The Most Amazing Places to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi !

Mumbai, Maharashtra

For the biggest Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in the country, you must visit Mumbai. It’s a spectacle that draws millions.

Pune, Maharashtra

Pune is just as popular as Mumbai for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. The legendary Lokmanya Tilak started this tradition in Pune.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Known here as Vinayak Chaturthi, Ganesh Chaturthi is also celebrated with much fervour and festivities in Chennai.

Mapusa, Goa

Many Hindus live in Mapusa, famous for 2 important Ganesh temples. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in a big yet traditional way here.

Kanipakam, Andhra Pradesh

The Kanipakam Ganesh Temple observes Ganesh Chaturthi with pujas, processions, and celebrations that last 21 days.

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Hyderabad, Telangana

With more than 70,000 pandals, Hyderabad is one of the most prominent cities to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a huge way.

Mysore, Karnataka

A humongous Ganesh pandal is built at the Mysore Palace, and devotees from far away come to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi here.

Bengaluru, Karnataka

The metro city goes all out to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with processions, decorations, and big celebrations throughout.

Ganapatipule, Maharashtra

Home to the 400-year-old Swayambhu Ganapati temple, Ganapatipule sees devotees from all over come here for celebrations.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

The Pazhavangadi Maha Ganapathy Temple becomes the epicentre for massive celebrations during Ganesh Chaturthi

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