yet very rich flavour.


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